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Petition to Beth Shelton

Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa - Lift the discriminatory ban.

I worked for Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa for a few summers starting in 2011. These are the issues I am having with the organization as an LBGT individual. My discrimination concerns have remained undressed since they initially arose in 2011, so this has been an ongoing issue for me. The following is some basic information regarding the issue:In late 2014, I came out as transgender. I tried discussing whether or not I would be able to keep my job as a camp counselor at Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa with my boss, Julia Mannes, whose response was to block me online and avoid me (trying to ensure I was excluded from a staff reunion), which initially made me concerned about transphobia in the organization. In 2015, I was arrested at Girl Scout Camp Tanglefoot for 3rd degree harassment and trespassing. In the official police report, Julia Mannes, the camp director, claims she had notified me that I was not to be on the property, which is the lie that probably helped ensure my arrest. Had I been properly notified as she claims, I would not been have been arrested as I would have been well aware that I was not to be on the property and the specific reasons why. While I worked there, former staff were often welcomed on the weekends and to final campfires, so I was curious as to why I was on the receiving end of what seemed like hostility. Transphobia was a major concern yet again. The reason I was there was to get more information regarding a distressing phone call I received. In this phone call, someone claiming to be a police officer started a rumor that someone who worked at this camp was getting a restraining order. No restraining order petition or specific information was communicated to me other than the threat of arrest if I were to go to the property. When I typed the number the call originated from into Google, it did not show up as an authorized law enforcement agency number or Sherriff's office, which caused me to question its validity. Was it a prank call? Was someone impersonating a peace officer? It caused so much distress, I was unable to attend work for a number of days, so I decided I had to take action. I probably should've notified an attorney, but I had little financial resources to take that route. I was a former staff member looking for some answers, unaware that my phone number was provided to the police by someone working at this camp. If the concern was harassment, there was already a policy outlined in employment contracts regarding that issue, but it was not followed as there were no steps taken to remedy the issue before police involvement. One step that I believe that can be taken to address this issue is for Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa to adapt a working policy regarding former staff to ensure fairness and clarity. Upholding and utilizing anti-harassment and discrimination policies would also be a plus.I was arrested and immediately placed in solitary confinement with no working knowledge as to any specifics regarding the allegations. A restraining order was issued that instructed me to commit no further acts of abuse or threats of abuse when I had done neither. I was forced through the criminal justice system and repeatedly deadnamed throughout my interactions. For an organization that values respecting others, why was I repeatedly deadnamed to police? I ended up pleading out with very limited amounts of information. To this day, I don't know what specific actions I took that were construed as harassment. The discrimination also continued into 2017 when me and my family requested to go to a public event hosted by the camp. My mother had called ahead to let the camp director know of our intent to attend their annual open house that was advertised as family friendly. This was when I was notified by my mother that I had been banned. The police were called yet again, and a report was filed. This was the first time I had heard the word "banned" in reference to myself and the property, and it was merely indirectly communicated to me. This implies that transgender people are somehow not family friendly, which is a common theme in transphobic ideology. In 2017, there was also a former staff reunion that I was not permitted to attend. I have tried at least a couple of times to get basic information from this organization about this "ban." My requests have gotten me no information regarding the length, specific reasoning, or clarity about the official notice of the implementation of this ban. I would ultimately like the organization to provide the basic information I have requested (how long the ban is in effect, specifically why there is a ban, how I was allegedly notified by the camp director, etc.), implement a fair and clear former staff policy, and potentially lift the ban. I would also ask that the organization be more mindful of involving the police in situations that could be dealt with in ways that align more with their values. 

Rory Schmidt
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Petition to The Lego Group, Lego, Niels. B Christiansen, lego harry potter

Dear LEGO: Stand up to JK Rowling's transphobia!

"When a powerful children’s author like J. K. Rowling spouts the same sort of hateful rhetoric that already kills so many, she is directly influencing the lives of children and young readers who might have once looked up to her and found safety in her work. Her words have not only been emotionally harmful. They are dangerous and potentially life-threatening, and could impact a young transgender or nonbinary person’s mental health." - Kacen Callender These are the stakes. They are not trivial. As a company that is financially connected to J.K. Rowling through the LEGO Harry Potter line, the LEGO Group has a moral and ethical responsibility to do more than sit silently. We call on The LEGO Group to do the following before July 31st, 2020: Publish a statement condemning Jo Rowling for her transphobic writings and unequivocally stating The LEGO Group's support of people of all genders, particularly of transgender and non-binary LEGO fans who are harmed by Rowling’s transphobia AND Commit a percentage of each LEGO Harry Potter product sold to a trans charity (Mermaids, Trans Lifeline, The Okra Project, Marsha P. Johnson Institute)  Until these demands are met, we vow to boycott all LEGO Harry Potter products.  The LEGO Group must use its platform to stand up for trans rights, in words and in actions. To get involved with this campaign, please DM @legoactivism on Instagram.

Eli Dinh
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