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Petition to Unicode, Facebook, Google, Apple

Unicode, Google and Facebook: Why is there still no Transgender flag emoji?

What’s more important: the trans community or a lobster? The answer should be obvious, but this is just one of the many emojis that Unicode (which Facebook, Google and Apple are voting members of) has chosen instead of the trans flag for the last update. Even though it’s one of the most requested emojis. Emojis are a way for the world to connect, and trans people shouldn’t be left out of the conversation. Unicode granted the Lobster emoji proposal, which argued that people suffered ‘frustration and confusion’ at having to use a shrimp or crab emoji in instead of a lobster. Imagine if that was your gender. Surely we deserve the same rights you have afforded crustaceans? Especially as a community so often faced with violence and discrimination. Please give our trans mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters and friends the love they deserve. P.S. In a twist of fate: Lobsters can actually be Gynandromorphs (an organism that contains both male and female characteristics). So we’re going to take it as our symbol, until we get the Trans emoji we deserve.    We would also like to give a huge thanks for everyone that helped make this video possible by donating their time and talent:  Animation by YLLW Studio DOP : Jomar O’meally Sound Design: Stuart Allen-HyndMusic  Feels So Right by Blayre MicMassive thanks to Zoe Hart at A&G sync and Dane Bradshaw.Also a big thank you to Jungle studios

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Response to Guardian Letter "Standing up for transsexual rights"

On Friday the 4th of May, the Guardian published a letter from several trans people titled “Standing up for transsexual rights”. The letter is written to suggest that many trans people object to the changes to the Gender Recognition Act currently being reviewed, and includes several signatures. I have written the following response to their letter, but in order to have an impact I need to collect signatures of my own from trans people opposed to their view point. Please sign if you are happy for your name (no other details) to be included with this letter to be sent to the Guardian next week. Note :- I am looking specifically for trans people to sign to illustrate how the letter writers represent a minority in our community, so while I am grateful of support from cis allies, please only sign if you are trans identified. ThanksLetter is as follows :- We, the undersigned, are deeply disappointed by the letter submitted to the Guardian by a small contingent of the trans community and published on the 4th May 2018. Using the largely disused term “transsexual” to describe themselves over the more inclusive and widely accepted “transgender”, they seek to distance themselves from members of our community who cannot or do not wish to have all aspects of stereotypical medical transition, and create an arbitrary division that supports their rights at the expense of other trans people. The letter implies that people identifying as transgender do not undergo meaningful transition, medical or otherwise, dismisses many as “sexual fetishists”, and erases the existence of trans men and non-binary people. Recently, proposed amendments to the Gender Recognition Act that would extend legal rights to medically non-transitioning trans people and non-binary people have been rigorously attacked from across the political spectrum, leading to increased harassment of trans people and a greater sense of precariousness for many already marginalised within our society. In the light of this, we are saddened that a small number of people within the trans community would throw the most vulnerable “under the bus”, setting themselves up as gatekeepers as to whose identities and bodies should be viewed as legitimate, and echoing the same behaviours that have historically kept trans people excluded and dehumanised, in an attempt to make themselves appear more palatable to hostile elements within society, There are many reasons why a trans person may not undergo medical transition. They may be physically unable to take hormones or have surgery for other, unrelated medical reasons, or be unable to access treatment due to discrimination, dangerously long NHS waiting lists, or social and financial constraints. Others make the choice not to undergo some or all of the physical aspects of transition, because of the risks of complications such as sexual dysfunction or the certainty of infertility, because they have been able to come to terms with their gender dysphoria through other means, because they find the medical options offered are not in-line with their personal gender identity, or because it simply isn't the right time in their lives to do so. None of these reasons are any more or less legitimate or meaningful than any other, just as no trans body is more or less legitimate than another. At this time the trans community must stand in solidarity with all its members, irrespective of gender identity or medical history, and must resist external pressure to police one another's identities and bodies. To fail to advocate for the rights of all trans people is to fail the most vulnerable amongst us.    

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Petition to World Professional Association for Transgender Health

WPATH: bring back gatekeeping to stop my transgender contagion before it’s too late

The solution: The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) needs to revise its Standards of Care (Version 7) to return to a modernised gatekeeping model (based on the previous two versions) for healthcare professionals to use to treat gender dysphoria in both adults and children safely.Gender dysphoria is complicated, especially in children, and therefore requires prudent management. The current 'informed consent' model, based on Standards of Care Version 7 (SOC7), is not prudent. If the SOC does not change, it will continue to fuel harmful phenomena such as rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD).Given that there has been an unwillingness in mainstream academia to research ROGD, the SOC must acknowledge the dangerous unknowns of ROGD. Accordingly, the SOC must be revised to return to a modernised gatekeeping model (based on the previous two versions). It's not too late to avert the tragic consequences of SOC7. The problem: as outlined in an essay published in Quillette by Libby DownUnder: "I’m a transsexual woman in my thirties who transitioned in my early twenties, and I wish I could have done so earlier. Even so, I am wary of today’s Brave New World of transgender activism in which important safeguards of transition are under attack and any counter opinion, even if made by a trans woman such as myself, are labelled as an attack on trans rights. At first it was easier for me to not ruffle the trans activists’ feathers, but my conscience got the better of me, and now I am continuing to speak up in order to help those who deserve better in their own journey of transition."The rest of the article can be read at

Libby DownUnder
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