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Petition to Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn MP

Companies to reimburse interview travel cost

When you are interviewing for an out-of-town job, the company may offer to pay your travel expenses — but it's also possible that they will not. UK job seekers have to apply for an average of 27 positions just to get one interview, a survey by CV writing service Standout CV has found. This translates to an average of 6.5 hours per week searching for a new job, and about 16 job applications a week. Research found that the average cost of attending an in-person interview is £41, equivalent to 8% of the average family’s weekly household spend. It revealed that graduates entering the job market attend an average of six ‘in-person’ interviews, amounting to a cost of £246. For those already in employment, more than half (51%) said they have taken a day of annual leave to attend an interview – worth £117.46. (Debut, 2018) Some employers do offer reimbursement, but fail to communicate this fact publicly before the application stage,”  Best practice is for employers to communicate what they offer in terms of reimbursement - especially if more than 1 interview is required.  People of all working age are affected by this shortfall.  We propose that companies reimburse UK travel cost to * £20 per interview if travelling within the UK * £100 if travelling from outside the UK Benefits to the company include : * Larger pool of candidates  * More efficient and cost effective interview method internally  * Positive CSR    

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Petition to 香港特別行政區行政長官林鄭月娥 , 立法會《旅館業條例》修訂草案委員會 , 香港政府, 香港立法會議員, Bills Committee on Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation (Amendment) Bill 2018, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, Hong Kong Government, Hong Kong legislators

守護香港「住家分享」的未來 | Protect Home Sharing in Hong Kong

*English translation located after Chinese text 香港人熱愛旅遊,追求以地道的旅遊方式,體驗更真實的世界。作為香港人,我們亦對自己的家引以自豪,希望世界各地的朋友能夠了解香港獨有的面貌。Airbnb等住家分享平台正因提供更貼近我們生活的體驗,越來越受香港及全球旅客歡迎。 我們明白發展任何全新的旅遊模式,必須透過規管,確保業界提供可持續、負責任和安全的旅遊體驗。Airbnb一直積極向政府及公眾分享詳盡的住家分享方案,建議新增「住家分享」類別,通過註冊、發牌制度以及安全保障準則規管住家分享。可是政府一直忽視任何建議。 儘管審計處、立法會等機構都以公開報告,建議香港政府應該針對「住家分享」或民宿提出專屬的規管方式,但香港政府不但漠視提議,拒絕研究「住家分享」的可能性,更走回頭路,根據不合時宜的公眾諮詢結果,在今年7月向立法會提交《旅館業條例》修訂草案,並已進入審議階段。 如果修訂草案獲得通過,將會進一步抹殺本港住家分享的未來發展,剝奪旅客在香港享受獨特和地道旅遊體驗的選擇,以及香港市民善用額外空間增加收入的機會,嚴重影響香港的國際形象及未來的旅遊業發展。 我們需要您的支持,促請政府重新考慮就「住家分享」類別進行公眾諮詢,以創新科技推動智慧旅遊方案,提升香港和本地旅遊業的競爭力,保障香港市民善用額外空間增加收入的機會,並讓世界各地的旅客,感受香港真正的魅力,共同珍惜和愛護香港,我們的家。 Hongkongers share a passion for travel, and we increasingly pursue unique and local experiences to see the world in an authentic way. We also take pride in our home, hoping our friends from all over the world can see the true colors of Hong Kong. That’s why home sharing platforms such as Airbnb have become so popular among tourists in Hong Kong and around the world. We’re committed to working with Hong Kong towards a regulatory framework that meets our city’s unique needs. That’s why we’ve actively shared a detailed range of policy options with the Hong Kong government and the public to ensure home sharing in Hong Kong grows responsibly and sustainably, while providing safe experiences to both travelers and our Hong Kong community. Sadly, the government has not yet considered any of these options. The Audit Commission and Legislative Council released public reports, urging the government to review and consider a regulatory framework tailored specifically for  home sharing accommodations. Ignoring these recommendations, the Hong Kong government chose to take a step back. In July, the HAGAO amendment bill based on outdated public consultation data was submitted to the Legislative Council for its first reading. If the bill becomes legislation, it will hinder the future development of home sharing in Hong Kong, depriving travelers the right to enjoy a unique, authentic and local experience. Hong Kong residents also lose the opportunity to increase their income by making good use of their extra space. This would risk Hong Kong’s global reputation as a tourism and travel hub. We need your immediate support to urge the government to launch a new round of public consultation on home sharing. It is time for us to reconsider options that promote smart tourism, utilize innovative technology, and support Hongkongers with more opportunities to make supplemental income. And most important of all, we need to let visitors truly experience the beauty of Hong Kong, loving and cherishing our home town as we do. 

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