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Petition to Saint Louis Park school board, Superintendent Rob Metz

Pass the Gender Inclusion Policy for St. Louis Park Schools

~Please sign this only if you are/were affiliated with St. Louis Park Schools (students, staff, parents) and/or a resident of St. Louis Park~ We the students, staff, and parents of the Saint Louis Park School District believe that the school board should pass the Gender Inclusion Policy before the start of the 2017-2018 school year in order to fulfill our commitment to equity by creating a safer, more supportive community for transgender & gender nonconforming students. ************ Trans students face many institutional obstacles that make it harder for them to succeed academically and socially. Currently, St. Louis Park Schools has no district-wide policy that addresses most of these issues, so the Gender Inclusion Policy is quite necessary. The policy aims to: Respect all students’ gender identity and gender expression by honoring the right of students to be identified and addressed by their preferred name and pronoun. Within academic programing, prohibit the separation of students and/or curricular materials based upon gender unless it serves as a compelling pedagogical tool. Provide all students the opportunity to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities in a manner consistent with their gender identity, including but not limited to intramural and interscholastic athletics. Provide all students with access to facilities that align with students’ gender identity. A copy of the proposed policy can be found at: ************ This petition was created by the St. Louis Park High School Gender Sexuality Alliance in order to show the Superintendent and the School Board that the members of this community care about trans issues and support this policy. St. Paul Public Schools and Minneapolis Public Schools have had very similar policies for over two years, and currently the rules surrounding this issue are up to individual school boards. That being said, we understand that passing a policy like this may still prove controversial, especially in uncertain times like this. But St. Louis Park has a long and proud history of moral leadership on civil rights issues, proving time and time again that we have the chutzpah to do the right thing- protecting transgender students should be no different. Now more than ever, we need to step up, include transgender students in our commitment to equity, and reassure the dozens of transgender kids in our school system that they are safe & loved by this community. Feel free to email with any comments, questions, or suggestions.

Elise Bargman
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Petition to Mr. Scarice

Save Kane

Facebook post from Hina Khan: "A friend of mine is being forcibly removed from our school system on the basis that he no longer resides in Madison, has minor and trivial infractions with the school, and his grades have declined. The problem with this is that my friend has been severely mistreated throughout his life, he has been homeless for the majority of this school year, recently escaped from an abusive household, and is now finally finding some form of stability in foster care. His current foster family resides on the border of Killingworth, which is genuinely only 20 minutes away from Hand. The thing is, my friend has been coping with unbelievably immense stress and mental trauma associated with the abuse he faced and school pressures - which has only been worsening in the last couple months as he's been fighting a losing battle with the Board of Ed. to just finish attending this year here with us. The Board of Education has decided to punish my friend brutally and disproportionally despite the efforts he has put in, the responsibility he has taken, the relationships he has cultivated, and generally everything he has established here, Mr. Scarice has decided to remove him from the MPS district, they outlined these as the reasons:A. His foster family resides in Killingworth B. He has a minor infraction with the school for which he as already served an ISS forC. His grades have declined (understandably!) The school has been threatening to remove him from the district multiple times this year despite the fact that my friend's legal guardians, also his primary source of stress and abuse, still pay taxes for the Town of Madison so legally, my friend is able to be a Daniel Hand student by law. The Board of Education has made an unhealthy decision. They are adding more displacement and instability to our classmate's already chaotic life. My friend will be forced to stop attending Hand and pick up the rest of the school year at HKHS. On top of the extreme emotional struggles he has been facing, my friend will have to struggle with the stress of attending and adapting to a new school in the middle of the school year. Many of the credits he has earned here will be skewed, the classes he is currently taking will be dropped, and the only supports he has in place will be lost. At this point, any remaining stability in my friend's life depends solely on the support from relationships he has made in the MPS district. They're taking him out of our school where he has numerous supports in place, friends he can rely on, and a caring community he can feel safe and open to express himself in. I wanted to bring awareness to this situation to address, as a class and an entire school, my friend's circumstances and take a stand for him. Despite his chaotic situation outside of school, we all know my friend as an unbelievably kind-hearted individual, we have cherished his presence, appreciated his incredible selflessness, and loved him for his heart of gold ever since he moved into our community in 7th grade. Mr. Scarice has set tomorrow to be Kane Bur's last day here with us. I want us as a school community to take a stand for my friend, Kane deserves nothing but the world, and I and many other members of our school community firmly believe that we owe it to him to at least fight for his right to finish this school year here with us." Please stand up for and support our classmate Kane.

Ilana Foggle
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Petition to The Board of Trustees at Salem College, President Sterritt, Dean Calovini

Hold Salem College Accountable! We Need Trans 101s!

To D.E. Lorraine Sterritt, President; Susan Calovini, Dean of the College; and the Board of Trustees                                                        At Salem College: In light of the most recent “repeal” of HB2, there has been an immense need for trans students to feel more safe, valued, and comfortable on our campus and in our community. The need has existed for quite some time; however, HB142 (the "repeal") has exacerbated this need. One of the ways that we can achieve this is by training students, faculty, and staff to be more competent around trans issues through trans 101 trainings. There have been many incidents on campus that involve students and non-students, specifically in regards to gender identity suppression. Non-students include faculty, staff, administration, all alumni, and the tourists that many students interact with on a daily basis. This alone should be enough to signal to administration that trans students here need more support and that there are ways that administration can step up to meet those needs. It has been my effort to educate my peers, as well as people that exist within Salem’s community, on various issues and/or correct language surrounding gender identities across the spectrum. People need a better understanding of issues impacting trans students before a gender policy is considered. Upon consideration of a gender policy, it is extremely important that it is an inclusive one, not an exclusive one. That way, decisions can be more informed in order to serve those most impacted. I would like to recommend that Salem College offer a Trans 101 training that students, faculty, and staff attend to create our campus community a safe place for everyone.  In addition to this, I am also asking that those working to develop and eventually implement a gender policy on Salem College’s campus must attend at least one of these trainings. It is extremely important the consideration of a gender policy is based upon a holistic understanding of trans identity and the social barriers that may come with that identity. The purpose of this letter is to encourage the Board of Trustees to allow a transgender education trainer to educate the Board of Trustees, along with the rest of our campus community, first and implement a policy thereafter.

Alexx Andersen
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