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Petition to The University of Sheffield, Student Finance England, School of East Asian Studies

Allow East Asian Studies students to have a Year Abroad

Within the Sheffield School of East Asian Studies, many students on the full time language courses usually switch to the less intensive East Asian Studies course, but the price being no year abroad depending on when they make the transfer. It seems demoralizing that they would work hard only to fail exams and not be granted that year away in Asia. With the help of fellow students and like-minded people, we can implement a year away in Asia for those EAS Students looking to satisfy travel needs and to give a better reflection on the Sheffield department, and not be diminished by students who lost the opportunity of a lifetime just because of one bad exam. Moreover, through contact with various universities across China, Japan and South Korea, negotiations will be made so that they will except EAS students who may not specialize in those countries' native languages, and learn them once they arrive. I have met many students in this situation and it seems heartbreaking to be denied the opportunity of a lifetime to travel and study in an exotic part of the world just because of a few bad results and a forced change of programme; the SEAS department do not seem to offer alternative choices within their international contacts either, so pressing for allowing EAS students to travel will definitely boost the morale of the student community and develop their language skills and cultural knowledge in the countries they love.

Laurie Brown
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Petition to Arriva London and TFL London, Transport For London


Slade Green has long been forgotten by everyone now we have been told that the 428 bus route will no longer travel to Darenth Valley/Bluewater and will terminate at Crayford. We the undersigned want to petition Arriva London to continue with the current bus route.  Without this bus route the people of Slade Green have no direct route to a local hospital. Elderly people and those that do not drive use this service to attend appointments and Accident and Emergency services. Without this bus route it will put extra pressure on the ambulance service and will be detrimental to local peoples health.  Currently it can take an hour plus on a good day to get to Darenth Valley, travel time will be massively increased and pressure put on other services if residents have to travel on different routes. The 96 which is the only other bus that travels to Darenth is already overstretched by the time the bus arrives at Crayford passengers are rejected because they are overfull. We ask Arriva London to rethink their plans for the bus route and help the residents of Slade Green. We also feel that this will make more residents isolated and will affect their health as people won't be able to attend appointments. We also feel that this will have an affect on economy as people will not be able to access Dartford or Bluewater easily. We cannot get to any other hospital directly Queen Mary's -2 buses, Queen Elizabeth's 2 buses. Most appointments are give at Darenth Hospital. Please help us 

Howbury Friends
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Petition to DFDS , DFDS Esbjerg, DFDS Group, DFDS Media Contacts, Stena , Regina Line

Reopen the Harwich to Esbjerg ferry Crossing

We Must Bring This Route Back..... And Soon!  In September 2014, a very special route from the UK to Scandinavia closed down. This route was the last ever route from the UK to Denmark and the last route to Scandinavia. Now we are left with the long drive via Dover/Newcastle or an even longer journey for foot passengers who used to use the route. The DFDS Dover to Calais/Dunkirk service do not allow foot passengers, therefore we are forced to go via Newcastle (Via the Amsterdam service). Passengers now face further issues, now passengers are not permited on freight routes to Sweden and Norway. 'To Travel is to live' - Hans Cristian Andersen  The famous Danish author once said 'To Travel Is To Live' meaning that you can only live once you have travelled. Now the historical route that began during Hans' time has been lost due to various excuses that amount to nothing in the grand scheme of ferry travel in the United Kingdom, and abroad.  Excuses include EU sulphur rules, where insignificant when a vessel has been fitted with scrubbers like the Sirena Seaways after it left the route. Other excuses range from passenger numbers, to duty free rules, which all have been proven to be workable.  I am very proud of where this petition has gone, and as of 11/3/16 we have our first endorsement from the Harwich MP, and we hope to increase our supporter count because of this. We have also been subject to various news articles.  RHEG is very proud to be the largest online community who campaign to get this ferry back, and we will continue to champion this case until we get our ferry back! If you have any questions or queries please contact me at or visit our Facebook group. I try my best to reply quickly via email, however please remember I am not always with my phone. Thanks for signing, and I hope you can soon enjoy a relaxing crossing to Denmark.  George JOIN OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY:

Reopen The Harwich To Esbjerg Ferry
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