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Get TFL to add 'Look Up. Does someone need your seat?' to their announcements. #LookUp

I am disabled with very limited mobility and a chronic pain condition which makes commuting incredibly difficult at the best of times. I have my 'please give me a seat' badge and card which I wear whenever I travel, but it is not enough. I still find myself having to plead with people for a priority seat (or any seat) on tubes and buses. Part of the problem is people do not look up at the stops. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes because they are engrossed in their phone or paper. This petition is to ask TFL and the Minister for Transport to launch a new campaign. A 'Look Up' campaign. TFL have pre-recorded announcements on every bus and tube in the city with upcoming stop information, with mind the gap announcements. I would like TFL to consider introducing an announcement at every stop with the message 'look up, does someone need your seat?'. It is so hard as a disabled traveller. Sometimes I have the strength and gumption to interrupt people and ask them to move but I've been refused several times and it is embarrassing, making each subsequent time I need to ask more and more difficult. I feel I should not have to beg someone to give up a priority seat. And in fact I've given up my own seat when I've seen people in even more need than me when able bodied travellers have ignored them. Having to ask someone to vacate a priority seat is incredibly hard. Not just because of the embarrassment or fear or rejection but because you cannot be sure if the person sitting in it is able to stand or not. It is vital that the onus is on non-disabled travellers to look up and offer their seat if it is required.  These announcements will be even more important for those with invisible impairments who need to rely on their badge to do the talking for them and those who have visual impairments who may need to be told there is a seat free for them. I think the consciousness has to change. We need to try to have it ingrained in the psyche that priority seats are not just a luxury they are a necessity for some travellers. We need 'Look Up' to become as common place and as instinctive as 'Mind the Gap'. We need a poster campaign as wide spread as 'See it, say it, sort it'. Please sign and support this petition. Please encourage TFL to act to help their customers who are less able to stand. EDIT: Chris Grayling MP, Minister for Transport has responded to my email asking to look at the national situation with a brush off as policy for disabled passengers not being enforceable. I am not looking for enforcement. I am looking for a campaign to have announcements politely requesting that people look up at stops to see if anyone needs their seat. The national roll out of this campaign was going to come after we'd managed to win with TfL.  Having met with TfL I am confident they will continue to work with me to develop this idea and make it workable on their network.  I have less faith in the Department for Transport.  So please. Keep signing this petition and watching this space. I am NOT removing Chris Graylings name from this petition, the department of transport should be embracing ideas for making travel accessible to all.  

Corry Shaw
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Petition to UK Parliament

Stop Aggressive Cyclists + More Rights for Pedestrians in the UK

This petition calls for the UK Government to implement more rights and protection for Pedestrians against Cyclists exhibiting abuse, intimidation and dangerous riding in public places including (and not limited to) cycle lanes, roads, pavements, public parks and shared footways in the UK. Sadly many London Cyclists have zero concern/respect for Pedestrian Safety. Please see below the key issues which must be addressed for the safety of Pedestrians: 1. Cyclists shouting at Pedestrians and bullying Pedestrians out their way on cycle lanes, pavements, shared footways, parks, roads or wherever the Cyclist meets the Pedestrian. 2. Cyclists (ironically the ones with helmet cams) happily jumping Red Lights and steaming through pedestrian crossings almost running people over and then LAUGHING AS THEY RIDE OFF. 3. Cyclists mounting the pavement at full speed and cycling at dangerous speeds in public places such as parks, pavements and shared footways. 4. Cyclists having safety priority over Pedestrians, since many cycle lanes are located on pavements, so the Pedestrians are the closest to the busy road. The UK has given so much to cyclists; yet pedestrians are expected to be bullied on their only route of passage. Ultimately, there are no regulations in the Highway Code or English Law that protect Pedestrians against Cyclists in public places. Why should Pedestrians, dog walkers, elderly or disabled citizens, parents walking their kids to school and vulnerable people be marginalised by Cyclists that cannot control their egos or the manner in which they are cycling? If you feel the same, or have experienced multiple incidents like myself, please sign and share this petition for a safer pedestrian experience in the UK.

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