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Petition to Carlos Chacon, Mayor Carolyn Goodman

Save the Las Vegas Alternative Fuel Permit program

In the City of Las Vegas - there are 1000s of people who are dependent on the electric charging stations at City Hall Parking and surrounding areas. People commute everyday from all over to work who depend on these chargers to get home. This year, I bought an electric car as a project to start a car sharing program EVLV - that is dedicated to getting Electric Vehicles in the hands of those who cannot afford to buy one - but would benefit from access.  The Alternative Fuel program helps its users so much with costs of owning an electric vehicle with incentives like "Free Parking" at all the meters around the city, Free Charging for users at city hall (24 hr access). This has helped tremendously because I know that even though I made the decision to invest money in Electric upfront - the possibilities of the long term benefits are endless. The city supplements this program by charging the users a small fee of $20 a year to maintain the program in accordance with the easement agreement with NV energy. Recently the city has gone in a different direction - decided to partner with an alternative partner and small business to put independent solar charging stations around the city. While this is progressive and is positive - canceling the already in place Alternative Fuel program is a step backwards.  Please join me and the 1000s of users who depend on this program to commute to work and help impact the environment of Las Vegas and the world to help save this program and show that we NEED this program to survive. I am one voice - but with your signature we can keep moving forward and continue to making a stride to help the city and its users see the benefits of clean energy.  

Chad Wilson
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Petition to Dr.H.Bliss Murphy Cancer Clinic, The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Designate parking spaces close to the hospital for cancer patients receiving treatment.

There is no parking made available for cancer patients at the Dr.H.Bliss Murphy cancer clinic. What can the Cancer clinic do? • Provide a designated parking area for cancer patientswith enough spaces( we are looking for 25 spots). Use a boomgate and/or apermit system to make sure only eligible patients canpark there, and enforce it. Cars can be towed and tickets issued just like the blue zones. • Use a permit system such as windscreen stickers,swipe cards or dashboard passes, with expiry datesor color coding to show patients with currentappointments. Having a designated parking area close to the hospital for cancer patients who are receiving treatment is vital.We are fighting the biggest battle of our lives and having the stress of parking should not be one of them.  I was late for an appointment at the cancer clinic because it took me 45 minutes to find a place to park.The long walk to the entrance of the hospital was exhausting.I see a lot of people who are receiving treatment at the Dr.H.Bliss Murphy cancer clinic and many are seniors.This parking problem has to be addressed because it has been a problem for these patients for years.Designated parking is needed for cancer patients and those spots need to be close to the entrance of the cancer clinic. I started this petition because many cancer patients talked about the problem with the parking and how frustrating it is to find a place to park going to the Dr.H.Bliss Murphy cancer clinic. I hope the hospital can designate an area for cancer patients close to the clinic.It would make this journey more easier on the patients.   Another part of this advocacy we have voiced our concern is Smoking.It should be prohibited from the cancer clinic and the HSC.People are smoking in the entrances and then throwing cigarette butts to the ground.Take a walk in front of the cancer clinic one day and you will see just that...A beautiful garden there but sadly many butts on the ground. Even though there is an announcement stating smoking is not permitted on the grounds people still are doing just that. Hospitals and clinics should be Smoke free zones.      

Susan Glynn
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Petition to Fred Akshar, Jason Garner, Rose Sotak, W.John SChaffer, Donna Lupardo

Build the Bridge and Bridge the Gap: A gateway between Endwell and Vestal

Within the Greater Binghamton area is a Transportation  and Community Gap. That Gap exists between the Communities of Endwell (Town of Union), the Town of Vestal and access to State Route 17 / future Interstate 86. This division is created by the lack of a bridge over the Susquehanna River between Endwell and Vestal and creates unnecessary car and truck congestion on the Vestal Parkway and unnecessary travel distance to Vestal from Endwell and return. We believe the Hamlet of Endwell (Town of Union) and the Town of Vestal should have a bridge that provides auto, bicycle and walking capability between the two communities connecting Hooper Road in Endwell to the Sycamore or Africana Road area  in the Town of Vestal. Additionally, East and West access (on and Off) to I-86 would be provided from Vestal. A current westbound exit would remain for Endwell while a new eastbound exit would be added from I-86. Additionally, a westbound entrance to I-86 from Endwell would be added leaving the current eastbound entrance from the George F Highway.  A multipurpose bridge would allow a 24 x 7 connection and reliable access for everyone to commute between the communities and services offered. Additionally, this would also alleviate congestion within the Vestal Parkway corridor and also allow better for access between the communities and the highway. This proposal would benefit residents of both Vestal and Endwell, as well as the entire Greater Binghamton community and transportation and emergency response system. This solution would: - Reduce traffic congestion through and around the Vestal Parkway, (Old) Vestal road and Route 201 areas. - Provide quicker and more convenient access to Interstate 86 for residents, out of area shoppers and trucking. - Reduce the number of trucks and other vehicles traveling Route 434 / Vestal parkway. - Add a necessary alternate route for emergency vehicles and residents to exit or enter both communities when other roads are flooded or blocked by unexpected circumstances. - Generate new opportunities for residents on both sides of the river. - Generate and Expand new opportunities and investment created by better community access. - Increase patronage for local businesses within both communities. - Increase business patronage through better access for highway travelers. - Promote healthy lifestyles by creating a bicycle and pedestrian lane to bridge the communities together. - Reduce distances residents must travel to get to either community. - Decrease emissions and improve air quality. - Connect communities and better showcase the communities. - Better meet 21st Century transportation and community needs. We, the undersigned residents, respectfully request that each of our elected public officials including,  local supervisors and boards, state and federal representatives make building a bridge connecting Endwell (Town of Union) and the Town of Vestal your highest priority and that you work diligently to get approvals, funding and construction completed within the next three to five years. For copies of the petition to place in your business please contact:Robert PotochniakLic Assoc Real Estate BrokerExit Realty Vestal NYEmail: realestate@BPoto.comCell 607-759-4760

Robert Potochniak
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