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Petition to Lancashire County Council, Chris Anslow, Blackpool Council, Fylde Council, County Councillor Tim Ashton, County Councillor Peter Buckley, County Councillor Fabian Craig-Wilson, Mark Evans, Allan Oldfield, County Councillor Jennifer Mein

Extend the Blackpool Tramway to Lytham.

Extending the Blackpool Tramway to South Fylde, along with the already approved Blackpool North Station link, will provide an integrated, modern transport system on the Fylde Coast. Efficient transport is a critical component of economic development. As local campaigners, Trams to Lytham believe passionately that light rail can and must have a greater role in the overall transport plan for the Fylde Coast, delivering the network the region deserves and so badly needs to become an integral part of the 'Northern Powerhouse'. Linking Blackpool's ever popular tramway (which recently had its highest annual passenger count in 10 years) to the South Fylde Line will solve many of the issues facing the whole of the Fylde Coast. LRT will bring a cheap, reliable and more frequent service that the inadequate route so desperately craves (whether it be line conversion or parallel routing). Better transport links are also needed to provide more job opportunities to the area, with cheap, quick connections to future economic centres like the Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone and the Talbot Gateway development possible through LRT. Satisfaction of the service would be extremely high, as the current tramway is a winner of a TripAdvisor certificate and has around 96% service approval rates, in stark contrast to the current South Fylde service. Travelling to St Anne’s or Lytham from Blackpool is difficult and lengthy, and neither the current outdated hourly train service or the often unreliable buses are satisfactory for either local or regional travel. A tramway service on the South Fylde Line would vastly improve both of these important issues, and we hope that, alongside any heavy rail improvements, serious consideration is given to create a tram/train/bus interchange on the route and that this option can be taken forward by Lancashire County Council and Blackpool Council. Light rail has been a revolution in towns and cities across the whole of Europe in recent decades, with Manchester being the nearest and arguably one of the most successful systems to date. Green, efficient transport has proven to be the economic way forward, and the Fylde borough should not miss out on its huge transport potential. Our public support has grown significantly over the past few years, and we acknowledged that there is a strong local will for such a service, which can be clearly seen on our social media pages. We hope that you agree and sign and share this petition. Thank you. PLEASE NOTE: We are not proposing a tram service along Clifton Drive. Trams to Lytham Facebook: Trams to Lytham Twitter: @tramstolytham Trams to Lytham Email: #lightrailrevolution

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Petition to lancashire county council, JENNIFER MEIN

Reinstate the funding that has been cut to Fleetwood to Knott End Ferry

Lancashire County Council are planning to stop the subsidy for the Fleetwood to Knott End ferry. The ferry is a daily ferry service from The Esplanade of Lancashire's port of Fleetwood direct to Knott End. A place that forms part of a local area known as "Over Wyre". The ferry forms part of Fleetwood's great heritage and has been running for almost 200 years in the town. It forms a lifeline for many locals of Knott End and surrounding areas of Over Wyre who do not have transport to make the long journey across the bridge into Fleetwood which would take approx an hour compared to a few minutes via boat. The local council have spent vast amounts of money on The Esplanade to improve its facade and have even had a statue erected in the honour of the famous painter L.S Lowry at Knott End slipway which is of huge tourist interest.  Local people use the ferry to visit friends and relatives, dog walkers and keen cyclists use the ferry to take trips from Knott End to Fleetwood and vice versa. It is used for shopping trips, people to get to and from work and visitors from the many caravan parks on both sides of the water. In summer we have big tourist events such as Lifeboat Day which raises vital revenue for the local RNLI and Tram Sunday, a yearly event of heritage transport. The ferry forms a huge part of both of these events and runs almost continuously on these days without stopping while visitors flock across from Knott End slipway to enjoy the festivities. The ferry brings in tourist trade directly across the water. It invokes memories of long forgotten era. It is also the livelihood of the dedicated team of ferry staff and skippers who brave all weathers to keep this vital town link operating and who do so with pride. I am a new business directly next to the ferry and I have sent many happy customers through summer on boat trips to and from Knott End who have enjoyed their visit to this historical fishing port. We are trying to bring revenue and more footfall into Fleetwood and the ferry ceasing running would do the very opposite to what myself and other business owners are trying to achieve. To lose another piece of history in Fleetwood is unthinkable and we ask you that you sign this petition in the hope we can overturn the decision to cut the funding to the ferry from Lancashire County Council and to reinstate it so that this little part of heritage can long continue. Sign this petition to save our ferry.      

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