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Petition to The University of Maryland

Reduce UMD Student Fees for the Remainder of the COVID-19 Pandemic!

It is unacceptable for students to pay for resources they do not have access to. Currently, University of Maryland students are being charged fees for services they are not able to utilize. We require a review and reduction, for all students, of fees for resources that students cannot access for the remainder of the COVID-19 global pandemic. #LowerUniFees #NoResourceNoFee  Students should not pay for resources that they do not have access to. It is never the burden nor responsibility of students to supplement the financial insecurities of their higher education institutions, particularly during a global pandemic. Higher Education is already unaffordable for most students with student loan debt totaling over 1.7 trillion nationally.  Currently, University of Maryland students are being charged fees for services they are not able to utilize due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis. Students will not be able to receive the same academic and educational experience as before the pandemic started, yet it is proposed that we are to pay the same costs.  As the school found it necessary to refund students the cost of unused resources during the Spring of 2020 and the initial outbreak of the pandemic, the school should remain committed to its scholars by not requiring the cost of unused resources - particularly as the pandemic has increasingly placed pressure, financial and otherwise, on students.  The University should lean on donors, the federal government, savings, and other revenue streams during this time to supplement the needs of the institution. Students are not who institutions should turn to for extracting funds, especially if not providing services that match the request. We require a review and lowered adjustment of fees for the remainder of the COVID-19 global pandemic.  Sign the petition today and contact UMD Leadership for further action:  Office of the President Vice Presidents Fees to be reviewed and refunded to students (Based on Spring 2020 COVID-19 fee refunds): Shuttle Bus Athletics Recreation Services Stamp Student Union Performing Arts and Cultural Centers Student Facilities Sustainability Housing Dining  Parking What we know: COVID-19 has caused an overall unemployment rate of 11.1% COVID has negative implications for mental health which students already deal with at high rates  Students must now bear paying additional fees and tuition for resources that we will not have access to. Despite knowing the effects of COVID-19 our current leadership has not deemed it fit for us to receive a refund for the services not available to us Students are experiencing unprecedented changes to the educational experience, including in some cases exclusively online instruction International students have deportation concerns  Across Universities, students face the same struggles as the average person and more during this time Some students must choose between homelessness and education Civil unrest in the nation is still occurring 

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Petition to Chancellor Gary May, UC Davis, UC Regents, UC Davis Orientation, UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions

Reduced/Free Orientation Fees

   Coronavirus is at an all-time high, and for fellow college students, our debt is higher. Tuition fees, housing fee, dining fees, and travel fees bombard students with high fees. On top of these fees and the negative impact of the pandemic, UC Davis has so many extraneous fees. I want to talk about the New Student Orientation!     The Aggie Orientation is hosted before classes start in September, where students get a feel of the college environment. That was before the pandemic. After the pandemic hit, Davis announced that the Orientation is online. Everyone's biggest question is "WHY IS IT $595?"   The $595 covered campus tours, foods, and other facilities used for in-person orientation. It also covered for the online Aggie 101 and maybe even the first Advisor meeting. However, Aggie Orientation is online and the event is a 9 Hour Zoom call. What are they going to show? A virtual tour of Davis that is already free on the main page? How to use the Davis website which is not too hard?    All of this CAN BE FREE, or at the very least A CHEAPER COST. Let's look at other colleges: UCI: FREE for all UCSC: FREE for all Merced: $50 for all Riverside: FREE for freshmen, $90 for transfers UCSB: $240 for freshmen, $110 for transfers UCLA: $240 for freshmen, $135 for transfers Davis: *$595 for all* ** fees for these colleges are a subject to change but their fee reduction has been confirmed nonetheless** First of all, 9 hours is way too long of a Zoom session. Secondly, if all the other colleges even outside of the UC System can reduce prices, why cannot we?  Families are struggling to make and save money during Covid-19. Students are struggling to decide whether or not to sacrifice quality education just because of ridiculously high fees! So please if you can hear the students and family, help us out! During a pandemic, we have to help each other out rather than bring each other down!

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