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Petition to Chris Sununu

URGENT! New Hampshire Needs a LGBTQ & Allies Resource Hub (One Stop Shop for Our Needs)

Out of the Box Hub Will you sign a petition in support of a new LGBTQ sanctuary? New Hampshire is very beautiful, but it is also one of the states that lacks a LGBTQ Resource Hub (or Center). Out of the BOX Hub  Whether you’re looking for services and support, searching for LGBT-friendly businesses, are a professional seeking opportunities or training, or looking to take part in fun social activities with the LGBTQ community and its allies, the Hub will exist for ALL of us.  It will be a vast array of resources that complement our core service areas—Recovery, Wellness, Family and Youth—so that you can seek additional support and connection when and where you need it.  In addition to the above, The Hub (or Center) will provide vital programs and services to support our evolving LGBT community such as drug rehabilitation, counseling, HIV/Aids support services, a medical center, library, theater, support groups, event planning, and more.  In order to make our vision a reality, Out of the BOX Hub needs financial, emotional, and physical support.  If you identify as LGBTQ or are an ally, please SIGN THIS PETITION and show other NH residents that you believe the Hub can provide a safe place where people of the LGBTQ community can get together with allies and have their needs met with respect and decency.  Your generosity will help contribute to this cause.  WILL YOU SIGN?  Out of the BOX HubJazmynne Young, Executive Director188 N. Main Street Ste 1 #4Concord, NH 03301Office 347-687-4295Cell 562-826-2900  "BECOME THE CHANGE, YOU WANT TO SEE"      

Out of the BOX Hub
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Petition to Pullman Regional Hospital Board of Directors

Petition Pullman Regional Hospital to Offer Gender Confirmation Surgery

The Board of Directors is accepting public comment regarding the performance of gender confirmation ("reassignment") surgery at Pullman Regional Hospital from June 12 to July 3, 2017.  Learn more here. Signers of this petition convey two important messages: 1. We strongly encourage Pullman Regional Hospital to offer gender confirmation surgery if the doctor, staff, and facility are equipped and available to do so.  To offer such a surgery affirms Pullman Regional Hospital's commitment to serving a diverse and ever changing population of patients in the region as well as supports a doctor simply attempting to advance his training and expand medical offerings to the community; and 2. We strongly disagree with the need for a public call for comments on something as private and confidential as the medical needs of Pullman Regional Hospital's patients.  While internal and external political pressures may have forced the Hospital to consider it prudent to collect public comments, the availability of medical procedures for an individual or group of people should never be open for public discussion.  Instead, the Board should have had the courtesy, thought, courage, and care to evaluate this objectively.  Liaisons to impacted communities and medical and other interdisciplinary experts and studies could have also helped make this decision without fueling tensions in the region. We, the undersigned, hope Pullman Regional Hospital's decision to cancel an open meeting on the topic reflects both a support for offering this surgery as well as a realization that the open call for comments initiative was not in the best interest of patients and the community.

Jeffrey Dodge
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Petition to Evelyn Rafalowski

Help Oliver Carrier make Sullivan East Highschool more trans-friendly

By supporting this petition, you will give transgender students a feeling of safety and belonging in the school of Sullivan East High.  This includes making changes of a student's name and gender/sex in the school system if the student wishes without going into legalities. This includes teachers and staff using the pronouns the student deems as appropriate. You will also be assuring the trans students of this school that they will feel safe and comfortable walking into the restroom they so choose without fear of persecution from staff.  It is the overwhelming consensus of child health and education experts that treating transgender students according to their gender identity—their deeply held knowledge of their gender—is critical to protecting their health and wellbeing. In the educational context, doing so includes teachers and staff using the name and pronouns the student indicates are appropriate, and giving them the same access to the restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender that any other student has. Not doing so has been proven to have serious setbacks on a transgender adolescent's self-esteem, mental health, and education/learning comprehension.  This petition was made to insure everyone has equal opportunity for safe and prosperous educational experience. This includes the transgender adolescents of Sullivan East High. 

Oliver Carrier
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