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Change the Star vs. the Forces of Evil Season 4 Release Date to Fall 2018

Season 4 of Disney's animated series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, is coming soon to Disney Channel. It is the last season and we are all excited. However, announced at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con, it won't premiere until 2019. That is defintely a long wait. Some of us can't wait that long. I think that Season 4 can still air in Fall 2018 with just 2-3 half hour episodes airing every month instead of having new episodes every week back-to-back. Some episodes already completed production and are ready to air on TV. With your generous support, you can help politely convince the people at Disney to move the release date to Fall 2018. Whether you want it in October or November. Our support can make it happen. We are not rushing or putting pressure on the crew members who work on this amazing show, we are just saying that we will possibly like to have just a few episodes (3 or 4, for example) on the air just to give the fans a sneak preview for things to come on SVTFOE. Example Season 4, Episode 1A/1B - November 3, 2018 Season 4, Episode 2A/2B - November 10, 2018 Season 4, Episode 3A/3B - November 17, 2018 Season 4, Episode 4A/4B - November 24, 2018   Here's what you can do. - Sign the petition - Start a Twitter Hashtag - Send a letter through the mail to Gary Marsh and Disney XD.   GARY MARSH – President and Chief Creative Officer for Disney Channels Worldwide 3800 W. Alameda Ave. Burbank, CA 91505                                                    ROBERT A. IGER - The President and CEO of the Walt Disney Company 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521 MARC BUHAJ - The Vice President, Programming and General Manager of Disney XD 3800 W. Alameda Ave, Ste B Burbank, CA 91505 ERIC COLEMAN - The Senior VP, Original Programming and General Manager, Disney Television Animation 811 Sonora Ave. Glendale, CA 91201 MAILING ADDRESS FOR DISNEY XD  Disney XD 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521 You can also email Gary Marsh and Cecilia Johnson and the executives on the Disney ABC Press site for SVTFOE.    Important Reminders: Be polite and no threatening. Be civil and respectful - Contact the people at Disney ABC Press Alex Liakos Steven   Either way, all we are saying is that we have a strong desire to see Season 4 of Star vs. the Forces of Evil in Fall 2018. Our goal is to get 1,000 signatures by September 1, 2018 8:00 PM Eastern Time. If we get 1,000 signatures, we will expand our goal to 10,000 signatures needed.

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