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Petition to Alexandre de Juniac

Ban single-use plastics in worldwide air travel by 2020.

Dear Mr. de Juniac, Director General and CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Please take a moment to read our petition. We are GEN, the Global Ecotourism Network, the world’s most experienced and comprehensive organization for those who care for the global and local impacts of travel and tourism. Not only the consumption patterns in the destinations are important, but also the way how people get there. The signatures below are from customers of your member airlines. We appreciate IATA´s measures addressing the global challenge of climate change. And we are convinced that you can easily do more, by introducing this requirement into the IATA Environmental Policies: Ban single-use plastics by 2020. There are five trillion pieces of microplastic in the ocean, with one rubbish truck load added each minute. 300 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year and only 12 per cent is recycled. The world's first plastic-free flight was introduced end 2018 by Hi Fly, a IATA member company that wet leases aircraft in Portugal and Malta. We wish all 290 IATA member airlines to follow. For example, to get 14 pieces of plastic on a breakfast plate is simply shocking. Everything counts in large amounts:  With more than 100,000 flights a day, when all meals and other service packs are counted, we are talking about hundreds of millions of single-use plastics on planes per day (e.g. cups, cutlery, packaging). These plastics can be reduced and replaced with eco-friendly alternatives. We would also advise the airlines to start an awareness campaign with all their customers to inform them about the harm single-use plastic is doing to the world and its inhabitants.  In our experience, with an awareness campaign, customers tend to buy in and appreciate the airlines´ efforts to contribute to a more sustainable world. Carrying 82% of the world’s air traffic, the world’s leading passenger and cargo airlines have the power to make this change happen and they have the clients who care.

Global Ecotourism Network
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Petition to Rail Delivery Group, Department for transport, British Rail Companies

Save Eurail/Interrail in Britain, stand up for green travel

Britain is pulling out of the international rail pass scheme - let's send a strong message and block this damaging decision!Interrail/Eurail is a rail pass scheme that allows unlimited rail travel in (and between) all 31 participating countries for a specified period of time, for a specific fixed fee - with a generous discount for under-27s. Britain has participated since 1973, allowing 100,000s of people to benefit. On 7 August, British train operators announced that they will no longer participate in Interrail/Eurail, shutting Britain out of the scheme from 1 January 2020. Brits will still be able to buy passes to use in 30 countries, but people from other countries will not be able to use Interrail/Eurail in Britain.This decision will be damaging in many ways - not least for Britain's tourism industry, the environment, young people, and freedom of mobility.1) It will discourage tourists from coming to the UK, impacting the hospitality industry and potentially risking jobs.2) At a time of the climate emergency, it will also mean more people will travel in and out of the UK by air and road - contributing to a rise in emissions.3) It limits mobility into Europe, making Britain appear more insular and remote for visitors, especially at the time of Brexit. Rail operators should be opening up access and promoting rail travel, rather than limiting opportunities. The privatised rail network in Britain appears to be profiteering and encouraging people to buy more expensive, less flexible 'point-to-point' tickets instead. The Man In Seat 61, a leading travel blogger, said: "It's as if they see the grass-roots 'flight shame' movement towards rail, and instead of welcoming it, deliberately go out of their way to stop it." This petition aims to send a strong, unequivocal message: let's save Interrail/Eurail, force Britain's train operators to stop pulling up the drawbridge, and stand up for green travel. Please help reverse this decision by signing my petition, calling on the Rail Delivery Group and the Department for Transport to intervene, reconsider, and keep Britain in the Interrail/Eurail scheme. 

Olaf Stando
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