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Petition to ABC, Ben Sherwood, Channing Dungey

Renew the Reality Television Series "The Quest"

The ABC-TV reality show "The Quest" marks a unique concept in television reality series - that of a scripted reality show in which the contestants, (here, dubbed "Paladins") are immersed in a fantasy world. Their job is to react to the situations put to them, overcome barriers related to the story, and avoid elimination each week, ("becoming the 'one true hero'"). This show has sparked the imaginations of millions of viewers and has created an armada of fans, now known as "The Quest Army". We are on Facebook ("The Quest Army"), as well as Twitter (search for #TheQuest or #TheQuestArmy). In addition, the producers, contestants, and fans have interacted a lot on these social media sites, to an extent not seen before in Television/Social Media circles. All of us in "The Quest Army" come from diverse backgrounds, but share a love of a story that has connected all of us with a fantasy world that we would want to inhabit. Coupled with the interaction of all those who made it, gives us an excitement for this show not seen before. It has been observed by many online fans that this show has "connected families" and brought back the notion of "family television viewing" again. We, as the collective known as "The Quest Army", respectfully request that you renew this series for another season, so that we might continue sharing in this wonderful fantasy world brought to us by extremely talented individuals and continue the tradition of "family television viewing". 

David Patterson
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Petition to Hallmark Cards, Inc., Feeln

Give the Rainbow Brite reboot a second season #RainbowBriteSeason2

The Rainbow Brite reboot has been broadcasted on November 6, 2014, airing on Hallmark's streaming service Feeln, has concluded it's 1st (and mostly only season) on November 20, 2014. leaving the reboot of the series abandoned. if you look at the original Rainbow Brite series from 1983, the first incarnation of the series concluded with 13 episodes in less than three years. the current incarnation of the series was done by screenwriter Rachel Vine, with the animation done by Raymond Arrizon. the Feeln original series features the voices of Emily Osment (Rainbow Brite herself), Marcus Toji (Brian), Molly Ringwald (Dark Princess), Cam Clarke (Murky Dismal and Red Butler), Mark Hanson (Starlite), Evan Cooper (Buddy Blue), Marina Flores (Patty O'Green and Mr. "Twink" Glitters), Alexandra Krosney (Stormy and Canary Yellow) and Todd Bosley (Lurky).   I had clarified that the reason of the Reboot only having 3 episodes was due to attempted reboots of 1980's cartoons were overshadowed by the success of different Transformers TV Shows and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. another example is the 2011 ThunderCats reboot was canceled due to low toy sales.   We must demand Feeln and it's parent company Hallmark to extend the Rainbow Brite reboot for a second season. and my proposal for that specific revival to have at least "26" episodes If the Petition reaches 100 signatures or more.   Please support this petition to have the Rainbow Brite reboot come back with a second season or more.   Follow the Rainbow Brite account on several social media sites.   also follow Feeln as well.    The deadline is November 6, 2017, around the Rainbow Brite Reboot's third anniversary. So we better hurry if we want to have Hallmark and Feeln give the series a second season.  

Jeremy Hicks
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