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Petition to Chief Minister Of Uttarakhand, PCCF , Uttarakhand Forest Department, pritam singh, Ganesh Joshi, ministry of environment and climate change


Respected Sir,  Save 2200 trees to be felled from jogi wala to Pacific golf estate in sahastradhara Road, Dehradun  The very basic ecology, structure of Dehradun is on the verge of extinction.   Sahastra means 1000, dhara means  springs, 1000 springs. Imagine a city having 1000 springs in just one area.  Today only few springs are visible while Others have been dried up or  been buried under construction.  The centre has approved this project of felling 2200 trees for a 4 lane road and sanctioned 77 crores for this. Soon Tenders will be floating for the construction.  According to the authorities tourists will have easier access to Mussorie after this road is made and further this will decongest Dehradun.  Why we locals oppose this project  - .1)With increasing population, number of tourists will gradually increase every day. What will the administration do then? Will they plan to chop every single tree, forest from Uttarakhand?  Dehradun has lost 70% of its  forest cover since its been a capital. Due to which we are facing aggressive climatic changes like Frequent landslides, floods, cloudbursts, less winters, extreme heat waves which are directly affecting our agricultural fields as well,our ground water and springs.  2)Sahastradhara a place visited by locals and tourists only for its tree cover on either side of the road will loose its beauty as well as tourist flux who only visit this area for shady cool breeze of Peepal, mango, litchi etc. If they are chopped. Eateries too will  shut down that have been there since many years.  4) Recently we  witnessed flood in just 1 or 2 hours of Rainfall in  IT park situated in Sahastradhara Road.People were stuck for hours.their vehicles drowned in tge water. This deforestation will only make things worse. People are scared to come out during rains.  5) Trees absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, from the air and release oxygen. 5) Oxygen Provider. One day's worth of oxygen for a family of four is provided by a single tree. 6)Trees improve water quality by slowing rain as it falls to the Earth, and helping it soak into the soil. Trees then serve as natural  We are witnessing climate change. This is the time where we should preserve conserve trees, Forests, Rivers, Mountains, lakes and make strategies or development projects having sustainable eco friendy approach. Otherwise we can already see the damage that is happening in our Uttarakhand mountains every day with massive landslides, recurrent earthquakes and flooding.  Please we urge the authorities to stop this project and find alternatives.  Dr Aanchal Sharma The Earth and climate Initiative 

Aanchal Sharma
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Petition to Shri Aaditya Uddhav Thackeray, Office of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Stop the rampant illegal tree cutting in Pimpri Chinchwad

Shri Aaditya Uddhav ThackerayHon. Minister for Environment & Climate ChangeGovernment of Maharashtra Dear Sir, We would like to bring to your attention the illegal practice of tree cutting, tree trimming happening in Pimpri Chinchwad since many years. Such instances have been reported by various citizens and NGOs to PCMC on a regular basis but there has been no substantive action till date and the illegal practice continues unabated with officials and contractors turning a blinds eye to the complaints by citizens. The Indian Constitution Article 51-A (g), says that “It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife and to have compassion for living creatures. As per Environment Protection Act 1986 it is the obligation of the state to provide a healthy environment to the citizens and redress injuries to trees. The Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1975 Section 2(c) recognises that any act of burning,cutting or damaging tree as tree cutting and therefore trimming,pruning of tree which involves cutting of branches or part of tree or any act injurious to tree as tree felling.  As custodian of the law ,the Tree Authority of PCMC is required to file a FIR against the culprits for illegal tree trimming,cutting. For any kind of such harm caused to the trees "The Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1975 " stipulates punishment on conviction with a fine of not less than Rs 1,000 which may extend up to Rs 5,000 for every offence and also with imprisonment for a term of not less than one week which may extend up to one year.  Despite multiple meetings by citizens and NGOs with all concerned officials in Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation the practice of illegal trimming and cutting of trees continues. We citizens of Pimpri Chinchwad therefore appeal to you as our Hon Minister of Environment and Climate Change to intervene in this matter and order a state government led enquiry into the illegal tree trimming,tree cutting,investigate the role of officials,contractors and take most severe action against those responsible for violations of the law. Thanking you, Mission Save Trees Maharashtra - Pimpri Chinchwad Chapter 

Mission Save Trees Maharashtra
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Petition to Karnataka State Minister for Environment, Prakash Javadekar, Jual Oram, Karnataka State Human Rights Commission, Ms Uma Bharati, Union Minister for Home, National Human Rights Commission, Shri Siddaramaiah, Dr. G. Parameshwara, Shri Ramanath Rai, Minister for Law, Justice and Human Rights, Karnataka State Minister for Transport, Karnataka State Minister for Transport, Karnataka State Minister for Tourism, Prime Minister


TWO RAILWAY TRACKS ARE BEING PUSHED INTO KODAGU (COORG), WHICH IS THE MAIN RIVER CATCHMENT AREA FOR THE CAUVERY. 1 - The Thalaserry- Kutta- Mysuru railway. 2 - The Mysuru- Kushalnagar- Madikeri- Mangaluru railway. WHY THIS IS A BAD IDEA: Implementing two railway tracks will involve the cutting of lakhs of trees in this rain catchment, Cauvery-creating region. Kodagu already lost 54,000 trees for a high-tension power line to Kerala, as a result of which the temperature increased and the water holes here dried up. Kodagu's tree cover makes it the Water Tank of Bengaluru, and the IT City, it is already predicted, will be unliveable in three to four decades. This is a clear prediction of the IISc. In a rain catchment area, less trees over time, leads to less rain & less river. And finally, no river. The Cauvery river has already reduced in volume by 40% over the last 50 years.In fact, the river dries up completely in Tamil Nadu and does not reach the sea any more. 70% of the inflow into the KRS reservoir in Mysuru is believed to be from Kodagu District. The River Cauvery is the lifeline of South India and provides water to over 80 million (8 crore) people, and 600 major industries across the region. It is therefore in the National Interest to preserve the Kodagu ecology. The food, water and economic security of Southern Karnataka and Tamil Nadu hinges largely on the Cauvery River. In Karnataka, these regions include the citizens and farmers of Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mandya and Kodagu. And in Tamil Nadu it covers the districts of Salem, Erode, Trichy, Thanjavur and Nagapattinam. Simply put, no trees in Coorg means no River Cauvery. Every tree holds 30,000 to 40,000 litres of water, its roots release water underground to form tiny streams, and its leaves give off moisture into the air to create humidity that invites rain from passing clouds. Four road-widening projects to National Highway and State Highway standards is also planned and will cut lakhs more trees. A HIGH DEGREE OF HUMAN-ANIMAL CONFLICT ALREADY EXISTS Due to the overall loss of trees, the water sources in the forests have dried up. They come alive briefly during the monsoons and die again even before summer sets in properly. With little foliage to eat, the elephants are found as often in the estates as in the forest. Human-elephant conflict has taken many lives, and people live in fear WHY WOULD THE GOVT INSIST ON PUTTING TWO RAILWAY TRACKS INTO KODAGU, WHEN THERE IS NO REAL NEED FOR THEM? LET US LOOK AT BOTH THE TRACKS: FIRST, THE KUSHALNAGAR TRACK The Kushalnagar track was declared not financially viable. The small population of Kodagu and the potential traffic of customers and goods, do not call for a railway track. The track is apparently being pushed through despite protests by the people, for the money that politicians can make from the railway contracts, and the timber money from the tree cutting that will be done. The timber lobby could be a driving force behind this track. A false narrative is being built of the track stopping at the border of Kodagu in Kushalnagar. But an RTI has clearly revealed that the track will go to Makkandur 4 km near Madikeri. So verbal assurances from politicians should not be accepted, as they may not be in power when the decision to take the track to Madikeri is made. It will also go on to Mangaluru from Madikeri. The excuse of promoting tourism is being given by the Govt, but the truth is the Coorg landscape has reached saturation in tourism. There are already too many resorts and home stays, and stinking piles of garbage are lining many of the roads. Road connectivity is already very good, and more mass tourism from the railways will kill the District's ecology.  Another excuse given by the Government is that the coffee grown here can be sent by train to Mangalore port, but the fact is that coffee is already being despatched by road, quite efficiently and economically. Hassan District has railway connectivity, and they have not benefited noticeably from it. Some argue that Hunsur has the right to get a railway track and that if Kodagu says no to the railway, it will affect Hunsur. That is easily solved, KR Nagar is just 21 km away by road and it is already connected by railway. A track can be created from KR Nagar to Hunsur. it need to not be the Mysuru-Kushalnagar railway line at crores of expense. NOW, THE THALASERRY TRACK Route - Thalaserry, Koothaparamba, Mananthavady, Kutta, Kanoor, Balele, Thitihmathi, Hunsur. Both road and rail routes from Thalaserry already exist, there is no need for this new route. The road route is through Kabini to Mysore and the railway track is through Palghat to Bangalore. There is a flourishing bus service from Thalaserry to Bangalore and there is no desperate need for a railway at such a terrible environmental cost of lakhs of trees and the death of a River. There is a financially and influentially strong lobby behind this track, the lobby is made of business and political vested interests. The environmentalists of Wynaad too are against this Railway and have joined hands with the people of Kodagu. It makes no sense to deprive the farmers and people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu off their right to always have Cauvery water...just to make travel cheaper and shorter by a few hours for the people of Kerala.  Also, it is not all the people of Kerala who want the Railway, but the lobby that is always working for some railway to be put through some forest. This could simply be their source of income. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION  Please sign this petition and forward it to others who will support the cause. Help us to stop the two railway tracks to Kodagu, save the trees and the River Cauvery, protect the drinking water of 8 crore Indians in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The petition has been addressed to the below persons in the Govt. Prime Minister of India Union Minister for Railways. Union Minister for Environment. Union Minister for Irrigation. Union Minister for Tribal Affairs. Union Home Minister - Joint Secretary. National Human Rights Commission of India. Chief Minister of Karnataka. Karnataka State Minister for Railways.  Karnataka State Minister for Environment. Karnataka State Home Minister. Karnataka Minister for Law, Justice and Human Rights. Karnataka State minster for Tourism. Karnataka State Minister for Transport. Karnataka State Human Rights Commission.

Sundar Muthanna
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