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Petition to Councillor Roy Perry

Save Dial-a-Ride and Community Transport

To Cllr Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council, We, the undersigned ask you to reconsider the proposal to end funding of community transport as thousands of older and disabled people rely on Dial-A-Ride and community busses to be part of their local community. Using community transport keeps older and disabled people active and less likely to need further Adult Services support. Please keep this service open. One Community is shocked by Hampshire County Council’s Proposal to end funding for Community Transport and Dial-A-Ride across the county, which appears to run counter to their commitment to ending social isolation among vulnerable residents. Our Community Transport and Dial-A-Ride passengers depend on these services to remain active in their local community. Without them they will remain at home, unable to shop independently, visit friends and family or get to lunch clubs, social groups and day centres. Transport is always chief among the issues raised by older people responding to the Council’s own Older People’s Health & Wellbeing surveys, and with the growing number of older people living longer with disabilities and health conditions, the need for these services has never been greater. Community transport services provide a lifeline to vulnerable people, and keeping active and engaged is essential to their well-being. The proposal is set to go to cabinet on 16 October and then full council for a formal decision at the beginning of November. One Community will challenge this proposal, because we care passionately about our passengers.  Please sign our petition to help us save community transport in Eastleigh. Read more about the proposed cuts here. You can also sign in person at:One Community, 16 Romsey Road, Eastleigh SO50 9ALEastleigh Museum, 25 High Street, Eastleigh SO50 5LFEastleigh Shopmobility, Unit 2, Swan Centre, Wells Place, Eastleigh SO50 9SG

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Petition to Stagecoach , Philip Norwell

Improve Our Bus Service!

Earlier in September 2017, Stagecoach changed almost every bus service in the Dover District, eliminating some people's only services. They had a consultation period, and our MP, Charlie Elphicke, along with Dover District Councillors objected to these wide-spread changes to the buses, frequencies, routes and timings. Many members of the public also objected to these changes which were evidently not thought through. This consutation was originally for 13 days, and was only available online, and no notification was posted on buses, stops, or in the media.This consultation was extended by another week after our MP got involved. After this consultation period ended, Stagecoach completely ignored everyone's opinions on the changes and implemented them, causing widespread chaos, including drivers not knowing where they're going as routes have been changed. People are unable to get to work or appointments on certain services as these have been cut, or times have changed. Stagecoach, and Philip Norwell, Area Managing Director for Stagecoach, have given no consideration to the people of Dover who rely on the bus to get around. Stagecoach have also stopped serving certain bus stops the Dover area, particularly in St. Radigund's, which is not fair on those that are elderly or who are disabled or have pushchairs as they now have to walk further to get to and from the bus stops that are in service. We are calling for Stagecoach to listen to the public, the people without whom there would be no bus service, instead of just ignoring us and implementing wide-spread changes which leave many of us in a worse situation. Stagecoach need to bring back the previous services, or if this is not viable, where there has been route changes and extensions, run the previous service alongside the new route to give people the option of which to use, this will also serve more people. If these changes have been brought about due to cost issues, perhaps stagecoach could invest in more economic buses. Another option to lower Stagecoach's expenditure and provide the people of Dover District with a better bus service, hybrid or all-electric buses could be a viable option as these will be cheaper to run. We are urging Stagecoach to reconsider all of these changes they have implemented to the Dover area without any thought or consideration for passengers. We are not happy with these changes, and Stagecoach needs to listen.  

Nathan Hughes
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