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Keep climate change denier Scott Pruitt OUT of the EPA

We must not allow the President-Elect to appoint the science-denying, oil lobbying lawyer Scott Pruitt to the head of the agency charged with PROTECTING our environment. It seems absurd to even have to type that sentence, but these are the dangerous times in which we live. "Pruitt has been a harsh opponent of Obama's measures to curb climate change and has helped lead a legal effort by some states to throw out an integral piece of Obama's climate change strategy that requires states to curb carbon output. Since becoming the top prosecutor for the oil- and gas-producing state in 2011, Pruitt, 48, has launched multiple lawsuits against regulations put forward by the agency he is now poised to lead, suing to block federal measures to reduce smog and curb toxic emissions from power plants."—Reuters (Dec 8, 2016) Regardless of our political leanings, hopefully we can all agree that a person who clearly cares NOTHING for the environment should not be given the reins of the national agency charged with protecting it. The only thing this man is interested in protecting is the obscene amounts of wealth already accumulated by the oil and dirty energy companies.  We have one planet. We must do better—we have no choice—we must. All cabinet appointees require the approval of the U.S. Senate. Please sign this petition demanding that the Senate reject this supremely unqualified candidate for EPA chief. 

Luke Cissell
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