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Petition to Kemp Hannon, Richard Gottfried, John Flanagan, Carl Heastie

Enact the "Dream law" Bill S1165/ A5514 for all Transplant Patients 2018

TITLE OF BILL : An act to amend the public health law, in relation to deeming central venous lines as medically necessary Dream Shepherd is an 12-year-old girl who has courageously battled Sickle Cell Disease and who suffered a stroke in 2010 at the age of five. In December 2014, as part of a study, Dream received a stem cell transplant as part of her treatment plan and fight against Sickle Cell Disease. After the transplant she remained in the hospital for several months, while Doctors worked to stabilize her immune system, which was crucial to her discharge and transplant success. Additionally while in the hospital Dream had a Central Venous Line placed into her heart. The Central Venous Line has strict care requirements. In New York State Health Facilities only Registered Nurses are legally allowed to administer I.V. medications with use of a Central Venous Line; which have to be properly managed to ensure that Dream, and other's with a Central Line, do not acquire infections, especially if immuno-compromised. This central line goes directly into the right atrium of the heart, and requires immediate action should there be a disconnection for any reason as a patient with this type of line can exsanguinate should this go unmonitored or unnoticed. In addition to the high risk of infections, other complications of Central Venous Lines include Air Embolism, Pneumothorax, Pinch-off, Syndrome, Drug Precipitates, Thrombosis, Catheter Occlusion, Catheter Malposition, and Sepsis a severe blood infection caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Sepsis is extremely serious and can be life-threatening.  Due to the high potential for dangerous infections, as part of discharge planning, Dream's mother, who is not a medical professional, made a request for a skilled private duty nurse to care for Dream's central venous line. This request was denied by the insurance company as it was "not deemed medically necessary." Due to this rejection by the insurance company, the hospital informed Dream's mother, that she was required to provide the necessary care to Dream's central venous line. Not ensuring that Dream would have the correct and proper skilled nurse to provide the care after discharge which could have caused irreparable harm, including the worst outcome. Attempting to force the mother to provide the care would have required her to lose her job and source of income, along with saddling her with the anxiety of overseeing the medical attention that if not done properly, could lead to the loss of her daughter's life. That is a position no family member or friend should ever be in.

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Petition to Kenneth P. Kates (Executive Officer)

Petition For Gerardo Sanchez's Liver Transplant

My stepfather could die unless he gets a lifesaving liver transplant. We’ve been told his body could crash any day now. We need your help. Please read my mother’s plea to save the life of the man we love dearly. “My husband Gerardo is at a crossroads: either he gets a liver transplant or we will lose him. I can’t express the heartbreak of hearing from a doctor that his life expectancy could be as short as a couple days to a few weeks. Even worse, my husband may not get the help he needs because of his immigration status. Being undocumented shouldn’t be a death sentence when you need critical medical help. We originally planned to move him to a facility in Mexico to get the transplant, but his health deteriorated too fast and he is now unable to travel. The only nearby facility that can help him is the University of Iowa. But because of his undocumented status, he may not be able to get the liver transplant he so desperately needs. But there is still hope. When we spoke to officials at the University of Iowa Hospital they said that if there was enough support from the public they may be able to give Gerardo a liver transplant. They need to know that there is an outcry to treat Gerardo like the human he is, and give him a new lease on life. My husband is not a criminal -- he is a loving and devoted husband and father. With your signature, we can make sure we have many more years together as a family. Eternally Grateful, Laura Patricia Sanchez” I hope you will stand with my mother and me as we fight for my stepfather to get a new liver. Please sign and share our petition asking the University of Iowa Hospital to do the right thing, and allow Gerardo Sanchez to get a liver transplant. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mi esposo está pasando por una situación muy crítica, su estado de salud cada día es delicada, él morirá si no consigue un transplante de hígado urgentemente, los médicos del hospital Lutheran en Des Moines, IA le dan pocos días de vida, pues un ser humano no puede vivir sin hígado, el está en cuidados intensivos en espera de que el Hospital de la Universidad de Iowa se compadezca de su dolor, de su desesperacion, solo ellos tienen las instalaciones adecuadas, los médicos especialistas, los recursos económicos, es una institución sin fines de lucro, es la escuela de los futuros médicos, no pueden ser inmune al dolor humano e indiferentes al sufrimiento de su familia, no pueden dejar morir a un ser humano solo por ser indocumentado, por no tener status legal, por no tener seguro médico, todas mis esperanzas, mis oraciones, mis suplicas estan dirigidas a UI Hospital and Clínic para que ayude a mi esposo Gerardo Sánchez con su transplante de Hígado lo más pronto posible, ya que el tiempo es vital para el y hago un llamado a la comunidad Hispana a apoyarme con firmas para que esta petición llegue lo más rápido a la persona indicada. Eternamente Agradecida Laura Patricia Sanchez " Dios Bendiga a América "

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