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Petition to Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Andy Byford

MTA: Improve, don’t slash bus service in Northeast Queens!

We as residents and elected representatives of Northeast Queens are united against the MTA's proposed cuts to express bus service and concerned about changes to local service routes, as outlined in the draft plan of the Queens Bus Network Redesign.In Northeast Queens, where there is no subway access and limited public transit options for residents, the first major overhaul of our bus network in a century should improve — not slash — service to our already transit-starved neighborhood. On an average weekday, thousands of riders rely on the express QM2, QM3, QM6, QM20, and QM32 to get to Manhattan from Northeast Queens, and again to return home. Reducing rush hour service puts our commuters, who already have limited transportation options, at a complete disadvantage. Further, the proposal nearly eliminates express bus connectivity to Manhattan on weekends. Regardless of potential low ridership levels at non-rush hour times, residents of Northeast Queens require reliable express buses for their every day needs. Cutting service is denying mobility to a part of the city that is in great need of better options. This is unacceptable. Our borough's existing bus system is sluggish, unreliable and has not been revised in over 100 years It is clearly in need of improvement. However, the final and implemented plan must expand and improve service for Northeast Queens - not take it away. The current draft plan is a major disservice to our residents. For the quality of life of those living in Northeast Queens in this next century, the MTA must change their bus plan! Sincerely, Council Member Paul Vallone Council Member Barry Grodenchik Grace Meng Tom Suozzi State Senator John Liu Assemblyman Ed Braunstein Assemblywoman Nily Rozic

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Petition to New Jersey State House, New Jersey State Senate, Phil Murphy

Stop Car Dealers from Being Allowed to Sell Dangerous Recalled Used Cars

I know the deadly results that can occur when profits are put over lives.  An unrepaired recalled car killed my beautiful, talented, treasured daughter Jewel. She was just 26 years old, with a Master’s Degree and preparing a plan for her Ph.D. at Stanford.  A gifted gymnast, gymnastics teacher, and model, Jewel was full of life, and devoted to making the world a better place. After receiving her doctorate degree, she intended to write children’s books and open her own family therapy practice.   But almost exactly four years ago, she was in a fender-bender with several other cars. Everyone else walked away, and her rental car was not badly damaged, but a defective recalled Takata airbag exploded, like a hand grenade going off in the car, propelling metal fragments that sliced an artery in her neck, and she bled to death. My whole world changed. Now I am on a mission to honor Jewel and her life, by saving the lives of others endangered by the more than 57 million unrepaired recalled cars on America’s roads.  No one else should have to suffer such a horrendous loss, which is why I need your help to tell lawmakers that dangerous recalled cars don't belong on the road.  It’s truly shocking, but car dealers in New Jersey are attempting to eliminate consumer protections in their state, so they can get away with selling cars with deadly safety defects like the ticking timebomb airbag that claimed my daughter’s life. The owners of a mega-dealership conglomerate contributed over $500,000 to a PAC before the election last November, and now the powerful Assembly Speaker, Craig Coughlin and Assemblymember Louis Greenwald are authoring the car dealers’ bill, AB 4292. I am fighting back, because I believe that everyone who buys a car from a licensed car dealership deserves to get a vehicle that is at least safe to drive, even if they can’t afford to buy a car that is brand new, or they simply prefer to buy one that is used.  You shouldn’t have to worry about dealers charging you top dollar for a car that is hazardous, with life-threatening defects like catching on fire, steering loss, sticking accelerator pedals, brake failure, or exploding Takata airbags. Leading national and statewide consumer, safety, civil rights, and environmental groups are also fighting back.  Plus, the citizens of New Jersey are on our side in this fight. Polling shows that likely voters in New Jersey overwhelmingly oppose changing the laws in their state to allow car dealers to get away with selling dangerous recalled used cars, with or without “disclosure” that merely shifts legal liability onto victims. It would be a federal crime to sell cars with the same defects, as new cars. They certainly aren’t any safer when they are used. Precious lives are at stake. Not only the lives of car buyers, but also their families and other passengers, and others who share the roads. Please, join me in calling on New Jersey Assemblymen Coughlin and Greenwald to withdraw the car dealers’ “license to kill” legislation, before someone else’s daughter or other loved one is seriously injured or killed. For more information, visit my website: Or follow me on these social media channels: Twitter:

Alexander Brangman
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Petition to Phil Murphy, New Jersey State Senate

Tell New Jersey To Invest In Accessible Transportation

People with disabilities consistently have a difficult time accessing reliable transportation. Lack of transportation is one of the top reason people with disabilities cannot find and maintain employment. Transportation also proves to be a barrier to medical care for people with disabilities, who need this care the most. In New Jersey, there are 911,300 residents with disabilities and the transportation system in place to serve them is extremely limited. People with disabilities have had to miss crucial medical appointments, leave education and employment, and sit out of social events that many others take for granted. Therefore, we are calling on the state of New Jersey to give more funding to county paratransit systems through the Senior Citizen and Disabled Resident Transportation Assistance Program. This program is funded through a Casino Revenue Tax and helps provide people with disabilities transportation to doctor’s appointments, employment, education, and recreation within the counties where they reside. In addition to transportation, The Casino Revenue Fund also provides for Safe Housing and Transportation programs for seniors, Adult Protective Services, meal delivery services, respite care services, various community based care programs for people with disabilities, pharmaceutical assistance for older adults and people with disabilities, hearing aid assistance, vocational rehabilitation for people with disabilities and others, and early intervention programs for children with disabilities. This Casino Revenue Tax and the promise that it would help fund programs to benefit senior citizens and people with disabilities was a selling point to get these groups to vote in favor of allowing gambling in Atlantic City. They were told that the revenue would be taxed at a rate of up to 15% and currently the tax rate on this revenue is 8%. We propose a modest increase of 2% in this tax to bring the rate up to 10% which will increase the pool of funding for transportation and these other programs. The increased investment in transportation will allow more people with disabilities to have access to their communities, increase levels of self-sufficiency, and help people with disabilities lead more productive and happier lives in the state of New Jersey.

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Petition to Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson

Restore Amtrak Service from LA to Vegas

Amtrak's "Desert Wind" ran from Los Angeles to Chicago from 1979 to 1997, with stops in Las Vegas, Salt Lake, Denver and Omaha. Their short lived "Las Vegas Limited" ran between Los Angeles and Vegas from 1972-1976. In 1999, Amtrak purchased a "higher-speed" Talgo train that would run at 80 mph... After much hype, it was supposed to enter service between LA and Vegas the following year. The plan was shelved due to funding and the new equipment was sent to serve Amtrak's successful "Cascades" route in the Pacific Northwest instead. Any future train connections were shut down by then Governor Schwarzenegger and California's powerful indian casino lobby. During the years since, privately held projects to restore passenger rail service to Vegas, with even a proposed bullet train, have been slow going and hit roadblocks. With more vehicles on the road there is more traffic to get to and from the city. Rail travel to Sin City would be less stressful, more comfortable, safer and environmentally friendly. With rising fuel costs, a train ticket is also economically competitve, with travel time being about one to two hours longer than by bus or automobile. Train service also includes bathrooms, and food and beverage options (including alcohol); eliminating the need to make rest stops. I believe restoring passenger train service to Las Vegas would be in high demand, therefore a money maker for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak), which reports financial losses year after year. Please join me in signing this petition and sending it to Amtrak in Washington, DC.    

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