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Petition to Hon. Mayor John Ditslear, Hon. Mayor Scott Fadness, Hon Mark Heirbrandt, Hon. Christine Altman, Hon. Steven Dillinger

Save the Nickel Plate Road (railroad from Noblesville, IN to Indianapolis, IN)

The cities of Noblesville, IN and Fishers, IN are planning to "rip out the rails" of the historic Nickel Plate Road rail line from Noblesville through Fishers, IN and replace them with a walking and biking trail. YOUR SIGNATURE AND SUPPORT COULD HELP TO SAVE A PIECE OF RAILROAD HISTORY; WHICH IS NOT ONLY RARE TO INDIANA, BUT RARE IN THE UNITED STATES! Since the 1990's, the Indiana Transportation Museum (ITM) has been operating a variety of excursions and events along 34 miles of the Nickel Plate Road. Until recently, this included the highly-popular State Fair Train; which transports passengers from Fishers, IN to the Indiana State Fairgrounds in the heart of Indianapolis. ITM has operated historic rail equipment along this line for over 30 years; but some organizational challenges brought operations to a halt in the hopes to evaluate and improve safety. During the lull of rail activity, politicians and city leaders from Noblesville and Fishers created a plan which proposed a "rails to trails" conversion which would remove the entire rail line from Noblesville to Fishers. This removal would eliminate ANY possibility of ever running a State Fair Train, Polar Bear Express, or other excursion trains along this line again. The plan would cost taxpayers upwards of $9.3 million! (Compared to the total cost to make ALL of the safety upgrades to the ENTIRE rail line which are only estimated at $5 million...and this doesn't require tax payer dollars) Also keep in mind, the proposed trail would generate NO REVENUE OR OUTSIDE TOURIST ACTIVITY INTEREST.  The Nickel Plate Road boasts a variety of highly-unique and RARE qualities, which combined, make it a one-of-a-kind experience. Some of the rare qualities include: Active passenger tourist rail service into the heart of a State capitol Rail service traveling through 3 dense urban centers (Noblesville, Fishers, and Indianapolis) which generates outside $$$ for those and other surrounding communities. *VERY RARE Street Running segment of track where the train tracks run directly through the middle of the street. Attracts 40,000+ visitors and tourists to the area each year *The railroad already shares the road with cars. Why can't we SHARE the right-of-way with pedestrians and bikes instead of GIVE UP the land ; causing us ALL to LOSE AN INVALUABLE PIECE OF HISTORY! WE ARE ASKING TO SAVE THE RAILS, DON'T RIP THEM UP!#SavetheNickelPlate Please help support this cause by: Signing this petition to #SavetheNickelPlate Taking 5 minutes to contact the city officials below and ask them to #SavetheNickelPlate rails between Noblesville and Indianapolis. (You can use the sample text below to email each of the officials OR share your own reasons for saving the Nickel Plate Road.) " Hello! My name is {ENTER YOUR NAME} and I am a concerned community member writing to you today to ask that you please strongly reconsider any plans to remove a significant segment of the historic Nickel Plate Road rails, between Noblesville, IN and Indianapolis, IN. The opportunity to build a pedestrian and bike pathway BESIDE the railroad is an preferable alternative that would allow our communities to preserve an irreplaceable piece of our history while also strengthening the connections between them with a walk/bike way. Again, I urge you to reconsider any removal of the rails so that we can continue to benefit from the historical significance and tourist activity that an active railroad provides to our linked communities.  Sincerely,  {ENTER YOUR NAME/SIGNATURE} " Contact: Hamilton County Commissioners: Honorable Steven Honorable Christine Honorable Mark City Mayors: Mayor of Fishers, INHonorable Scott Mayor of Noblesville, INHonorable John

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Petition to Amtrak, Richard H. Anderson

Save the Coast Starlight Pacific Parlour Cars

Amtrak continues to cut passenger amenities on the Coast Starlight, leading RailPAC to believe that the new Amtrak management does not believe in the long distance western trains.  While Amtrak management has demonstrated that they plan to cut service and amenities in order to "save money", RailPAC continues to support the long distance trains and believes they can be successful. I also believe in long distance trains, and feel that the Pacific Parlour Cars are a key part of this premium train.  While "tough decisions” are sometimes necessary, removing these cars from service will ultimately affect ticket revenue and yield implications. For years, loyal riders have gladly paid a premium fare for sleeping car accommodations on the Coast Starlight. Higher sleeping car supplements are embedded in current sleeping car fares (which are generally higher than for other routes, often by a significant margin).  In addition, revenue is generated from the car's bar service and the potential for souvenir sales.  The additional dining option in the Pacific Parlour car frees up tables in the Dining Car, adding 50% capacity to each seating. I have no doubt that removing the Pacific Parlour Cars will result in loss of ridership and revenue for the Coast Starlight.  Any accounting of the cost of operating the Pacific Parlour Cars should be balanced against the total sleeping car revenue.   While it is understood that these cars are older than most of the fleet, we ask that the Pacific Parlour Cars remain in service during the 2018 summer season while Amtrak explores alternatives to maintaining premium service and the ticket revenues associated with it. Furthermore, I support RailPAC's campaign for new locomotives and rolling stock for the Coast Starlight, California Zephyr, Southwest Chief, Empire Builder and Sunset Limited.  Expanded service on these routes means jobs are created to staff and support these trains.

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