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Petition to BBC, Warner Brothers, Lego

We’d like to achieve the creation of an official LEGO Doctor Who Video Game.

We have heard from many, many people from all over who are fans of both Doctor Who and LEGO alike, as well as some who lean more in either direction, that a full LEGO Doctor Who game would be one of the best put out by TT Games and one of the most satisfactory games to ever be released in the Doctor Who franchise. Here are a few reasons why this petition should come to fruition: Incredible Opportunity If this project ever came to light, it would be incredibly beneficial to the BBC, LEGO, and TT Games alike. For LEGO fans, children, and gaming enthusiasts, this would be a first experience with and introduction to Doctor Who, and vice versa. In addition to a great increase of fan base on both ends, the game would likely be incredibly successful, both critically and monetarily for all parties involved.  Unlimited Possibility The sheer list of things that could be done with the incredible collaboration of these franchises is absolutely unreal. The biggest stories from each Doctor compiled into one great game, or a more episodic take, as done with the first few LEGO Star Wars games, which also leaves room for more than one game, if need be, such as the separation between New Who and Classic Who. There are many, many more options that LEGO, TT Games, and The BBC would have in the creation of this game.  Crowd-Pleaser Most of all, this game has been asked, hoped, and begged for on all sides by fans from all around the world. Yes, of course we loved the addition of Doctor Who into LEGO Dimensions, but it just wasn’t enough to really satisfy. If anything, it was proof of just how perfectly these two universes mesh and gel together, and that there should be much more where that wonderful little moment of entertainment came from. 

Landon Beeson
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Petition to NITENDO , Pokémon International, NBC, Robert Greenblatt, The Pokemon Company, Kenji Okubo, Norman J. Grossfeld, Stephen B. Burke

Make Pokemon Live! NBC's next televised musical event

For years, Pokemon International and it's former dubbed supervisors 4Kids has not released Pokemon Live! on home video or DVD. But lately, the cast recordings of Pokemon Live! has been found. On Youtube, Chris Mitchell, a former professional stage manger, has posted the Pokemon Live! show online. And seeing how Pokemon has changed over the years with new characters, it would be nice to show Ash and his previous companions, Misty and Brock and some of the songs that were from the two Pokemon soundtracks: 2.B.A. Master and Totally Pokemon to a new generation of children.   After the success of the recent Broadway musicals telecasted live on NBC (The Sound of Music, Peter Pan, The Wiz and Hairspray), it would be very interesting to see how Pokemon Live! would go if NBC developed the show and made some changes in the show to make it suitable for today's audience. The show would open a whole new world to Pokemon fans.    Since the Wiz Live! had Stephanie Mills (the original Dorothy of the Wiz) returned as Aunt Em, it would also be interesting to have Veronica Taylor, Eric Stuart and Rachael Lillis (the original voice actors to Ash, Brock, Misty, Jessie and James) in the show as Delica Ketchum, Giovanni and Professor Oak.   As for the way Pokemon would be portrayed, they can be acrobats and dancers dressed as Pokemon during flying and swimming stunts. Also, puppets would be used for the main/supporting Pokemon characters like Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Meowth similar to the Avenue Q and The Lion King puppets on Broadway. 

Sean Horace
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Petition to Netflix, Hulu,

Place trigger warnings on TV shows and films on streaming

Dear Netflix, Hulu, and any other streaming service providers who care about their mentally ill/triggered customers, I, the creator of this petition, am not usually easily triggered by TV, but a few months ago I was severely triggered by the abrupt and especially graphic rape scene in the very first episode of Bates Motel. Having absolutely no knowledge that such a scene existed in the show at all, much less the first episode, I sat frozen on my sofa as the scene unfolded, unable to look away because surely they wouldn't show the whole assault in this much agonizing detail?! But they did and though I still do want to watch Bates Motel because I have heard many good things, I felt so attacked by this scene that I was, and still am, too afraid to continue watching. Though no one could have predicted my 20-minute long panic attack during which time I sat completely frozen as my mind replayed each detail of that scene as my partner tried desperately to comfort me, I feel that a proper warning at the start of the episode would have prepared me for the scene and may have prevented my severe reaction--and further, had I been triggered at least I would have taken that risk on my own rather than be caught completely off guard. Shows such as Game of Thrones which also depict graphic sexual violence, have a louder internet following and so have a rampant reputation for such scenes which prepared me for their violent content; therefore the rape scenes, while brutal and uncomfortable for me as a viewer, were watchable because I had prior warning of their inclusion in the content so I always had the ability to check-in with myself and determine that if I was not in a good headspace to chance watching something like that, then I should probably wait until I was more prepared. Though I do argue that HBO and similar premium networks such as Showtime and Starz should also include these trigger warnings, I am specifically asking for Netflix and Hulu to take this into consideration to lead the way for such changes to the streaming experience. Netflix and Hulu upload less widely-discussed shows than those like Game of Thrones or Shameless and so viewers of Netflix or Hulu are even more at risk of being triggered either by original programming (such as the multiple rape scenes I was unprepared for in Netflix's original series Orange is the New Black), or also older, less talked about shows that do not have proper warnings for potentially triggering material such as Bates Motel. Therefore, we the undersigned ask for trigger warnings at the start of relevant episodes of TV shows as well as films on streaming services in order to prevent accidentally triggering unsuspecting/unprepared viewers. Such trigger warnings as: Graphic depictions of rape Implied rape Graphic depictions of domestic violence Graphic depictions of suicidal acts/suicide Graphic depictions of self harm Blood Epilepsy warnings and any other warnings recommended by mental health professionals should be properly labelled at the beginning of relevant episodes and films in order to give viewers the opportunity to a. Prepare for potentially triggering material and b. Decide for themselves whether or not to chance watching triggering material. A series like Orange is the New Black for example does not need warnings of graphic depictions of rape for each episode because not each episode contains a graphic rape scene. The relevant episode(s), however, should provide a proper warning for that content so viewers who are sensitive to that content may make the choice of whether or not to chance a negative response. Shameless US, another show provided by Netflix but in this case originally aired on Showtime, also has a number of graphic rape scenes and a graphic suicide attempt which could be triggering to an unprepared viewer. Not each episode contains this content, but for those episodes, having the proper warning would give the viewer the opportunity to prepare for such material should they choose to watch anyway.  This request is in no way an attempt to censor or limit the creative freedom of showrunners or screenwriters who do reserve the right to include such material should they choose to; this is, however, an attempt to advocate for viewers' right to make informed choices of what to stream without either risking getting triggered without former warning or doing intense research on each program in order to avoid being triggered. For the convenience of viewers who do not have triggers, perhaps this feature could be optional in the settings; but even if it isn't, adding a feature like this would be helpful to all streamers: those who are triggered by multiple things and so walk a fine line of spoiling everything they watch to avoid triggering content or being blindsided by triggering material, and streamers like me who are rarely triggered but when we are it is when we are unprepared for content that we may not have even realized would be triggering. Please install a feature on your streaming service which would warn your viewers of potentially triggering material so we can be better prepared  and may prevent panic attacks or similar genuinely emotionally damaging experiences.   Best, TV and film enthusiasts

Jacquelyn S
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Petition to Thunderbird Entertainment, YTV , Dan Signer, Netflix, Corus Entertainment, Inc.

Some Assembly Required Reunion

The YTV/Netflix original TV sitcom Some Assembly Required went enormous for me to enjoy on my streaming console and I'd never watched it until I started during the summer of 2017. Then, I've learned from the show's production company Thunderbird that they’re no longer doing production ‘cuz it was done after three seasons on the air in Canada and I was thinking of helping them with 1 episode, but it was too late. I know how it felt for them to end a show after a long run, but things had to change. Here’s the real thing on an episode that could’ve been made for the show. I was thinking months later if they’d do an episode with a spoof on The Wizard of Oz and the cast as corresponding characters from the movie:  Geneva Hayes (Sydney Scotia): Dorothy Jarvis Raines (Kolton Stewart): Scarecrow Bowie Sherman (Harrison Houde): Tin Man Aster Vanderburg (Travis Turner): Cowardly Lion Piper Gray (Charlie Storwick): Good Witch Malcolm “Knox” Knoxford (Dylan Playfair): Emerald City Guard Candace Wheeler (Ellie Harvie): Wicked Witch of the West P. Everett Knickknack (Russell Roberts): The Great & Powerful Oz Think about it. If this would involve a reunion movie, I want to help bring this plot to it and would be enjoyable for all fans to watch. If you'd agree, then we can ask Netflix, Thunderbird, & YTV to make this possible with the right amount of signatures around this petition. If you really enjoyed the show nationwide, please support and don't worry about what they're about to say once it's passed on. It would be great to see the cast from the show back together in a movie full of adventure, laughs and friendship. So, let's make this grow with your voices heard and this to work for any fan who enjoys Some Assembly on Netflix or YTV with brains, heart & courage. We can do it! Sign, share & support! #SomeAssemblyOz #SomeAssemblyReunion

Alex Dillard
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