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Petition to Don Davis

Vehicles for the Vulnerable

Like many families with disabled family members, transportation is a struggle with my son Jayden and me.  A wheelchair accessible van would alleviate our issues, but the cost is too high for a working mother with student loan debt and other expenses that come with daily life. Medicaid can help, but their policies make it nearly impossible to get what families need. They help with accessible vehicles in two ways. They will either pay to add modifications to an unmodified vehicle, or they will help with the purchase of a previously modified vehicle by paying the cost of the conversion toward the total price of the vehicle. Recently, I requested an already modified vehicle, and was approved but only for $7,175.00. A conversion costs upwards of $20,000. I learned that for unmodified vehicles, Medicaid pays for nearly 20 conversion items, but will only cover four items on a previously modified vehicle. Many conversion items on previously modified vehicles are necessary for even the most basic conversion. For example, any vehicle with a ramp needs a lowered floor, but that item isn't covered by Medicaid for previously modified vehicles, though it IS covered on unmodified vehicles. If Medicaid would cover the same conversion items on a previously modified vehicle as they do on unmodified vehicles, I would be able to purchase the vehicle and finance the remaining cost. I don't want to buy an unmodified vehicle because there is no guarantee modifications would be approved, and the conversion process itself takes eight to ten weeks. I have already been battling Medicaid for over three months. Please sign this petition to require Medicaid to cover the same conversion items on a previously modified vehicle that they cover on a modified vehicle. My child should not have to be confined to our home over a policy which can be revised to work in favor of our disabled children, rather than against them.

Rebecca Fontes
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Petition to Tarleton State University, Dominic Dottavio

Appeal for More Parking on Tarleton State University Campus

Tarleton State University is a member of the Texas A&M University system, and runs driven by a set of fundamental core values. These values are: integrity, leadership, tradition, civility, excellence, and service. These core values however, have recently seemed to be ignored by the University and both the Housing and Parking and Police departments. According to their webpage, the Parking department “aims to provide excellent parking and transportation management as a service to assist students, visitors, faculty, and staff members.” If they remained true to their mission statement, would there be students struggling to park on campus? Last year, there were more open parking spaces for residents and commuters. However, recent construction of the new engineering building and memorial stadium have lowered the amount of parking spaces available on campus. Due to this, there are only around seven (UPDATE: Autocorrected to seventeen in the original post, now fixed!) lots available to commuters. Recently, a few of the residential parking lots have been changed to “silver, 24 hour reserved lots” for residential leaders and dorm staff. However, the amount of spaces taken in some area exceed the number of residential workers. Due to this, as well as the overpopulation of freshman –estimated numbers are around four hundred- there aren’t enough parking spaces in the twelve lots dedicated exclusively for residents. These residents are spilling over into “green- all permit” lots, as well as many “purple” commuter lots.   Many commuters are arriving up to two hours before their classes, in an attempt to park on campus. However, the lots are filling by 7:30-8:00 a.m. every morning. Due to this, many commuters are walking 1-3 miles to get to campus from where they are parking. Those who give up on finding a spot after searching, have nowhere to park. Many people in a desperate attempt to get to class, are parking in the ends of parking lots, sides of roads, and in the parking lots of local businesses. I personally watched Tarleton PD help three tow truck drivers in towing three cars from a silver lot, on a Tuesday afternoon, around 5 pm. The most disgusting part? The drivers and Tarleton PD were breaking into the cars. Upon researching Texas towing laws, I found a newspaper article stating that tow truck drivers have a right to break in under three circumstance. They are as follows: removing a parking break, straightening the steering column, and securing valuable personal items. However, it is possible to tow the vehicles without breaking in to release a parking break. Student cars are being broken into in order to be towed, which only gains the university money due to towing fees and ticketing.             On Fridays, many parking lots close down to commuters and residents, to accompany for Stephenville High School football games being held at the stadium and Tarleton Football games on Saturdays. These events are forcing students to struggle tenfold to find a parking space. Due to this, several students chose not to attend class or just go home on Thursday. The university clears out the commuter lots in front of Memorial Stadium for tailgating and alumni RVs. The biggest problem with this, as seen by students, is being kicked out of a parking lot that we pay $100 for a permit to park in. If you’re not out by noon on Friday, you’ll find yourself either with a hefty ticket (if you’re lucky…) or to your car being towed. I sincerely hope that this information, as well as stories I hope to release within the next few days to supplement this article, will help you understand why the students of Tarleton State need your help. Our education is being compromised by the parking issues on campus. The goal of this petition is to encourage Tarleton State University's President, Dr. Dottavio, as well as the Parking and Police department to find a solution to the parking issue. Whether it be building a parking garage within Stepheville's Air rights, or constructing new parking lots, the students need more parking.  Link to parking map:

Moriah Balch
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Petition to Don Walter, R. Scott Freeman

Free the Captured Birds

The wind rushing through your hair, the feeling of flying - that what it feels like to ride on a Bird electric scooter. Since early August, these dockless scooters began appearing throughout the city. Poised as an efficient, cheap, and fun way to move around, Bird and others are providing new ways to travel around Athens. However, due to oppression from the University of Georgia Transportation and Parking Services department, the Birds are not able to roam free anymore. It's horrifying, a countless number of them, both black and white, being picked up off the street to sit in a dark room with nothing but themselves. Birds long for human interaction and UGA is taking that away. I am asking for your support to, not only free the captured Birds, but to create a culture where scooter-share services are no longer viewed as bad and dangerous, and instead a sustainable, cost-effective, safe, way to move around campus and beyond. There's no worse feeling than missing the bus, and therefore, missing important lecture time. Bird is changing the game, allowing students to make it to class on time. With your support, we can show the University of Georgia and Athens-Clarke county that we embrace Birds as a "last-mile" transportation option, not something to replace the current public transit options. Consider signing today to help provide for a better Athens tomorrow.

Nick Loudermilk
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Petition to Frederick Akshar, Jason Garner, Rose Sotak, W.John SChaffer, Donna Lupardo

Build the Bridge and Bridge the Gap: A gateway between Endwell and Vestal

Within the Greater Binghamton area is a Transportation  and Community Gap. That Gap exists between the Communities of Endwell (Town of Union), the Town of Vestal and access to State Route 17 / future Interstate 86. This division is created by the lack of a bridge over the Susquehanna River between Endwell and Vestal and creates unnecessary car and truck congestion on the Vestal Parkway and unnecessary travel distance to Vestal from Endwell and return. We believe the Hamlet of Endwell (Town of Union) and the Town of Vestal should have a bridge that provides auto, bicycle and walking capability between the two communities connecting Hooper Road in Endwell to the Sycamore or Africana Road area  in the Town of Vestal. Additionally, East and West access (on and Off) to I-86 would be provided from Vestal. A current westbound exit would remain for Endwell while a new eastbound exit would be added from I-86. Additionally, a westbound entrance to I-86 from Endwell would be added leaving the current eastbound entrance from the George F Highway.  A multipurpose bridge would allow a 24 x 7 connection and reliable access for everyone to commute between the communities and services offered. Additionally, this would also alleviate congestion within the Vestal Parkway corridor and also allow better for access between the communities and the highway. This proposal would benefit residents of both Vestal and Endwell, as well as the entire Greater Binghamton community and transportation and emergency response system. This solution would: - Reduce traffic congestion through and around the Vestal Parkway, (Old) Vestal road and Route 201 areas. - Provide quicker and more convenient access to Interstate 86 for residents, out of area shoppers and trucking. - Reduce the number of trucks and other vehicles traveling Route 434 / Vestal parkway. - Add a necessary alternate route for emergency vehicles and residents to exit or enter both communities when other roads are flooded or blocked by unexpected circumstances. - Generate new opportunities for residents on both sides of the river. - Generate and Expand new opportunities and investment created by better community access. - Increase patronage for local businesses within both communities. - Increase business patronage through better access for highway travelers. - Promote healthy lifestyles by creating a bicycle and pedestrian lane to bridge the communities together. - Reduce distances residents must travel to get to either community. - Decrease emissions and improve air quality. - Connect communities and better showcase the communities. - Better meet 21st Century transportation and community needs. We, the undersigned residents, respectfully request that each of our elected public officials including,  local supervisors and boards, state and federal representatives make building a bridge connecting Endwell (Town of Union) and the Town of Vestal your highest priority and that you work diligently to get approvals, funding and construction completed within the next three to five years. For copies of the petition to place in your business please contact:Robert PotochniakLic Assoc Real Estate BrokerExit Realty Vestal NYEmail: realestate@BPoto.comCell 607-759-4760

Robert Potochniak
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