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Install a lighted crossing at Concession and Dolph before ANOTHER student is struck!

On Monday, March 13, 2017, a 10 year-old Coronation student was struck by a car while crossing at the Concession/Dolph school crosswalk during daylight hours. This is not an isolated incident. Cars speed through this crossing even while our crossing guard, Darlene, is on duty with her sign out. Hundreds of children attend Coronation Public school and the Kinsmen Children's Center, located directly opposite this crossing. City of Cambridge, as concerned citizens we insist that you install flashing lights and make this a proper pedestrian crossing before another child is hurt, or worse, is killed by the lack of understanding around the rules of the current crossing. As I am sure you know, recent construction (Speedsville bridge across the 401, King Street/Shantz Hill, and the closing of Fountain St at Blair) has created a bottleneck effect with those trying to get into Cambridge, Concession is now a well-used corridor into town.This is in addition to the Toyota traffic that barrels down this road just as the children are coming out of school. Drivers aren’t sure of the regulations involved with an uncontrolled crosswalk (by law, drivers are not required to stop to allow pedestrians to walk across unless the crossing guard is present). This results in some drivers stopping, but not others. Often, one lane of traffic stops while the other continues to speed past. When you have such a murky and grey ruled law combined with children and busy roads, you have a recipe for disaster. Keep Cambridge children safe. Install a lighted pedestrian crossing at Dolph and Concession.

Adam Goddard
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Motorcycle Safety BC - Lane Filtering

I ride motorcycles year round as my regular commuters. My BMW R100R and my girlfriends Suzuki TU250x are comfortable and economical modes of transportation. However, I am faced with the problem of the legality of traffic filtering in BC, and there are significant reasons as to why I feel this should be legalized. - Being rear-ended by a Distracted DriverI was in a serious car accident some years ago, wherein my stationary Volkswagen GTI was rear-ended by a distracted driver. He was driving a Ford Excursion, and wrote off my car. While my front-seat passenger and I sustained fairly minor injuries, my rear seat passenger was not so lucky. She still suffers from this accident, both emotionally and physically. I frequently consider what would happen if I was rear-ended on my motorcycle in this manner, and I doubt I would be around to lobby for changes to traffic rules.  - Heat strokeI dress for safety. In the motorcycle world, that usually means leather full length pants, leather jacket and a full faced helmet. You can see an example of this in the petition's photo.Imagine now, traffic is jammed on the freeway during the summer. The ambient temperature is anywhere between 25 and 40 degrees Celsius and a hot engine between your legs. Wearing the gear for safety you can see how heat stroke can become a reality. - Overheating MotorcycleA common motorcycle design uses air cooling to ensure the engine does not overheat. You should not idle for more than a minute or two without a breeze to dissipate heat before you begin to damage the engine. This time is increased somewhat during the winter (2 to 3 minutes) but is still a reality. This can be costly, and sometimes unsafe. One would be inclined to turn their motorcycle off to save costly engine repair, which would make one more susceptible to the first indicated scenario... There are other reasons to justify the legalization of this maneuver, but these three are the ones that stand out to me. They are the three that I know relate to day to day safety on the road. I would like to be VERY CLEAR that I am not be proposing a carte blanche "motorcycles can do whatever they want" law, but a set of rules and regulations that would allow for the safe application of lane filtering. (Just some examples for clarity: A) if traffic is moving slower than 30kph, a motorcycle could overtake on the side yet not to exceed 40 kph B) If traffic was stopped, motorcycles would be able to filter to the front of stopped traffic yet not to exceed 10 kph) The truth of the matter is that studies (UC Berkeley) find lane filtering to be SAFER and not the other way around. I encourage any opposed to lane filtering to come forward with studies that support their stance surrounding the safety of this life-saving technique. Please sign this petition to make the roads safer for Motorcycles. Just a few references and studies supporting my claim:ref:

Dylan Fowler
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