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Petition to Dr.Fred Okengo Matiang’i, Marsabit County Commissioner Mr.Evans Achoki


The recent killings of the four innocent Rendille students has demonstrated  that Marsabit County is not only perpetually volatile zone in Kenya but also in need of a serious reformation to capacity build and fast track sustainable peace building strategies and policies. Central in the nexus between development, governance and conflict resolution are process of state formation, state failure and state reconstruction. Existing policies within the government framework have been at odds with the needs of the governed; the policy imperatives are largely due to insufficient knowledge base forming the policies. Specifically, Policy gaps in: land allocation and utilization, resource management, peace-building and conflict management has fueled cycles of ethnic conflicts among the nomadic communities in Marsabit County and urgently need attention and addressed. Therefore, in light of the above painful and depressing incident,  we demand justice for the above innocent souls impacted by the tribal injustice, even to the point of loosing their own precious lives. Nomadic communities in Northern Kenya were not only economically marginalized by central government, non-governmental actors, development agencies and local leaders in terms of resource allocation and service delivery for a longer period of time in Kenyan history but also share common denominator of cycles of sporadic and unexpected ethnic fights among themselves.While it is hard to narrow down the complex causes of the aforesaid tribal conflicts, the challenges of abject poverty, the miseries of resource based ethnic fights, corruption, cultural identity and fight for supremacy and control, proliferation of deadly arsenal from the neighboring and unstable nations like Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia, illiteracy, long and recurrent droughts aggravated by climate change and food insecurity has incubated and compounded uncertainties that quickly triggers ethnic conflicts among the predominant tribes of the aforementioned County. As highlighted here below, “On June 8th 2020, four innocent Rendille children were murdered in cold blood along the Songa-Badassa road,  Marsabit County. Their names are: 1. Jesca Leado, 23 2. George Obeile, 27 3. Dan Lantare, 17 4. Chuchu Mosor, 23 This heinous act was orchestrated and suspected to have been executed by our neighboring ethnic  community. These  killers are well known, protected and live amongst their own. It is high time our leaders to their own responsibility and walk their talk by enacting good  promises of establishing sustainable coexistence by swiftly handing over the perpetrators and let the justice take its natural  course. That aside, it is high time as responsible citizens we need to demand accountability from ALL our leaders in regards to above dejecting incident to avoid cycles of such incidents. All Marsabit county citizens need to be reminded that these killings have only exercebated since 1992 and has brought nothing but heartache and irreparable damage to all of us.” ~Miskeno Galgidhele Therefore, we are trying to get the attention of the Kenya Interior Cabinet Secretary (Dr. Fred Matiangi) and Marsabit County Commissioner (Mr.Evans Achoki) to have those involved  in the murder of Jesca, George, Dan and Chuchu be arrested and charged. Please help us get justice for Jesca, George, Dan, Chuchu and their families. Below is how one Stephen Galgesa Basele would like to remember the fallen angels: ______“Towards the end of last year, two university students approached me to help organize as well as publicise the Rendille Cultural Night. The two were the officials of the Rendille University Students Association. When I accepted the offer, I got down to work, one of them, an over ambitious, over achieving young lass, and was the vice chairperson. Today, I receive the news of her death, in the hands of cruel bandits. Her name is Jesca Leado. 10 years ago, when I started my work life as a computer enthusiast, I didn't have a place to stay in Marsabit. A relative welcomed me to stay with them, and most of the days, I'll get home late in the evening, with my work computer. A young boy in the house would later nickname me uncle computer, and most mornings, I will walk him to school. I receive the sudden news of his demise, also fatally shot by bandits in Marsabit. His name is Dan Lantare, and for him, I'll give my all, to see that the senseless killers are brought to book. Oh God, his soul give eternal rest. 4 years back, I went to my former school, Kisima sec sch alumni. A young, energetic and extremely bright boy approached me. He told me that he comes from Marsabit, and has heard about me, that I was in the same school over 10 years before. We became friends, and every time I went back to school to mentor, he will always come to me wanting to learn more. His life, was also terminated by the bandits. A star has been dimmed when it shone the brightest. When he just started campus.He went to study IT at Kenyatta University. . His name is George Obeile. This night, I will offer a prayer for this beautiful soul. The fourth soul, Chuchu Mosor the Boda Boda rider, an enterprising young man, fending for his family was also gunned down by the same bandits. Four young souls, four bright stars, had their lives ended by the senseless tribal killings that have been the order of the day here in Marsabit. We demand for justice for the souls lost by the Rendille community. Justice must prevail for peace to prevail.”   

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Petition to Karla Nameth, Wade Crowfoot

No Tunnel Planning During the COVID-19 Crisis. We Can't Fight for Our Lives and Our Water

In California, while Tribal communities are sheltering in place, non-essential infrastructure decisions that would take more water from our rivers and waterways are moving forward, without our participation. This is unacceptable. Please help us to ask the Department of Water Resources to delay public processes related to the Delta conveyance and other new large diversions until the public can engage. Our communities literally are fighting for our lives. We should not have to also fight for our water and salmon.   Most of us can not attend virtual meetings. Many of California's Tribal communities are rural and lack assess to fast internet and power (along with medical facilities and grocery stores). Many of the Tribal and county representatives that would make sure our voices are heard are dealing with the COVID-19 emergency.  Our communities want to engage and are deeply impact by these decisions. We rely on the impacted rivers for our food, health, and clean water. Over 200 people from at least seven Tribes testified against the Delta Conveyance during the Northern California hearing and many people from disadvantaged and rural communities that deal with illnesses caused by environmental conditions, and that  lack of clean water, testified at the Delta Tunnel hearings in Redding and Stockton. Our communities are also disproportionately at risk of serious health impacts and death from COVID-19 due to the serious health conditions caused by the lack of fish in Native peoples’ diets, such as diabetes and heart disease, and due to the lack of health resources in coastal and rural communities. We are heavily reliant on commercial fishing and recreational industries and therefore have economic interests that are directly related to California storage and diversions decisions. Commercial salmon fishermen were barely getting by before the pandemic due to poor water decisions and many have had to give up fishing all together due to poor water management. Up to 90% of California’s salmon fishing fleet has been lost over the last twenty years due to dwindling returns. This has caused serious economic impacts to our communities, and loss of tax revenue to coastal communities and towns.  Public participation from communities that rely on subsistence fishing, access to clean water, and fishing related economic opportunities are critical to these processes. Not only are impacted communities scared and distracted during this crisis, we lack the resources to engage virtually or are first responders and government employees who are overwhelmed with essential duties that are critical to public safety during the pandemic.  Right now the vast majority of the California public is focused on surviving and coping with the health and economic effects of the spread of COVID-19. We cannot keep our communities safe and meaningfully engage in public processes related to our salmon returns and water supplies at the same time. Actions such as approving new diversions and major infrastructure projects during a pandemic are non-essential and should therefore be curtailed.  Please tell the Department of Water Rights to allow us to focus on saving our lives and communities. We can not afford to lose our water and salmon during a pandemic. 

Save California Salmon !
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Petition to California Governor, Nancy Vogel, Renee Rodriguez

Save Our Salmon, No New Massive Diversions and Reservoirs in Northern California

In early January, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom released his highly anticipated California Water Portfolio. Even though the portfolio discusses prioritizing restoration and water savings, it also prioritizes the three most controversial and environmentally destructive threats to California’s rivers; the Delta Tunnel project; The Sites reservoir project; and voluntary agreements for agriculture. The portfolio even suggests accelerating environmental permitting for new  the Sites  Reservoir and diversions, despite the fact that fisheries in the areas targeted are facing extinctions and agencies have warned of potentially devastating fisheries impacts. Only two of the “listening sessions” for these meetings happened north of Sacramento and no hearings happened in Northwest or Northeast California, from which much of the water the state uses is diverted. Most California Tribes and counties of origin were not consulted on the portfolio.  Less than a week after the release of the plan, the state opened the comment period for the new “Delta Conveyance Project” or Delta Tunnel (formally the Twin Tunnels) diversion proposal, showing that the Governor does not care what the people of California have to say about his portfolio. The one tunnel  project is a proposal to build a massive new water diversion in the Northern Bay Delta near where the Sacramento River enters. This is where the Delta’s water is the cleanest and it is an extremely important area to endangered and subsistence salmon and smelt species.  The governor has also not followed through with his promise to sue the Trump administration for their new water plan and biological opinion. These Trump plans will most likely force many of California’s salmon species into extinction and decimate the fishing industry. California released a state alternative to this plan that also threatens California’s fisheries and drinking water quality by diverting more water.  The state again failed to value public opinion by only holding one daytime hearing in Sacramento on this water plan.  The governor’s water portfolio supports spending taxpayer money on new privately owned reservoirs and canals, and water transfers that would mainly benefit large agricultural corporations and water brokers, such as Westlands Water District. This is despite the fact that the state has already committed over a billion dollars of tax paper money to building new privately owned reservoirs and new freshwater diversions.  Make no mistake this Portfolio and new massive One Tunnel diversion are  modern day water grabs and are in line with the Trump administration’s attack on California’s environment.  Orwellian language cannot save the salmon or our drinking water supplies. The governor is selling out the north state, the fishing industry, tribes, cities, and the environment to benefit wasteful agricultural water users.  Help us fight the water Portfolio, State Water Plan, Delta Tunnel Proposal and Sites Reservoir.  Water Is Life!  Comments on the Water Portfolio can go to: Nancy Vogel, Director, Governor’s Water Portfolio Program, California Natural Resources Agency 1416 Ninth Street, Sacramento, CA 9581Or   Delta Tunnel comments can go to:  or, Delta Conveyance Scoping Comments, Attn: Renee Rodriguez, Department of Water Resources, P.O. Box 942836, Sacramento, CA 94236 Public Scoping meetings for the Delta Tunnel are at :  February 3, 2020, 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. California Environmental Protection AgencyBuilding, 1001 I Street, Sacramento February 5, 2020, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Junipero Serra State Building, 320 WestFourth Street, Los Angeles February 10, 2020, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Jean Harvie Community Center, 14273River Road, Walnut Grove February 12, 2020, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Santa Clara Valley Water District BoardRoom, 5750 Almaden Expressway, San Jose February 13, 2020, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. San Joaquin Council of GovernmentsBoard Room, 555 Weber Avenue, Stockton  February 19, 2020, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Clarksburg Middle School Auditorium,52870 Netherlands Road, Clarksburg February 20, 2020, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Brentwood Community Center ConferenceRoom, 35 Oak Street, Brentwood Anyone interested in more information concerning the EIR process, or anyone who hasinformation concerning the study or suggestions as to significant issues, should contact Marcus Yee at (916) 651-6736.  Despite impacts to the Sacramento watershed and Trinity and Klamath River watersheds there are no hearings in Northern California. Call and ask for some! Travel assistance is available for Tribal members and low income subsistence fishermen who have to travel to get to a meeting.  For more information go to Save California Salmon on Facebook or or contact 

Save California Salmon !
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