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Petition to Chief Inspector of Mines, Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure

Oppose Gravel Quarry Proposal on Hot Springs Rd.

Harrison Hot Springs is a peaceful, tourist destination where residents, tourists & retirees can escape the noise and hectic lifestyle of the city, while Agassiz is a picturesque farming community located on the shore of the mighty Fraser River. This petition was an outreach to members of the impacted communities and concerned members of the public to express their position on the aggregate mine application to be located at 3628 Hot Springs Road to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, alongside the local and regional governments who are also opposed to this project. The additional truck traffic from this project, estimated at up to 12,000 gravel trucks per year for the next 13 years, will cross and travel along busy Provincial Highway #9 (Hot Springs Road). This route is the only access into Harrison Hot Springs, which if blocked, could prevent emergency vehicle access. Trucks will continue though the centre of the town of Agassiz, past a school and residential areas already afflicted by the existing 4,000 logging trucks that pass through annually. A shoulder enhancement project between the communities will add a cycling path along both sides of the highway, and cyclists newly traveling the road will be put at risk.   Nearby aggregate mines are adequate to supply material for construction purposes, making this quarry unnecessary. Noise and dust from crushing and blasting operations will disturb the peace of the community, and expose nearby residents to the negative health effects of silica dust. Environmental impacts on the affected stream and watershed, which carry endangered species, cannot be mitigated. We ask you to support us in our opposition to the proposed quarry by adding your name to this petition. 

Friends of Agassiz & Harrison Hot Springs
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Petition to RMOW

Traffic calming of Crazy Canuck Drive

Crazy Canuck Drive is a single artery road for over 150 houses (with development lots for many more), garbage receptacles, mailboxes, and construction works, and more recently commercial property such as Green lake station.   The traffic flow in and out of Rainbow via Crazy Canuck Drive has steadily increased as the subdivision continues to climb the hill, the population grows, and so has the risk to residents and pedestrians. Residents of Crazy Canuck drive (and roads that branch from it) of all ages are obliged to walk along a gravel path to get to the school bus, access commercial property, mailboxes, walk pets; which in the winter is of course covered by snow. Every day I walk Crazy Canuck drive for many of these reasons and shocked by commercial vehicles, construction vehicles, and even residents that drive by with a smile at almost double the posted speed limit - 40km/h. I constantly feel at risk and worry that with a faded pedestrian crossing (near the mailbox), a single speed limit sign (for what it's worth) and no methods to prevent drivers using the bend as their race course will cause an incident.I am asking for support to require RMOW to propose preventative traffic calming measures, and would appreciate your support in keeping the neighbourhood safe and quiet.  For those interested and have an hour to spare will be sent to RMOW for consideration, and outcome posted to Facebook rainbow groupWhile the policy states that a form needs to be physically completed, this petition is to drum up initial support and visibility Edit: There is no speed sign between the highway and the midway point where Ski jump rise branches off. This petition will include a proposal to introduce signs with a lower speed closer to the highway entrance. Thank you

Scott Barrow
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Petition to , ,

Petition regarding 74 Royal York Rd. Daycare Proposed Daycare facility

Hello fellow residents of the Royal York and Lake Crescent area, After the Committee of Adjustment rejected their proposed daycare at 74 Royal  York Rd ( and Lake  Cres.),  the owners have filed an appeal wth TLAB (Toronto Local Appeal Body).   We are again asking you to sign a petition as a means of voicing your opposition to the proposed Daycare facility.   The Daycare plans to have 9 staff and up to 54 children.  The congestion created by all the traffic would be enormous. Lake Crescent on both sides of Royal York, will be crammed with vehicles.  With not enough parking and drop off spots, Drop offs will have to be done either on Royal York, which will block traffic and the Bike lane, or Lake Crescent which would create a very busy and dangerous log jam.   If this application goes through, it will create a traffic nightmare and safety for our community.  There will be constant traffic, congestion and noise.  MOST IMPORTANTLY… It would be very dangerous to the safety of local residents and their children, and also the children at the Daycare. The appeal is scheduled for Tuesday June 12, 2018, 9:00.  40 Orchard View Boulevard 2nd Floor, Suite 211 Toronto, Ontario M4R 1B9 TLAB Hearing Room 2 TLAB case Number18 111586 S45 06 TLAB  Please Email your support to… Tyra Dorsey Support Assistant B, Court Services, Toronto Local Appeal Body 416-392-4697 You want to also contact Councillor Mark Grimes Phone: 416-397-9273   Email: Asst.  

Royal York / Mimico Safety Community
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Petition to Marc Garneau, Michael Keenan, Helena Borges, Ministry of Transport Canada - Media Relations

Stricter Laws, More Enforced Existing Laws Regarding E-Bikes

E-bike riders are becoming an epidemic problem to themselves, legal motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians alike. Here's 10 critical reasons why:  1. They travel amongst traffic with motor vehicles a 100 times their weight and size capable of up to 5 times their speed.  2. They are not required to have a drivers licence therefore they do not by law have to know traffic laws. Due to this, many improper and dangerous decisions are being made by them daily putting themselves and drivers at risk of injury accident & even death .  3. MANY of them are dealing with pending DWI cases & were deemed by a court of law to not be allowed to drive in traffic with motor vehicles. They should NOT be allowed to ride e-bikes with none of the responsibilities of a driver but all the advantages of using roadways. They are paying with revoked privileges of using the roads as penalties for serious offences.  4. They take small children as passengers, often in small trailers behind them. This is alarming at best .. see point #1.  5. I have personally witnessed and heard many friends, acquaintances and family witnessing them driving while intoxicated, on their cell phones, wearing improper helmets like bicycle helmets and carrying large loads or trailers most people wouldn't carry in or on a car, let alone a 75lb bike. etc.  6. They have the same rights as & are classed as a pedestrian or cyclist, (pedestrians always have the right-away) which means drivers are ALWAYS at fault no matter what happens, but they travel in traffic WITH cars.....this is wrong in so many informal & unwritten ways and is the part of this issue that needs swift & diligent attention & action. Drivers have NO leg to stand on legally when e-bike riders make mistakes a licensed driver could make.  7. There's more road rage on the streets between e-bike riders and automobile drivers (drivers being the ones of whom the roads were made for and who the law is currently set for & affects) because I believe, drivers are sick of the shady gray line and lack of laws for these e-bikes that nobody can read and follow up on.  8. E-bike riders use the law for the roads to their advantage, AND the lack of laws, as well as pedestrian laws whichever suits them. THIS is not fair and causes anger.....rightfully so, among people who pay taxes to use roadways as licenced drivers who PAY for plates, stickers, licence renewals, insurance, and vehicles designed for driving on roads.  9. Motor vehicles should not have to share the road with these bikes. As this is most likely too much to ask, I feel at best there needs to be MUCH stricter laws regarding these e-bikes, the operators, what they can be fined for, insurance, liability and SOME kind of road testing, even just a written test to prove they know the laws of the roadways. They MUST start getting treated like drivers in every way by authorities if they are going to travel with motor vehicles.  10. Personally, I've seen  drunk people wobbling all over the place, open beer cases on the bike, a BABY in a small trailer behind it, hockey helmets, riders changing from going with the flow of traffic to sidewalks because they didn't want to wait for lights, someone having a seizure & falling off it and almost getting killed by a car, many road laws broken,  dogs being carried in one hand, THREE passengers, someone smoking a joint while riding, texting and trying to merge into highway traffic! PLEASE make stricter laws and enforce them as well as the existing ones. Please make it mandatory for e-bike riders to have to write a test to prove they know the rules of the roadways, like anyone else using our roads has to. Please make it illegal for DWI cases to operate e-bikes amongst legally entitled traffic. PLEASE make it illegal for someone to carry an animal or small child on e-bikes in traffic. It's clear e-bikes are growing in popularity. It's clear they aren't going anywhere except up in numbers. PLEASE make clear, black & white laws regarding e-bikes so everyone can travel safer. Please make it so when accidents DO happen drivers that are NOT at fault don't suffer because of lack of laws to protect the drivers. Drivers are the original users of motor-vehicle roadways & are legally & intellectually tested & prepared for it prior to having the privilege.Thank you for your time & diligence on this growing epidemic.   

Stacie Smith
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