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Petition to BBC, Warner Brothers, Lego

We’d like to achieve the creation of an official LEGO Doctor Who Video Game.

We have heard from many, many people from all over who are fans of both Doctor Who and LEGO alike, as well as some who lean more in either direction, that a full LEGO Doctor Who game would be one of the best put out by TT Games and one of the most satisfactory games to ever be released in the Doctor Who franchise. Here are a few reasons why this petition should come to fruition: Incredible Opportunity If this project ever came to light, it would be incredibly beneficial to the BBC, LEGO, and TT Games alike. For LEGO fans, children, and gaming enthusiasts, this would be a first experience with and introduction to Doctor Who, and vice versa. In addition to a great increase of fan base on both ends, the game would likely be incredibly successful, both critically and monetarily for all parties involved.  Unlimited Possibility The sheer list of things that could be done with the incredible collaboration of these franchises is absolutely unreal. The biggest stories from each Doctor compiled into one great game, or a more episodic take, as done with the first few LEGO Star Wars games, which also leaves room for more than one game, if need be, such as the separation between New Who and Classic Who. There are many, many more options that LEGO, TT Games, and The BBC would have in the creation of this game.  Crowd-Pleaser Most of all, this game has been asked, hoped, and begged for on all sides by fans from all around the world. Yes, of course we loved the addition of Doctor Who into LEGO Dimensions, but it just wasn’t enough to really satisfy. If anything, it was proof of just how perfectly these two universes mesh and gel together, and that there should be much more where that wonderful little moment of entertainment came from. 

Landon Beeson
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