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#ProgressiveDisruption by the States

What happened to make this country the focus of judgment, laughter, and fear from the rest of the world? The industrialized world outside of the United States enjoys a better quality of life and general happiness that most of us can only imagine. First class education, comprehensive health care, clean food/water/air and an overall better relationship with their fellow citizens. And as a country, we have higher mortality rates at younger ages, poorer health, and an impoverished population who can't learn new skills without going deeper into debt. As much as we like to blame Donald Trump for our national problems; these problems were here before him, and they will still be here if Trump is removed from office tomorrow. We have a political system that centralizes power to a consolidated political center in Washington, DC and an economic center in New York City. Our Electoral System will isolate the power to determine the direction of our political system to a very small, easily manipulated portion of the electorate in strategic location. Worst of all, we have a large portion of the population who will empower a mentally unstable man to the highest office in the world; just so they can say “We Won”. This group is constantly complaining about a simple world with plentiful jobs in their communities that are extinct or never really existed. And now, they have the nerve to complain about losing the federal government programs they benefitted from and voted against. It's time we said “ENOUGH” and have Progressive States and Communities band together and share resources and ideas to provide a better quality of life for its people, that the Trump Administration wants to take away. And furthermore, we need to ensure that we only support States and Communities who will change their policies for its people. We can no longer provide assistance to Red States, just so they can abuse and neglect their citizens for business interests.    For the future of this nation, we need to explore every legal method possible to protect the people from an extremely dangerous President Trump.    A Values Based Alliance of the States (VBAS) is one way of resisting this new reality of government, and the dangerous changes that we all know are inevitable. I understand that the constitution will not allow us to directly stop this monstrosity, but it will allows us to devalue it. A VBAS of certain states with similar values and policy preferences can and will use its population centers and economic influence to co-op, share resources, and implement policies with other co-opted states, while not having to depend on or engage the federal government.  Examples:  There are certain states with a majority of people that believe single payer healthcare system (CA, MA, VT, NY, WA, OR, IL, HI.). If those states passed laws to provide single payer health care for it’s people, a Single Payer Healthcare VBAS organization of those states can share resources to improve efficiencies, expand medical training/education amongst the co-opted states, negotiate pharmaceutical/treatment, amend needed tax policies and petition the US Government. This would also force neighboring states to decide if they want to change their internal policies to provide single payer, so they can join the Health Care VBAS. A resident of Indiana might ask his state to join the VBAS, because he could literally see his next door neigbor in Illinois fully covered, and using a Doctor that just came back from his training at a medical school in California. Although the VBAS states can not legally sign the Paris accords, they can change their internal policies to abide by its recommendations. There could be an environmental protection VBAS, where the states involved agree to abide by the Paris accords, improve safety protocols within its states, take climate change seriously, and provide economic preference to states and nations that do the same. CA, OR, NY, MA, VT, WA HI, and NV could agree to be a preferred customer of states or nations that voluntarily reduces its carbon emissions and address climate change, instead of LA or TX, which most likely will not. Other issues could include minimum wage, education, trade agreements, gun control and virtually every policy not adjudicated solely to the federal government. As more VBASes are organized and more states agree to join them, Donald Trump and the ignorance of future presidents become less and less relevant. Please sign this petition and pass it on to as many people as possible. 

Blake Green
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Independent Commission needed to investigate President Trump & Russia

We are presently in the beginning days of the month of March. The first weekend of March and while President 45 spends his weekend in Florida playing a little bit of golf to unwind, the country's citizens are perplexed.  I am a citizen of this nation. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. I love Thanksgiving during the holiday season because everyone in my family unites together. "Unity" is what seems to be under attack. Why?  We have a nation divided and it seems to be because our nation's Capitol and those that represent the American citizens of this nation are unable to find a common ground when it comes to the important issues, concerns, comments, and questions that we all have. Even more so with so much coming to light regarding the President of the United States and his current Administration in the White House. This includes the GOP and most Republicans, it also involves the Dept. of Justice, the FBI, and the investigation into Russia; that of which we the citizens do care about. We do want an investigation, we do want the truth, we do want answers to so many questions and we did want the Intelligence communities to cooperate amongst themselves and we depended on that. We see that no information, evidence is being disclosed amongst the departments themselves, irregardless of foul play or not. It remains stagnant. Unfortunately, we don't see a "united" front in a most crucial and important investigation, a critical investigation such as this one that involves Russia. It is imperative and the citizens want a follow up, we want answers, we want the truth. We cannot state that enough. American citizens want to know the truth. Now, due to unfortunate events, and due to the lack of bipartisanship, we want an Independent Commission. We want an independent investigation and we depend on that Commission to place the citizen's fears at ease. We need to know why there was a cease and desist order against Carter Page? What is going on with Carter Page and President 45?  This comes after such disturbing interviews by Carter Page that made no sense. Why did the President say no one on his campaign team met with Russians? Now, it turns out at least five or six individuals did; Jeff Sessions, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Carter Page, J.D. Gordon, and Trump's son in law, Jared Kushner; in New York, at Trump Tower. If nothing illegal took place then why wasn't this information disclosed to begin with? Instead, it was denied numerous times. They all somehow met with Russian Amb. Sergey Kislyak. Someone who Intelligence agencies refer to as a spy. This is alarming. This is no secret. The timelines of these events are alarming as well.  I think that we have waited long enough. Sean Spicer can not continue to decide for the public what is important and what is not when he speaks publicly. When these questions come up. They are asked because the public wants to know. Sean Spicer does not represent the American citizens. He is not our voice and contrary to his own beliefs, it matters to us all. It is disrespectful to see Sean Spicer assume this publicly and during press briefings. He adds that public opinion doesn't matter. I remind him the public he addresses is that of the United States, the American citizens. The public the White House officials represent.  We cannot stress that enough again. We do want an Independent Commission to investigate because we deem it important. We are waiting on facts, evidence, explanations. We are awaiting the truth. We are awaiting answers to these very concerning events and or ties if any to Russia regarding the President of the United States and his staff or anyone else for that matter.  We would ask that this happens because somehow for some reason we are told the Director of the FBI James Comey isn't disclosing pertinent information that may or may not relate to the investigation to House Intelligence. Devin Nunes seems to be under the impression that there is nothing there to investigate also but now with so much coming to light make no assumption, the public does want an investigation. An independent one now. Why aren't all these departments unifying, uniting, for the sole purpose of clarity and that of facts, truth?The sense of integrity, the sense of country first seems to be fleeting this current Administration and it is very public. It is very clear to the public the way Government is representing itself. It is very disappointing. No one is on the same page. No one can reach bipartisanship. No one is thinking about the country and what is best for this country and it's people.  Set aside "politics" long enough to deal with these issues and we urge you to unite once again for the people. We the people of the United States of America. It shouldn't be personal, it is business, big Government business. Emotions aside and we urge you to come to your senses and act accordingly. It should be a privilege to be representatives of this nation, a great nation. One of which the speaker of the House forgets, Paul Ryan.  There is a complete and blatant disregard of what we the people want. You cannot continue to ignore our concerns regarding this issue. We understand not everyone in Government is acting this way. We appreciate those who continue to work in a bipartisanship manner and we appreciate and commend those representatives who don't undermine our concerns. We ask that you unite again for country. We ask for this very crucial and important Independent Investigation into this matter involving Russia, involving the President, President Trump, his aides, his taxes that now over a million citizens have petitioned for, and hopefully a conclusion can derive from the investigation and hopefully we can move forward. We the people, we all want and agree on this. Thank you very much for your time and we appreciate your services. We look forward to an update on many unanswered issues.  Sincerely,  U.S. American citizens.       

Claudia Moreno-Driskill
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