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Petition to Santa Monica Traffic Management Division, Santa Monica City Council, Rick Cole, Henry Servin, robert maschio

Speeding Traffic Endangers Us All in Ocean Park, Santa Monica! Sign the Petition.

Ocean Park, Santa Monica Residents  - (on Hill Street from 4th to Main Street and on 3rd Street and 2nd Street South of Ocean Park Blvd): Speeding Traffic Endangers Us All! On 03.15.19 there was a fatal hit and run accident on 3rd Street just south of Hill Street. 2 days later a speeding car crashed and totaled a parked car on Hill Street between 4th and 3rd Streets. (In recent years, a child was hit by a car and dogs have been killed, among other incidents in the immediate neighborhood).        Our Streets Are Becoming More Dangerous By The Day  Residents on Hill Street, and on 3rd and 2nd streets South of Ocean Park Boulevard urge the City of Santa Monica Traffic Management Division, to take immediate actions to prevent speeding in our neighborhood. These actions include: Installing rubber speed cushions, which will prevent speeding but not impede emergency vehicles. Painting Green Bike Lanes - to educate motorists these streets are shared with others.  Lowering the speed limit. Making our streets “local access only”  to avoid traffic being directed through our neighborhood by apps such as WAZE. Reconfiguring the corner at 4th and Hill Street so that cars have to fully stop before ramping & speeding down Hill Street towards Main Street. Installing pedestrian-controlled flashing lights at the cross-walk on Ocean Park Boulevard at 3rd Street.      If you live in this neighborhood, please support our efforts to make our streets safe, join our movement and sign the online petition! *Please leave your address in the comments section, if possible, so the city can see how united the neighborhood is in our endeavors. Thank you. Karen Blechman & Robert Maschio  - Longtime Ocean Park Residents

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Petition to Jim Desmond

I-15 Traffic Solution for North San Diego and South Riverside Counties

The Problem:    Drivers commuting from Riverside County on an inadequate freeway structure are frustrated and using GPS apps to cut time off their long drives.  The I-15 freeway stands still daily in both directions during high volume commuter hours, and in emergencies.  The housing and developmental growth experienced in the last 15 years in Riverside County has not been supported by the development of a sufficient interstate infrastructure, and we are now all suffering because of this. Additionally, the commuter-jammed I-15 freeway has caused all rural communities along the corridor, with once-quiet streets to overflow with hostile and frustrated drivers. The limited egress is being blocked by commuters on a daily basis and is impacting all aspects of these residents' lives.  Additionally this would make an emergency evacuation impossible.  Safety issues abound, especially for the children and residents of these rural communities. There has been an increase in traffic collisions due to speeding, impatient drivers passing illegally and poor intersection visibility.  The street surfaces are crumbling under the weight of being over-traveled.  The quality of life in these rural communities along the freeway is being affected by poor air quality and increased noise levels (loud engines, squealing tires, horns, extremely loud music, etc.) What We Propose:  •  SANDAG/Transnet I-15 plans be amended to add a carpool/FasTrak lane in each direction from the 78-15 interchange north to the 15/215 split in Riverside County. •  All our representatives write to encourage WRCOG to expedite this plan.•  Allocate funding for additional CHP patrols in these areas to enforce traffic laws and protect residents during high volume hours until this issue is resolved.•  Our elected officials take this problem seriously and come up with solutions.

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