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Petition to DFDS , DFDS Esbjerg, DFDS Group, DFDS Media Contacts, Stena , Regina Line

Reopen the Harwich to Esbjerg ferry Crossing

We Must Bring This Route Back..... And Soon!  In September 2014, a very special route from the UK to Scandinavia closed down. This route was the last ever route from the UK to Denmark and the last route to Scandinavia. Now we are left with the long drive via Dover/Newcastle or an even longer journey for foot passengers who used to use the route. The DFDS Dover to Calais/Dunkirk service do not allow foot passengers, therefore we are forced to go via Newcastle (Via the Amsterdam service). Passengers now face further issues, now passengers are not permited on freight routes to Sweden and Norway. 'To Travel is to live' - Hans Cristian Andersen  The famous Danish author once said 'To Travel Is To Live' meaning that you can only live once you have travelled. Now the historical route that began during Hans' time has been lost due to various excuses that amount to nothing in the grand scheme of ferry travel in the United Kingdom, and abroad.  Excuses include EU sulphur rules, where insignificant when a vessel has been fitted with scrubbers like the Sirena Seaways after it left the route. Other excuses range from passenger numbers, to duty free rules, which all have been proven to be workable.  I am very proud of where this petition has gone, and as of 11/3/16 we have our first endorsement from the Harwich MP, and we hope to increase our supporter count because of this. We have also been subject to various news articles.  RHEG is very proud to be the largest online community who campaign to get this ferry back, and we will continue to champion this case until we get our ferry back! If you have any questions or queries please contact me at or visit our Facebook group. I try my best to reply quickly via email, however please remember I am not always with my phone. Thanks for signing, and I hope you can soon enjoy a relaxing crossing to Denmark.  George JOIN OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY:

Reopen The Harwich To Esbjerg Ferry
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Petition to UK Parliament, Civil Aviation Authority

Stop airlines charging for seats

I want to bring to the attention of the UK Government, the unethical practice of airlines deliberately seating passengers apart in a bid to make them pay more money for seats together.  Recently I flew with TUI and Thomas Cook. My partner and I were on the same booking reference. So naturally we assumed we would be seated together on the flight. Upon checking in online with TUI my boyfriend and I were assigned aisle seats in different rows. As it turned out, the couple in front and behind us on the flight were in the same position.  At the time of checking in there had been ample available seats for us to be placed together. However, the system had assigned us seats apart, and the cost to reselect them was £14 per person. I queried this with TUI Customer Service in advance of travel. And asked if they would separate two passengers if one was a child. To this they simply would not comment.  On the day of the flight there were row upon row of empty seats. So I can only deduce that the seating policy exists purely to take advantage of passengers and force them to pay more money.  On our return flight with Thomas Cook we checked in at the airport and the same thing happened. We were seated apart, in different rows. Despite checking in together and showing up two hours prior to our flight time.  This is obviously a deliberate act on behalf of airlines and it really is a practise that warrants investigation. Not only is it unfair, it's also distressing to those like myself who are nervous flying, and presents a safety risk too. As in the event of a disaster, anyone's priority would be to reach their loved one. Something that would cause chaos if multiple passengers travelling together were seated apart, as was the case with our TUI flight. 

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Petition to Network Rail, Arriva Trains Wales, Carmarthenshire County Council, Nia Griffith

Build a Parc Trostre Railway Station

CONSIDER A PARC TROSTRE RAILWAY STATION There are over 220 rail stations in Wales, handling over forty million journeys per year. The Busiest Station - Cardiff Central has over 34,000 passengers pass through per day! The quietest station being The Sugar Loaf in Powys, with only 100 passengers per year! Wales has a truly enormous transport network that's not moved with the times, and hasn't changed to suit the rapid demand and increased population growth. We feel there should be changes made not only to the rail network, but to the bus, and road systems to ease congestion and enable safer, simpler commutes for passengers. We propose to come up with different ways and suggestions to change the transport network in Carmarthenshire - be it the bus, road or rail network. We the people use the network, so we the people should have our say. The lack of busses and trains often leaves communities isolated and closed off for those who don't drive. This petition aims to look at creating a Parc Trostre Railway Station, which would assist in solving the already apparent problem with parking and congestion, enabling staff and employees to commute easier and from further afield and encourage growth and stability to a massively popular retail park. Rugby and sport fans can also make use of the railway station, by travelling in from afar for games and matches at the iconic Parc y Scarlets Stadium.  Llanelli is Carmarthenshire's Largest town with a rapidly growing population of over 49,000 people! Parc Trostre Retail park is a bustling modern retail park with an already apparent parking and congestion problem. The bus network to the park is poor, and really only serves Llanelli and Swansea directions. We feel, a railway station at track level underneath the Piano Bridge on Lower Trostre Road would be a real tangible suggestion to serve the retail park and Morfa areas of Llanelli. It's a 30 minute walk from Llanelli Train Station to Trostre. Imagine that for employees, walking in the dark, in the winter to catch a train to Kidwelly, Burry Port, Carmarthen etc (busses after about 18:30 are non existent in that direction)... The current rail station does NOT cater for the out of town shopping areas and sports stadium. Our Rail timetable is already relatively good, with some of the earliest of trains starting at 04:55 (Carmarthen to Llanelli) and the latest of trains at around 23:35 (Llanelli to Carmarthen) The busses just don't do this - and don't operate at these times! This makes employees who don't drive in Trostre's life's impossible - unless there willing to brave the walk from the existing train station to Trostre, or finish around the time of a bus!  This would be a safer, simpler way of travel for employees, punters and sports fans, who could walk over to piano bridge, down steps, and onto the platform. It doesn't need to be anything special - just a concrete platform, some shelters and some lights! The line already runs past Trostre, so why not make the most of it! We are confident this would somewhat aid congestion on the Sandy Road, as commuters could be encouraged to catch the train too. We call on isolated employees, frustrated drivers, sports fans and anyone interested in the economic growth of Llanelli to sign this petition. We are confident this would be a relatively low investment for the rail operating companies with a high return on passenger journeys. I know for one, I would use this service! 

Robert J Davies
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