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Petition to Ned Lamont, James C. Rovella, Susan Bysiewicz

Oppose Trump's repression of Muslims and left-wing activists through the NYPD-CIA and FBI

We Refuse To Be Enemies is a coalition of Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Connecticut, committed to peace and justice, and particularly focused on the Middle East.  We rise to oppose the NYPD-CIA and FBI, in their highly politicized, discriminatory, and illegal operations, which target not only Muslims, but also left-wing activists, in a new incarnation of "COINTELPRO".   Because Ivanka M. Trump, daughter and advisor of President Donald J. Trump, was on the board of the NYC Police Foundation (page 124 of 128), the NYPD’s slush fund, which finances the NYPD-CIA’s International Liaison Programs (ILPs), it is little wonder Trump approves of and extols the NYPD-CIA and its abusive former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.  Donald Trump also calls for explicit profiling of Muslims, approvingly citing the NYPD-CIA programs and less free foreign countries, such as France and Israel.  Trump repeatedly lies about deBlasio and the Demographics Unit, i.e. the NYPD-CIA mosque spying has not stopped, despite his words to the contrary.  Trump is conflating a small part of the program, the Demographics Unit (which Ray Kelly effectively gutted, not deBlasio/Bratton), with all of the NYPD-CIA programs, which are ongoing.  These bigoted, anti-Muslim, and right-wing programs are politically protected by establishment politicians like Senator Schumer, and the very powerful and rich donors to the NYC Police Foundation, either individuals, corporations, or foreign powers like Ivanka Trump, Goldman Sachs, or United Arab Emirates (UAE) respectively.  Relevant to the effort to break the corrupting influence of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf tyrannies, like the UAE, on American institutions, like the NYPD-CIA, FBI, and universities, please see and support the BDS-KSA movement (Boycott, Divestment, & Sanctions against the "Kingdom of Saudi" Arabia).  We can expect these NYPD-CIA and FBI programs to worsen and increase in a Trump administration if we do not oppose them.  In fact, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) recently met with Donald Trump to implement these criminal NYPD-CIA programs nationwide and on a federal level.  Also the former Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka loves the criminal NYPD-CIA programs. To address this matter, we published an open letter to Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz, CT Public Safety Commissioner James C. Rovella regarding the NYPD-CIA scandal, and in particular its effects and application to the state of Connecticut.  The open letter was published at the independent African American media outlet Black Star News: Relevant to the NYPD-CIA scandal at Columbia University specifically, please see the effort to establish a federally designated national monument for Dr. Betty Shabazz and El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (MALCOLM X) at the Audbon Theater/Shabazz Center, currently leased from Columbia University. We ask all to please co-sign this open letter by adding your name to this online petition, including those outside of Connecticut, since the same principles and abuses by the NYPD-CIA apply all across the region, nation, and even world.  Please feel free to avoid putting in personal information (as opposed to generic information) into this petition, if you rightly are concerned of being targeted by the national security state. The following organizations and individuals have already co-signed the open letter: 1) We Refuse To Be Enemies 2) Elizabeth Aaronsohn, Professor Emerita CCSU 3) late Joyce C. Rawitscher 4) Omar Scott Antar 5) Yale Muslim Students' Association (MSA) 6) UCONN Muslim Students' Association (MSA) 7) Reda Ammar, UCONN Professor 8) Metin Cosgel, UCONN Professor 9) Ana Lachelier 10) David W. Good, Reverend, Minister Emeritus for The First Congregational Church of Old Lyme 11) Tree of Life Education Fund 12) Steven Jungkeit 13) Robert Gelbach 14) Shelly Altman 15) Jewish Voice for Peace New Haven 16) Rabbi Michael Lerner of Tikkun 17) Dr. Margaret Flowers, Co-Director of Popular Resistance 18) Peter Marcuse, Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning, Columbia University Please join them by adding your name to this online petition!  Thank you very much! We Refuse To Be Enemies

We Refuse To Be Enemies
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Petition to Jack Dorsey

Ban Trump From Twitter

Once again, the President of the United States has taken to Twitter to harass, insult, and degrade people of color. This time, the racism wasn’t even thinly veiled. Donald Trump tweeted that four Members of Congress should “go back” to where they came from - never mind the fact that three of them were born in this country and all are American citizens. He told they don’t belong in the United States simply because they are women of color who dare to challenge his cruelty and bigotry. These tweets are shameful, hurtful and racist. They are also a clear violation of Twitter rules.  The platform says you may not “harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.” The rules also say, “you may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so.” It’s time that Trump is held accountable and banned from Twitter for good. This week’s incident is just the latest instance of Trump harassing and insulting his perceived enemies online- without consequences. He called the press the “enemy of the people” and stirred up violence against the media. He said Senator Rand Paul, a fellow Republican, was “a spoiled brat without a properly functioning brain.” His attacks are vicious, personal, and plainly in violation of Twitter’s own rules. As the President of the United States, Trump is in a unique position to touch the lives of every American. He uses that position not to unite us, but to sow hate and division at unprecedented rates. We must hold him accountable for his words and the violence and fear he inspires around the country. Add your name to tell Twitter to ACT by banning President Trump.

Sanctuary Space
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Petition to Bas Eickenhout, Michelle Bachelet

Dutch, UN sanctions against ICE/Trump Concentration Camps

It is 26 February 1942, again. The Trump Concentration Camps, currently under ICE management and largely shut off from media, are under the jurisdiction of ICE (who can starve people to death, but can’t commit genocide with the world watching). Trump is converting his camps from ICE jurisdiction to that of the Department of Defence, where they will effectively become military sites. This means that, once converted, the camps will be closed airspace (no drones), no surveillance, no press, no Red Cross, and ... under the jurisdiction of the DoD with no oversight. The outside world will be rendered blind as to what goes on in the Trump camps. This is how systematic institutionalised genocide is committed. This is not war. These aren’t bombs, or tanks, or guns, or soldiers on foreign soil because those draw attention, (though Trump’s erratic threats are handy distractions to keep us from asking about the camps). The systematic killing of large groups of people requires the rest of the world to be (wilfully) ignorant, blinded, or apathetic. The ‘solution to the immigrant problem’ proposed by Trump, is to quietly put the bombs, trucks, tanks, guns and soldiers in charge of the camps. Himmler made a similar suggestion. Clearly, the attempt to hand jurisdiction over to the Department of Defence has far-reaching consequences and possibilities, including genocide and a new fascist regime.  It is absolutely vital that the Dutch government, EU and UN act fast and send strong messages that: - these concentration camps can not be converted into military sites - these concentration camps must be dismantled - the people in these camps must be rescued and liberated - press must be given immediate and free access to said Trump camps   - immediate addressing of conditions in the Trump camps, including but not limited to: starvation, detention in dog-cages, abuse, exposure to the elements, torture, denying and stripping of clothes - international Red Cross must be given immediate access - UN inspectors must be given immediate access to these camps to investigate human rights violations If we do not want to be collaborators to genocide, we must stand up and show that human rights violations will be taken seriously, even if committed while White and American.  Human beings are stripped naked, shoved into dog cages in the blistering heat, kept there until they are too weak to move, or conveniently die. Who survives is put in something called “The Freezer”. People wet with sweat are forced in there, sleeping on the cold floor, sometimes held for weeks, I would not survive that. Would you? This is genocide. They are just using the elements and exposure instead of Zyklon B. Our continued inaction, is immoral and makes us complicit in these crimes against humanity.  All of that is happening under the jurisdiction of ICE. What do you think the Trump camps will look like under the Department of Defense? I do not need to see those 1945 black and white Auschwitz II pictures in full technicolour to know what it will look like. Again. Stand up now, your silence is their death. Who watches the Watchers, if not us?

Tessa van Gendt
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