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Petition to Warner Home Video - 4000 Warner Blvd - Burbank, CA 91522, Turner Classic Movies

Please release THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM on DVD/BluRay/digital stream and download

We have passed the 60th anniversary of Cinerama, and the 50th anniversary of the two Cinerama/MGM co-produced films that tell a narrative story. We appreciate the Warner disc release of HOW THE WEST WAS WON, and now four other original 3-strip Cinerama features are available on video, with the others being prepared for release.  At this point the ONLY 3-Strip Cinerama film not on its way to video is MGM's epic family feature THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM. After WBHV's George Feltenstein reported "extensive damage" to the original 3 strip Cinerama WWotBG negatives in 2009, we learned that the negative damage is actually minimal and limited to only the edge of one of the three panels.  There reportedly is also an undamaged 65mm composite negative (containing all 3 panels) of WWotBG that might be a viable source to master from.   The Cinerama travelogues have been mastered by Image Trends, with new technology called Digital ICE that purports to be able to restore or repair film to its original look.  This company has worked with both 65mm composite and 3 strip Cinerama elements already, with results good enough to sell on disc and broadcast on TCM. We are aware that the version of the film regularly broadcast on Turner Classic Movies was updated to include parts previously missing from the home video versions, and reveals more of the picture than was visible on the laserdisc. Comparison images are viewable at  With their sponsoring involvement in the Hollywood Cinerama festival, and having discussed the possibility of showing WWotBG at their own festival in Spring 2013, clearly our friends at TCM have a keen interest in this film.  If the film were digitally remastered, TCM would then have a much better version to broadcast, especially in HD.   The 2015 TCM festival is coming up, and perhaps sharing the cost of a new transfer would benefit both TCM and WBHV as they could cross promote each other...  If the film were featured at the TCM Festival, perhaps interviews done there with surviving cast members could be added to the subsequent disc release.   As Mr. Feltenstein mentioned several years ago that he felt the market for this film was not as large as that for How The West Was Won, we sign this petition to indicate OUR interest.  With the recent popularity of TV shows and movies based upon Grimm stories and other fairy tales, we feel it is time to re-evaluate the marketability of this title.  WBHV's deluxe Blu Ray release of HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSON confirms that WB feels there is now a market for vintage movies related to fairy tales.   We ask that Warner Home Video confer with Turner Classic Movies, and review all possible options for a new digital transfer and disc release of THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM, so that the film's fans, plus more who have gained interest from recent TV shows, may be able to buy a good copy of this film sooner rather than later... and we can live happily ever after. In addition, as none of us is getting any younger, we ask that Warner/TCM approach the few surviving cast members, (Barbara Eden, Claire Bloom, Yvette Mimieux, Russ Tamblyn, Bryan Russell, etc.) ASAP to record interviews and commentary for the eventual release, and to enhance current TCM showings.

Friends of BrosGrimm
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Petition to Score Productions, Inc., Fremantle Media, CBS

Release the 1972-1983 music cue material for The Price Is Right and other Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions game shows to a limited edition stereo compact disc box set.

Who is with me that someone needs to start a petition on or someplace, or flood Fremantle Media, Mark Goodson Productions and Score Productions, Inc. with letters, calls, e-mails stating that a deluxe limited edition stereo compact disc box set should be put out of all of the classic music cue material for The Price Is Right that dates from 1972 to 1983 (and I mean every cue recorded in that time frame), plus a few cues from 1994 I would cite as gems, including what was used as the primary music cue for the retired pricing game Fortune Hunter, with the deluxe limited edition stereo compact disc box set simply being titled Music From The Price Is Right?  The twelve year time frame I mentioned, if you count 1972, without question, was the very best of Score Productions, Inc.'s production output for the game show. Tight musicianship, no kidding! Wowie!   Other cues in the box set would include the ones used from the syndicated 1973-1978 Concentration, including and especially the bonus win music that has long been used on TPIR as an exciting car cue, and what was used as the cue for the pricing game of Grocery Game from that music package in the pricing game's early days. In the area of bonus tracks in this expansive or is it extensive box set, the 1976-1985 theme of Family Feud would fit right in, being it was from the 1976 music package for TPIR composed by Walt Levinsky. What else would be included would be the opening/faceoff/commercial cues, as well as the 1973-1982 theme of Match Game, its ticket plug music variations, the 1977 full version theme for the predecessor to Press Your Luck (Score Productions Inc. also had involvement with that theme music also, by the way, through composer Lee Ringuette.) titled Second Chance, which was also the theme for the 1975 incarnation of I've Got A Secret, or was it What's My Line? Also does anybody know if the 1974 and 1976 music packages for TPIR were recorded in London, England like the 1972 package happened to be?  I know the 1983 package was recorded in New York City. Some other ideas for bonus tracks in the box set would be the entire music package for the 1973-1978 syndicated Concentration, the 1977 theme for The Better Sex, the 1984 theme and ticket plug music cues for the Tom Kennedy-hosted Body Language, the 1985 All-Star Blitz theme and any cues associated with it, the 1980 and 1969 To Tell The Truth themes, the 1979 and 1984 Password Plus and Super Password theme music pieces (The 1979 one would have been a great TPIR car cue in my opinion!), the 1979 Mindreaders theme, the theme for Celebrity Charades, the 1974 syndicated What's My Line? theme, the 1975 theme and cues for Showoffs, the theme music for The Money Maze, the 1971 Password theme and its music cue package, the 1974 and 1982 theme music pieces of Tattle Tales. Even the 1980-1981 theme of what was Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions' answer to Real People; That's My Line! should be included. Wish somehow I could get the performance rights from the pertinent parties to play the music cues live in concert with my own band, complete with a horn section, reed winds, bell kit player, string section, the works. After playing back the recordings of the music cues for the other musicians, I would issue the challenge to them saying from behind one of my two Ludwig drum kits as the drummer in the band; "Let's try to make it sound like that." In those days, if Score Productions Inc. had been a recording artist band/group, they would have been a consistent hitmaker in my opinion, with the music cue pieces being released on albums, and also storming up the instrumentals chart/jazz instrumentals charts or whatever chart applies here. Please feel free to respond to my comments with yours and any questions, also copy and paste this post in your communications to Fremantle Media, Mark Goodson Productions and Score Productions, Inc., suggesting to all of those parties that a limited edition stereo compact disc box set should be put out. Were the master tapes of all the cues in stereo? I'm curious. I don't know what the website address is for Fremantle Media, but I do know of the one for Score Productions Inc.; , and sure, there may be a low audience for such a compact disc box set, but a loyal audience though.  Just the theme music for The Price Is Right alone is not enough for the enthusiasts, including and especially the die-hard ones, of its 1972-1983 and 1994 music cue packages. There are those, I am sure, who would love to be able to have the music on compact disc anywhere there is a compact disc player when they can't be at a computer to listen to it, to be able to play those discs whenever they want to.  Ideas of mine for the record label it should be out on include Atlantic, that label I particularly like because of the roster of artists that have been on it, and also because of liking the design and color scheme that they have had on their vinyl record albums for years; green in the top half and orange-red for the bottom half, separated by a horizontal white line, the left side of that line usually having the word Stereo and the right side indicating the side of the album; One, Two. (Three, Four also in the case of double albums.)  The top half had the Atlantic rectangle logo, a record label logo I really like. Why this petition should be supported is because the music cue material I mentioned is too good for the respective parties who hold them as intellectual properties to keep buried in the vaults, they have been overprotective of the material for too long.  The music cue material only being available on the website of the Television Production Music Museum;, is really unfair to those enthusiasts of the music like myself, including and especially the die-hard ones who might like to have them in their compact disc collections and such for their personal enjoyment and those who don't have computers with Internet access at all. The website to contact Fremantle Media on Facebook is The bonus tracks, if not to be included in this deluxe limited edition stereo compact disc box set, they ought to be in a companion deluxe limited edition stereo compact disc box set of all the music from the 1960s to the 1990s that Score Productions, Inc. did for other Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions game shows besides this one that would be titled More Music From Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions/Score Productions, Inc.  Or the two deluxe limited edition stereo compact disc box sets could be released together under the umbrella title of The Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions/Score Productions, Inc. Connection.  Fremantle Media and Score Productions, Inc. might have to collaborate with the Television Production Music Museum on this one.

David Gill
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Petition to ABC, Ben Sherwood, Channing Dungey

Renew the Reality Television Series "The Quest"

The ABC-TV reality show "The Quest" marks a unique concept in television reality series - that of a scripted reality show in which the contestants, (here, dubbed "Paladins") are immersed in a fantasy world. Their job is to react to the situations put to them, overcome barriers related to the story, and avoid elimination each week, ("becoming the 'one true hero'"). This show has sparked the imaginations of millions of viewers and has created an armada of fans, now known as "The Quest Army". We are on Facebook ("The Quest Army"), as well as Twitter (search for #TheQuest or #TheQuestArmy). In addition, the producers, contestants, and fans have interacted a lot on these social media sites, to an extent not seen before in Television/Social Media circles. All of us in "The Quest Army" come from diverse backgrounds, but share a love of a story that has connected all of us with a fantasy world that we would want to inhabit. Coupled with the interaction of all those who made it, gives us an excitement for this show not seen before. It has been observed by many online fans that this show has "connected families" and brought back the notion of "family television viewing" again. We, as the collective known as "The Quest Army", respectfully request that you renew this series for another season, so that we might continue sharing in this wonderful fantasy world brought to us by extremely talented individuals and continue the tradition of "family television viewing". 

David Patterson
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Petition to Hallmark Cards, Inc., Feeln

Give the Rainbow Brite reboot a second season #RainbowBriteSeason2

The Rainbow Brite reboot has been broadcasted on November 6, 2014, airing on Hallmark's streaming service Feeln, has concluded it's 1st (and mostly only season) on November 20, 2014. leaving the reboot of the series abandoned. if you look at the original Rainbow Brite series from 1983, the first incarnation of the series concluded with 13 episodes in less than three years. the current incarnation of the series was done by screenwriter Rachel Vine, with the animation done by Raymond Arrizon. the Feeln original series features the voices of Emily Osment (Rainbow Brite herself), Marcus Toji (Brian), Molly Ringwald (Dark Princess), Cam Clarke (Murky Dismal and Red Butler), Mark Hanson (Starlite), Evan Cooper (Buddy Blue), Marina Flores (Patty O'Green and Mr. "Twink" Glitters), Alexandra Krosney (Stormy and Canary Yellow) and Todd Bosley (Lurky).   I had clarified that the reason of the Reboot only having 3 episodes was due to attempted reboots of 1980's cartoons were overshadowed by the success of different Transformers TV Shows and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. another example is the 2011 ThunderCats reboot was canceled due to low toy sales.   We must demand Feeln and it's parent company Hallmark to extend the Rainbow Brite reboot for a second season. and my proposal for that specific revival to have at least "26" episodes If the Petition reaches 100 signatures or more.   Please support this petition to have the Rainbow Brite reboot come back with a second season or more.   Follow the Rainbow Brite account on several social media sites.   also follow Feeln as well.    The deadline is November 6, 2017, around the Rainbow Brite Reboot's third anniversary. So we better hurry if we want to have Hallmark and Feeln give the series a second season.  

Jeremy Hicks
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