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Petition to Mayor London Breed

Appoint TRANS YOUTH ACTIVIST Mia Satya to Board of Education!

In San Francisco’s November 2018 election, not only were three progressive candidates elected to the Board of Education, the election of Board of Education member Matt Haney to the District 6 Supervisor’s seat means that the vacant position will be filled this January by Mayor London Breed. London Breed will be appointing a Commissioner to that open seat on the Board of Education.  This petition urges Mayor Breed to appoint trans youth advocate MIA SATYA to this seat. Mia began her adult life as a homeless trans teenager on the streets of San Francisco, and has worked tirelessly for the rights of youth for the last decade. She has worked to help establish the Free MUNI used by 40,000 low income youth, reinstate the Public Enrichment Education Fund that brings over $100 million annually to after school programs, arts programs, mental health care, pre-k, and more, created landmark LGBTQ sensitivity training for city employees, and worked with the District Attorney’s Office of San Francisco to address bullying with the urgency it deserves. Mia’s platform includes the implementation of Wellness Centers in every SFUSD school, the protection of students who engage in political demonstrations, the protection of UESF and educators’ salaries, and the creation of gender neutral restrooms in all schools. Just as importantly, she brings her direct experience as a youth advocate who has personally experienced the disparities she seeks to address. With an administration hostile to the very personhood of transfolk in America, and a rate of attempted suicide among trans youth that nears 50%, we feel Mia Satya is the person poised to protect and expand the rights of these students in a way that will both protect our students and set precedents that will make a difference nationwide. And with a history of working for students and teachers alike we feel she is the ideal fourth new member to join the new crop of electees in creating a new era to be proud of in education! In an op-ed published in the Advocate, Mia Satya wrote to transgender youth: "While I don’t know you, I do believe in you. You have power, whether you feel it or not. Being trans is an asset that has made me a more compassionate and powerful leader. It’s OK to be scared, but never, ever give up. The world needs to hear your voice." By signing this petition, you show your support in urging Mayor Breed to appoint Mia to the San Francisco Board of Education to bring her expertise, experience, and energy to the Board of Education to make history as its first trans member!   You can read about her here or watch her in action at Mia Satya/Huffington Post See also the Bay Area Reporter’s endorsement for Mia’s appointment here: Mia Satya/Bay Area Reporter   ANYONE CAN  SIGN THIS PETITION! IF YOU BELIEVE IN TRANS RIGHTS AND PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATES, YOU CAN SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY SIGNING.      

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Petition to Tom Brinkman, Paul Zeltwanger

Protect the Gender Identity of LGBTQ+ Youth in Ohio

If you thought that the U.S. is a golden paradise for transgender youth, then you are sadly mistaken, my friend. We're back at it again, fighting to defend the rights of LGBTQ+ youth from unfair and potentially dangerous legislations created in the name of so-called “parental rights.”      Introducing Ohio House Bill 658, brought to you by none other than Tom Brinkman and Paul Zeltwanger. To quote directly from Section 2131.141 of the bill itself (which you can download a PDF copy of here), “The parents, guardian, or custodian, in exercising the fundamental right to care for their child, may withhold consent for gender dysphoria treatment or activities that are designed and intended to form a child's conceptions of sex and gender. The state, its agents, and political subdivisions shall not infringe upon or impede the exercise of this right.”      Which, if you don't speak politician, means seven things for transgender youth living in Ohio and the people that support them: This bill gives parents the right to deny their child treatment for gender dysphoria, which is a serious condition that can lead to mood disorders, anxiety, depression, and/or suicidal thoughts and attempts if left untreated. Treatment of any kind (including surgeries, hormonal treatment, and talk therapy) cannot be administered to transgender youth without the consent of each parent. So even if one parent supports the child in question, all it takes is the other one to refuse the treatments in order to prevent the child from transitioning. Parents have the right to dictate what kind of treatment their child will undergo in regards to their child's gender dysphoria diagnosis, including the option to give the child “treatments” (such as conversion therapy) that can damage the child, psychologically or otherwise. Parents also have the right to prevent their child from even attending or participating in classes or using educational materials regarding the topic of transgenderism. This effectively prevents schools and LGBTQ+ centers from giving help to trans youth, even when it's blatantly obvious that the parents are being of no help whatsoever. If schools notice a student displaying symptoms of gender dysphoria or expressing a gender different from their assigned sex, they are required by law to notify each parent, thus outing the child without the child's consent and against their will, regardless of how the parents may respond to this type of situation. No government agency can intervene or take adverse action in the event that a child's parents deny the child treatment for gender dysphoria. So technically it doesn't matter if the parents in question are the most mercilessly transphobic people on the planet; once they refuse treatment, there's nothing that can be done. Anyone caught providing treatment for gender dysphoria without the consent of each parent will be charged with a fourth-degree felony and will be sentenced six months to one and a half years in prison. If this bill is make into law, it will take away the right to privacy and the body autonomy of trans youth across the entire state. If we sit here and let this bill pass, we are effectively giving parents the right to disrespect the legitimate identity of innocent children and teens and deny them medical treatment that could potentially be life-saving. By staying silent, we are telling Brinkman and Zeltwanger that we are okay with keeping trans youth trapped in non-affirming households where the likelihood of these youth committing suicide rises by 250%. The U.S. government is doing absolutely nothing to stop this from happening, so they're already telling the other 49 states that this kind of behavior is acceptable, and who knows how long it will be until more state legislators follow suit? It's up to us to say otherwise. Would you like to support the cause further? Follow this link to another petition to Ohio Governor John Kasich:

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Petition to Evelyn Rafalowski

Help Oliver Carrier make Sullivan East Highschool more trans-friendly

By supporting this petition, you will give transgender students a feeling of safety and belonging in the school of Sullivan East High.  This includes making changes of a student's name and gender/sex in the school system if the student wishes without going into legalities. This includes teachers and staff using the pronouns the student deems as appropriate. You will also be assuring the trans students of this school that they will feel safe and comfortable walking into the restroom they so choose without fear of persecution from staff.  It is the overwhelming consensus of child health and education experts that treating transgender students according to their gender identity—their deeply held knowledge of their gender—is critical to protecting their health and wellbeing. In the educational context, doing so includes teachers and staff using the name and pronouns the student indicates are appropriate, and giving them the same access to the restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender that any other student has. Not doing so has been proven to have serious setbacks on a transgender adolescent's self-esteem, mental health, and education/learning comprehension.  This petition was made to insure everyone has equal opportunity for safe and prosperous educational experience. This includes the transgender adolescents of Sullivan East High. 

Oliver Carrier
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