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Petition to The RT Hon Penny Mordaunt MP

Don't Let A Vulnerable Trans Woman Be Sent To A Men's Prison

OUR AIM Action for Trans Health London are calling on the public and the Minister for Women and Equalities to help ensure an at-risk trans woman facing several years in a male prison is recognised as a woman and given the care and support she needs. Because no woman should be sent to men's prison, and being trans doesn't change that. OUR SUPPORTEE: Due the targeting of trans women facing prison time by TERF hate groups, we will not be disclosing any details that will give away this woman's identity. We can disclose that she has been living as a woman for several years and has medically recognised intersex characteristics. She has also been undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Our supportee also has medically recognised mental health illnesses and has been receiving long-term acute inpatient treatment. She currently resides in assisted living for mental health patients, however like many other trans people has had a limited support network, limited financial access and daily experiences of transphobia and mental health prejudices. She had been supporting herself with sex work, however has expressed this was due to employment barriers. This is an extremely at-risk, vulnerable woman. Allowing her to be sent into an environment that has been acknowledged as extremely dangerous specifically for her is wrong. PRISON FOR TRANS WOMEN: Despite recent validations of trans identities from the medical community, the British Judicial system is still behind in recognising the legitimate needs of trans people. Amnesty International have identified that individuals with LGBT or perceived LGBT identities in prison populations are at high risk of violence, sexual assault and torture at the hands of other inmates and prison officials. It has been recorded that transgender women in male prisons are 13 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than in the general population, with 59 percent reporting sexual assaults. Currently, the law requires a Gender Recognition Certificate to be held by a transgender person in order for their gender to be recognised when their prison accommodation is being determined. However, the process is slow and can be expensive. With funding, we can acquire this for our supportee and also provide support and pay fees to ensure this process does the minimum harm to her. We are raising funds for our supportee here: No-one should be forced into this situation and you can help prevent it. Please sign and share generously. If you would like to help beyond making a donation or are interested in supporting Action for Trans Health, you can contact us via the links below.

Action For Trans Health London
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Petition to OPUS : Organisation for Promoting Understanding of Society

OPUS, cease support & promotion of Transphobic speech in academia

We ask that OPUS cease support and promotion for the event “Attacks on Thinking in the Age of LGBTQWIIAP+” on the 23rd September 2017. We believe that the dishonest and exclusionary approach put forward in the event is, rather than being an expression of free speech, stifling the very possibility of a productive conversation about the issues the event is purporting to raise. Furthermore, this approach signals a dangerous refusal either to engage honestly with current knowledge regarding transgender issues, or to seek to move beyond a political frame informed by cisgender privilege. The promotional material for this event argues that increasing mainstream acceptance of notions of “gender fluidity, intersexuality [and] transsexuality” constitutes a threat to the impartiality of researchers and academics. The example provided is Rebecca Tuvel’s article “In Defence of Transracialism,” for which the journal Hypatia subsequently issued an apology. We believe that this example constitutes a misrepresentation both of the content of the article itself and the controversy created by it. Firstly, to claim that Tuvel suggests “similarities between transracialism and trans-sexuality” implies an investigation of these concepts which is absent from her article, the object of which is (as the title suggests) a political defence of transracialism. Secondly, even a cursory examination of the criticisms directed towards the article, such as the open letter to Hypatia, the public apology by Cressida Heyes or the many commentaries by scholars working in the field of critical race theory and transgender studies will reveal far more substance to these criticisms than a challenge to the “legitimacy” of questions she may or may not have raised. Rather, they refer to serious and potentially damaging theoretical and ethical failures. In particular, it was argued that the dehistoricization of the categories of gender and race and the reduction of these categories to interchangeable axes of oppression is harmful because it seeks to conceal and thus legitimate the particular history of conceptual and literal violence which accompanies these categories and which is not, as the article alleges, confined to the past but continues to this day in the form of racist and transphobic discrimination. Again, we can only assume that the decision to characterize these arguments as “attacks on thought” is, in and of itself, an attempt to delegitimize forms of political critique which are, in fact, highly relevant to the issues this event proposes to cover. Again, we wish to stress that this is not an attempt to shut down much needed examination and critique, both in the field of psychotherapy and in academia more broadly, of therapeutic approaches to treating transgender people. However, we believe that this process must be attentive to and engaged with the consequences which transgender people may face as a result, and should where possible seek to include transgender perspectives and to invite dialogue. We do not believe that framing critique of the political implications of knowledge as “attacks on thought”, or denying the legitimacy of transgender perspectives by presenting those who hold them as bullying activists or passive victims who are “shepherded into hormonal and surgical treatment” meets this standard. Similarly, we question the necessity or relevance of a conversation about transgender identities which resists critique, refuses engagement beyond disciplinary lines and which treats transgender people themselves as problems, rather than as the potential beneficiaries of such a conversation. Above all, we find it deeply alarming that OPUS is facilitating a public event featuring a speaker with a history of outspoken transphobic and unsupported social media statements, such as comparing sex reassignment surgery to genital mutilation or voluntary amputation and equating gender with the possession of chromosomes. That this event utilizes misleading information to present a narrative in which the diversity of gender expression is presented as a threat to researchers and academics is particularly disturbing. The past century has provided many examples of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology being wielded against LGBTQ+ persons. Whether it was Jung’s claims of ‘curing homosexuality’, or more recently, Nicolosi, who in his CV “would revive this now-abandoned body of case studies and psychoanalytic literature written by the founding fathers and mothers of his profession” to found NARTH, one of the largest 'gay conversion therapy' movements in the USA, the delegitimation and removal of agency from LGBTQ+ persons is dangerous. Particularly when medical accessibility is already difficult for transgender individuals. We suggest, conversely, that the practice of psychotherapy entails a degree of influence and the ability to play a role in shaping the future treatment of transgender individuals, who are at widespread and demonstrable risk of attacks to the legitimacy of their gendered identities, attacks on their inclusion within the rights and privileges accorded to human beings and ultimately attacks on their physical person. To this end, we hope you will agree that this event does not meet your stated organizational aims of promoting understanding of social processes, or of encouraging responsible citizenship. Thomas Sparrow, Doctoral Candidate in Gender Studies.Shehzad Raj, Doctoral Candidate in Psychoanalysis.

Shehzad Raj
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Petition to Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP

Acknowledge transgender people on the birth certificate

There are a number of transgender men who want and choose to carry a baby. However, one issue that makes this difficult is that the process of giving birth is a determining factor in the transgender man being registered on the birth certificate as the ‘mother’ of the child. This is the present situation as written in British law; Section 12 of the Gender Recognition Act states, “The fact that a person's gender has become the acquired gender under this Act does not affect the status of the person as the mother or father of a child”. The law is unclear, but suggests that whilst protecting the status of parents who legally transition after the birth of a child, it also restricts parents who legally transition before the birth of a child. We believe that this is unacceptable, as transgender and non-binary parents who identify as male are having their rights to recognised fatherhood discriminated against. At present, a transgender father will be registered as the child’s mother. This will inevitably result in the transgender parent being ‘outed’ throughout the life of the child. In turn, this can cause embarrassment, discomfort, and potential cause for discrimination and- in the worst case- violence against them. As the Office of National Statistics identified of the 2014-2015 period, recorded hate crimes against transgender people were up 9% on the previous year. However, the Crime Survey of England and Wales estimates that there are 222,000 hate crimes of all types committed on average every year a difference of 169,472 crimes unreported to police. We fundamentally believe that transgender people should be registered as their self-identified gender identity on their own child’s birth certificate. Further, that the Gender Recognition Act is outdated on this matter. Please fight for transgender parents to have equal rights. Thank you for your consideration.

Ben shayne charlie evans
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