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Petition to Mayor Ed Dubray, Town of Beausejour, Brian Pallister

Traffic Lights in Beausejour Manitoba Canada

In this small town of only a few thousand people, we have no traffic lights.Yet, we have a very busy Main Street (Park Avenue) where many people a day travel upon this road. We have atleast 3 major intersections that in my opinion should have traffic lights. The first would be down First Street and Park Avenue. During many days, I find my self waiting for 5-10 minutes before I can proceed, thus making it hard for people on first street to turn left, go straight, or even make a right turn. The second place to have lights would be on 5th Street. This is where our high school is, and this would make life easier for our school bus drivers. It can feel like it will take days before they can finally turn due to all the traffic. Oakbank Manitoba has traffic lights near there school intersection and it's very successful for them. The third place to have lights in our community would be the intersection of where highway 215 and highway 302 ends, which most people know as the Tim Hortons Intersection. This is the most dangerous intersection in this town and in fact maybe in this province. If we put lights here I believe it will make our community a much safer place especially for all of the tourist traffic in the summer.I call out the Town of Beausejour, and the Province of Manitoba to figure out a way to bring traffic lights into our town. I hope this petition and signatures will see that us as a community needs this to grow and to be safe. It would help keep ours kids, moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas and etc more safe in our town, and away from danger instead of into it. I don't believe this is a silly or a stupid request, I just believe in the safety of our people as best as we can get them. 

Cole Dimitroff
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Petition to Tony Caterina, Chris Nielsen

Edmonton - 82 St and 128a Ave - Deadly crosswalk needs to be rectified

To Whom it May Concern, On the evening of August 30 between the hours of 9:00PM and 9:30PM, in an unfortunate series of events, a driver clipped a pedestrian crossing the street at the corner of 82St and 128a Ave in NW Edmonton. Fortunately for everyone involved, to my knowledge, no serious injuries were inflicted but the young lady who got struck had to leave on a stretcher on her way to the hospital with at the very least a concussion but also with her life. Needless to say things could have been a lot worse. During the events preceding the initial incident I had a chance to talk with a firefighter and a police officer, who had responded to the scene and was informed that this intersection has been a problem for quite some time and that they respond to multiple incidents here on a regular basis. I whole heartedly believe that something needs to be changed. The crosswalk is faded and nearly invisible at night with the glare of oncoming traffic, there are street lights on the street but the nearest one the this particular crosswalk is at least 30 feet away leaving the crosswalk itself dark and therefore dangerous. The only hope of even knowing there is a crosswalk there is the small white crosswalk sign on the side of the road that basically blends in with all the other street signs and the extremely faded white striped on the pavement. There are two crosswalks here, directly in front of the Tim Hortons parking lot, and this area sees a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. Almost exactly one year ago in September 2016 a 19 year old was hit and killed at the exact same crosswalk and yet nothing has been done about the area. We could have had a recurrence last night and god willing everyone was able to leave from the scene, but how many of these incidents need to occur before something is done. Someone has already died and I fear that this wasn't the last time something tragic will happen at this intersection. I cannot even imagine what the family of the young lady who was struck last night are feeling, the mixed emotions of anger and yet somehow relief that things didn't turn out worse. Now I am trying to console the kindest woman I have every known into believing that she cannot beat herself up for the events that took place last night, and convincing her that something good will come from all of this, that something will change, that we as a community will learn from our mistakes and make something happen. I am asking my government officials to do what they were elected to do and keep us all safe. We are asking and demanding that something be done to improve the safety of the people in this area, that crosswalk lights be put up and we do everything in our power to prevent something else like this from happening again, let us learn from our misfortunes and prevent any further heartache. I would like to say 'before someone loses there life' but it is a little late for that and it breaks my heart that nothing has been done sooner.  Sincerely, A Concerned Citizen,

Jennifer Cleary
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