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Petition to Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), Glasgow City Council

SPT: Review the Glasgow Subway Paper Tickets: They cannot be recycled!

Find me at: The Subway is a Glasgow institution, the new stations are brighter, cleaner and nicer than the old, and all is well (apart from the Sunday hours). In 2013 SPT brought in the new ticketing system as part of the upgrade. The new smart cards and paper tickets use RFID chips. So far, so good. Except it's not. I'm a Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteer in Govan - it means I go out and pick up litter - and there's a lot of litter about. For a few weeks, I kept finding little pieces of soggy white card. Then I started to find bits of plastic with fine metal wiring inside. Mysterious, I thought. Finally, I found a subway ticket that showed what was going on. They're two pieces of paper, stuck together with a chip. I now pick up around 20 each time I go out. They don't break down, and once you know what those bits of plastic are, you'll see them everywhere. I put in a FOI request to the SPT - you can see the answers they gave.  Here's a taste: The tickets aren't recyclable. The new system requires the RFID chips, and so tickets can never be recyclable. The tickets contain no recycled materials - and cannot be made to include them. We're getting through tonnes and tonnes a year. If it really is the case that the RFID tickets cannot be made recyclable, and cannot be made to contain any recycled elements  - then the SPT need to explain why they introduced such a system in the first place (Paper tickets seem to work well enough on the rather more complicated London Underground/Paris Metro/UK Rail Network). If it isn't the case, then the SPT need to look into changing it urgently. To ram the point home: In 2017 the SPT issued 5,397,726 paper tickets. At 1.7g a ticket, thats over 9 tonnes*. 9 tonnes of waste that cannot be recycled. I've emailed all the elected members of the SPT and it's CEO, all Glasgow City Council Members, the Cabinet Secretaries for Transport and the Environment, and the Holyrood Opposition Spokespeople. What we need, is for people to become aware of this. It's awful, and needn't be. *three and a half times as much as Glasgow City Council's Rolls Royce Ghost weighs.

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PETITION: No further damage should be done to the archaeological landscape of Stonehenge. Future generations would be appalled at those who decided that road widening should be at the expense of England’s most iconic World Heritage Site. If A303 widening at Stonehenge is felt to be essential it should be done by means of a deep bored tunnel at least 4.5km long. Anything shorter would cause irreparable damage to this landscape, in breach of the World Heritage Convention. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? The UK Government proposes to widen the A303 trunk road to the south west. This road crosses the iconic Stonehenge World Heritage Site (WHS), which has been called “the most archaeologically significant land surface in Europe”. The whole site, extending to beyond the horizons around the famous stones themselves, is c. 5.4 km across. All of it makes up a “huge ancient complex” that holds many secrets yet to be discovered. The proposal is to put the road into a tunnel where it passes the stones, but the tunnel would be at most only 2.9 km long. This would result in at least 1.6 km of above-ground 21st-century road engineering within the WHS, consisting of new dual carriageway descending in massive trenches to the tunnel portals and possibly a new underpass with slip roads on the western WHS boundary. All archaeology in the construction zones would be destroyed and the A303 would become the largest ever human intervention in an area fashioned and revered by over a hundred generations of our ancestors. The whole Stonehenge landscape has an outstanding universal value that is of immense significance for all people for all time, and this transcends any consideration of sorting out a 21st century part-time traffic jam. PETITION IN OTHER LANGUAGES Chinese; Dutch; French; German; Italian; Portuguese; Slovenian; Spanish. HARD COPIES OF PETITION You can download hard copies of the petition and collect signatures here.  RUNNING TOTAL OF SIGNATURES This is a world wide petition and is linked to an identical one at 38 degrees for UK addresses only which records the running total for both petitions. See here.

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Petition to Leo Goodwin, Wolfhart Hauser, Matthew Gregory,

Stop TransPennine Express From Running Inaccessible Trains

TransPennine Express (TPE- part of First Group) is going to run services that are totally inaccessible to wheelchair-users. This is an abuse of the Equality Act 2010 and an abrogation of the Rights of Disabled People.  We demand that TransPennine Express and First Group abandon this discriminatory and likely unlawful plan, and make the necessary arrangements to ensure that every train service it runs is accessible to disabled people.  DNS reports 'From July, TPE is to introduce two extra trains, each with four carriages, all of which will be inaccessible to wheelchair-users...12 of these services without wheelchair provision – six in each direction – will run every weekday between Liverpool and Scarborough via Manchester Victoria, Huddersfield, Leeds and York, using old “Mark Three” coaches. There will be “no space on the train for wheelchairs” and that “the trains will run without wheelchair or cycle provision”. If a wheelchair-user wants to board a service that is using the old Mark Three coaches, they will be told to catch the next accessible train instead. If two consecutive trains are inaccessible, TPE will pay for a taxi to their destination. Six of the 17 hourly trains that run all the way from Liverpool on the west coast to Scarborough on the east coast – and the same number on the return journey – will be using Mark Three coaches, and so will be inaccessible to wheelchair-users.' See more at Disability New Service  

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP)
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