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Petition to Kara Hahn, Al Krupski, Philip Berdolt

Pine Barrens Trail Center: Key Access For Improved Public Access

For two years, Quality Parks requested access to the Pine Barrens Trail Center by filing permits two weeks prior to our events. For 2018, there's three of us requesting key access instead. It's a more efficient stop gap measure until such time as there are more resources to keep the building regularly open by SC Park Staff or by contract. Why this key request? Let me give you an example. Quality Parks is working on an invasive species removal project in a nearby Suffolk County Park. While we're out in the field, the building gets closed. Before and after the event, we pick up tools, use the bathroom, plan next events, and have lunch. Why spend money on SC staff to babysit the building while we are out in the field? We can also work with the community to show them the trail center as opportunities arise. The formal permit application fails us, as each of us face similar issues.  Event planning has risks (no shows), takes time, and priorities shift depending on volunteer availability and weather conditions, not easy to predict two weeks in advance. Please provide three dedicated folks, well known in the community, to have key access to the Pine Barrens Trail Center, as a stop gap measure, for improved public access for the 2018 season. The PB Trail Center is open. Now we need key access to do a better job, as folks dedicated to public lands stewardship. Thanking you in advance for your support. Read More: Pine Barrens Trail Center Advocacy Timeline

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Petition to Peter Murphy, Walter Clarke, Tim Sargeant, Ellen Hurley, John Ulfelder, John Carter, Julie Strandlie, Fairfax County Planning Commission, James Migliaccio

Say No to Trail Removal

Fairfax County has proposed to remove two planned multi-use trails at the edges of Huntley Meadows Park in Northern Virginia. The trails are proposed to follow the paths of two utility lines, a Dominion Power right-of-way and a Washington Gas right-of-way. These trails have been part of a Countywide master trails plan for decades and, as recently as 2014, were approved as part of the Bicycle Master Plan by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.The trails are at risk for permanent removal after a park “friends” group lobbied the County to use a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to the Embark Richmond Highway Plan. Comprehensive Plan amendments are an inappropriate way to address changes to trail plans.Read an in-depth review of the issue here from Virginia State Senator Scott Surovell.Trails are planned as part of a comprehensive, multi-year, public process with inputs from all stakeholders. The process carefully considers the needs and challenges of many people and groups. Connecting communities to our parks is a top priority of the County Trails and Bicycle Plans. Removing these trails without a comprehensive plan for alternatives and without engaging the local communities is wrong. FABB needs you to help make it right.What can you do:Sign this Petition - Say No to Trail RemovalWrite your District Planning Commissioner and SupervisorSign up to Speak at the Planning Commission Public Hearing here: hearing number 2018-IV-BK1 or 2018-IV-TR1Hearing Date: January 16, 2019 at 7:30 PMSign up to speak at the Board of Supervisors Meeting here: hearing number 2018-IV-BK1 or 2018-IV-TR1Hearing Date: January 22, 2019 at 4:00 PM  

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