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Don't eliminate funds for Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity helps thousands of families, seniors and veterans each year to build or repair their homes. We work in over 1,400 communities throughout the U.S.  Federal funding helps us qualify and train homeowners, purchase property and prepare sites for construction.   The White House's "Skinny Budget" proposes to eliminate every federal program used by Habitat for Humanity. These cuts would devastate communities and thousands of families would lose the opportunity for better housing.   The “skinny budget” proposes eliminating CDBG (Community Development Block Grant Program); HOME (Home Investment Partnerships Program); SHOP (Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program); Section 4 Program; the CDFI fund, which administers the New Market Tax Credit program at Treasury, and the entire Corporation for National and Community Service agency, which implements the AmeriCorps program. Eliminating or reducing funding for these housing programs would exacerbate local housing shortages and increase the burden of housing costs on families in need of housing stability.   There has never been a greater or more urgent threat to Habitat for Humanity's funding!    Please help us by signing this petition asking Congress to restore funding that helps rural and urban communities throughout our country. 

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles
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Don’t eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts

      Multiple news outlets say the Trump administration may soon announce plans to eliminate both the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) entirely as part of a plan to curb spending. The administration plans to cut $10 trillion, nearly all of our budget’s non-discretionary spending, over the next 10 years. The NEA and NEH account for less than .002% of our federal spending -- about 46 cents each, for every American, every year. The NEA has been the life-blood and foundation of the arts community across our nation since 1965. They provide grants for dance, music, drama, literature, outreach education, and so much more. The NEH offers research funding to museums, libraries, and colleges. Did you enjoy films like Ken Burn’s Civil War documentary series? That was funded by the NEH, along with 16 other Pulitzer prize winning productions. Together, these two organizations enrich the arts in America -- giving creativity and freedom of speech a voice and continues to nurture humanity at large. These vital organizations must be spared. Don’t allow these organizations to slip away quietly into the night. Sign this petition right now and tell Congress to save the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities and help us petition for policy that protects this valuable resources from future partisan shifts with a permanent funding mandate.

Jonathan Estabrooks
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Petition to St. Lucie County School Board

End Dress Code Policy At Public Schools 2018, St Lucie County Florida

Most Students in St. Lucie County , Florida and South Florida feel very discouraged that they can't wear a dress, a new shirt, the coolest jeans. Some may argue, that dress code makes things organized , stops bullying and stopping students from wearing inappropriate clothing , but actually the dress code policy actually creates more bulling because any student can make fun of the jacket , shoes,  the way someone appears or find a way to bully someone AND THEY CAN'T STOP WEARING THE CLOTHES THEY ARE FORCED TO WEAR. It also does not stop people from wearing inappropriate clothing. What most students want is freedom from being told to wear something when most other counties or areas throughout the USA don't have to wear uniforms or a polo shirt tucked in khaki pants or jeans. It is not fair! Wearing your own clothing will make students express their emotions and motivate others with inspirational texts on their shirts. What I recommend St. Lucie County and other counties to do is recreate a dress code rule. The School Boards could make a policy where students can wear certain shirts without offensive content, inappropriate cuts in the shirt , or they will get suspended and if the suspensions don't work and that student continues. The person should be expelled for wearing something that violated the policy more than 3 times. Why ruin it for everyone , why buy clothes for school and  grow out of clothes you don't wear. I hope in 2018 the policy changes because that could stop the complaining of students and the misbehaving of students. There should also be a bullying policy where if that person bullies someone about their clothes they get detentions or suspensions or even expelled. WE CAN PETITION AND YES WE CAN! (Sorry for any grammar or spelling errors)

Isaac R
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Petition to Department Homeland Security

This petition is in support for a form of relief

This petition is in support for a form of relief and the request that ICE exercises prosecutorial discretion and immediately issues a stay or closes any removal proceedings for a daca renewal approval To whom it may concern.  I would like to say first and foremost I have turned my life around from a negative to a positive life , I have personally written myself this letter to the Court System and also for you to provide a clear understanding; exactly of how I made changes for my life As you reviewed my record ,I wanted to let you know that I do not have a criminal record , I used bad judgement , but I have owned up to my mistakes and my faults that I regret the path I took previous . I have put myself on a positive direction in life and I am on a successful path for not just myself, but for my family. I’m not a bad person. Under threat of violence and poverty my family decided to risk their life to leave Mexico come to the only home that I have ever known   I have no felonies and have not been arrested before this is my first dui misdemeanor offense. I have conducted myself with the ultimate responsibility to keep myself safe in a positive stable living environment, I will fulfill my duties and task to society. Life has changed for me in so many progressive ways and I have been nothing but a productive and proactive woman I provide positive contributions to my family and myself on a daily basis. I am very independent, reliable and versatile person.  I would like to inform you that I have occupation references, family, friends and volunteer groups that can tell you about my work ethics and describing details about me personally. I am asking for mercy and justice thru the court system to please take into consideration of my request and help me so I can help myself today, tomorrow and for the future. I have numerous goals and plans not only for myself but for my family I have become a responsible member of society and I have motivation, determination and a positive attitude to do the right thing in order to succeed, I would like to seek an education and better job opportunities, I have great job qualities, I am doing great, I am doing my best so I can be ambitious and optimistic by elevating my life so that I can make a better life for my family and myself. Ultimately to live in peace. I believe I will have more occupational and career opportunities, better housing options, and better alternatives that would be available in my life if the court would grant me this request. Thank you very much for your time and understanding. I appreciate you reading my letter. Respectfully, Susana Reyes Juarez        

susana r.
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