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Electrification of the West of England Main Line

The 158 and 159 class (aka The Express Sprinter) are trains that run from Waterloo to Exeter (And plenty of other services from Salisbury Station). They are diesel trains and are run about every hour.  However these trains are a health risk, and i will tell you just why. If we have a look here:, We can see that travelling on a diesel train versus an electric train has a black carbon difference of 6.1mg per cubic meter.  Black carbon is produced by diesel, So it seems the train has an effect, and at over 3 times more black carbon, It has a significant effect.  Now the easy solution is to avoid running these trains into London, and terminating them at Basingstoke Station since the Electrification of the line starts from there. The better way would be to electrify the line from Basingstoke to Exeter, But since the cost of that is quite high, Even just extending the electrification to Salisbury would be good. What i would like personally is: 25Kv AC Overhead from Basingstoke to Exeter High-Speed trains (Allowing me to not spend 90 Mins on a train to get into waterloo If the electrification cannot be extended then i would like Multi power trains, Ones that can run on the third rail when available and then run diesel when not. If none of this makes sense to you then i wouldn't worry, as i will now explain the benefits of this change. Much faster trains into and out of London Cleaner air onboard the trains Possibly cheaper fares (Since electric trains are cheaper to run) Less noise Inside and outside of the trains Cleaner for the environment and communities living near the line Cleaner air inside Waterloo train station (Since the Diesel train runs inside the fairly enclosed station - Proven here that it is a problem: ) Anyway, Thanks for reading and i hope you can understand my concerns              

Andrew Strydom
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