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Petition to Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Board of Commissioners, Glenda Y. Silv President, Tafarai Bayne Vice President, Nicole Chase Member, Rudy Espinoza Member, Eric R. Eisenberg Member, Cris Liban Member, John Ly Member


On January 12, 2017, a car traveling southbound in the right lane on Overland Avenue in Los Angeles was struck by a northbound vehicle tuning left on Ashby Avenue. The car ran up onto the sidewalk and crashed into the house at the southwest corner where, earlier that day, a group of Overland Avenue Elementary students and parents waited with a crossing guard. It was the third accident in one month. In each case, a car crashed onto the corner sidewalk where, twice each day during the school year, as many as 200 children and their parents gather to cross the street on their way to and from school. These weren’t isolated incidents. Since the Overland Avenue expansion, the intersection at Overland and Ashby has become one of the most dangerous in Los Angeles, with dozens of accidents in the past year alone. It’s only a matter of time before crashes like these will injure or kill children and parents. Parents have repeatedly contacted the offices of Councilmember Paul Koretz and the Board of Transportation, yet nothing has been done. Now we, the parents of Overland Avenue Elementary students and concerned local citizens, demand that the Board of Transportation immediately take the following measures to remedy this situation: Install barriers on the four corners of the intersection. Add a second crossing guard to the alternative crosswalk at Northvale and Overland. Close the right-hand lanes to traffic during school hours.  Install traffic arrows for cars traveling east and west. Without these actions, mass tragedy isn’t a question of if—but when. Sincerely,Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff and Jennifer GraysonOverland Avenue Elementary Parents photo credit:

Rachel Sarnoff
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Petition to The Farifax County Planning Commission, Fairfax Board of Supervisors, Fairfax County

NO VOTE without Traffic impact analysis!! Save 4 Seasons Tennis Club!

The important "Four Seasons Tennis Club" in the Mosaic District, in Merrifield (Fairfax County), is planned to be destroyed by the housing developer "Sekas Homes, LTD". The Fairfax County Planning Commission wants to vote on the rezoning application for the site, of the "Four Seasons", on October 20th, 2017, without a Traffic/Trasportation Impact Analysis report in an area already heavily congested by regular traffic - only to be made worse with the construction of even more high rise condos (under the developer "Sekas Homes"). Not only would traffic be considerably affected, but the "Four Seasons Tennis Club", an important institution in a County lacking any public indoor tennis facilities, would be destroyed - without any attempt to conserve the high-quality tennis facilities. The County Comprehensive Plan itself requires that a Traffic/Trasportation Impact Analysis takes place. If the planning commision moves forward, and green-lights the development plan for the area, then we can conclude that the County is in violation of its own regulations - something we must prevent. We want to request that the Fairfax County Planning Commissioners stop voting on the rezoning application for the area until a Traffic/Trasportation Impact Analysis is conducted, and finds that the development planned by "Sekas Homes" is in compliance with Fairfax County rules and regulations.

SK Lim
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Petition to Burlingame City Council

Burlingame! Let's start an affordable housing fund with new city revenue from Top Golf.

Burlingame will be in a unique position to start an affordable housing fund AT NO COST TO TAXPAYERS. The Council’s recent decision to enter into negotiations with Top Golf for a new entertainment venue at the current Golf Center site will generate significant new revenue... estimates in excess of half a million dollars a year!  We urge the City Council to use the revenue to fulfill promises to support and fund affordable housing. Let’s face it:  Our current affordable housing crisis likely is only going to get worse.  In fact, a very large commercial development broke ground on the old drive-in site on Bayshore.  Soon, we can expect an additional 3,000 to 4,000 new jobs coming to Burlingame. Many of our residents who do not own their own homes—some who have lived here a long time, others who have kids in the schools--already fear being forced to leave town, due to escalating rents and down payments well beyond their reach.  And, these new local jobs likely will put even more upward pressure on housing prices, making it even harder for many of those who have already made Burlingame their home stay in our community. Top Golf will be renting city-owned land, so it is more than fair that the revenue derived from this city resource be used to address one of Burlingame’s most pressing issues.  The money can be used to fund an Affordable Housing Fund, similar to Menlo Park’s Below Market Rate Housing Program, which would enable Burlingame to partner with affordable developers and the County to build more units for low- to moderate-income residents. We believe this City Council should seize this amazing opportunity and direct all the new city revenue from Top Golf to start an affordable housing fund in Burlingame. 

elana lieberman
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Petition to Jack R. Marchbanks

Too Many Accidents at S.R. 161 Buenos Aires/Strawberry Farms and I 270 #RememberMichelle

Almost weekly there are accidents at the intersection of S.R. 161 and Buenos Aires/Strawberry Farms and I-270. A week ago (July 16) Michelle, riding the back of a motorcycle, was killed at this intersection. The speed is too fast; the merging from the east is complicated and there are no signs telling drivers to yield; there is a "no left turn sign" not large enough to see in time - that often gets ignored. The community is heartbroken about Michelle's death and we do not want any more tragedies. Please let us know a reasonable, safe solution to this intersection. (2016 info) (2017 update) It has been a little over a year since this petition was initiated. I think of Michelle's loved ones each time I leave the neighborhood and see the cross erected in her memory. As I wait for the traffic light to turn green at Buenos Aires, I still see speeding through the intersection especially when the light changes to red. It is not as if folks coming from the east do not have fair warning - the sign says when one sees the lights flashing be prepared to stop. There is also a sign stating the area is one of targeted enforcement. I am wondering how targeted the enforcement has to get to reduce the number of accidents because I have not noticed a decrease - at least according to the police activity reports. But I thank those who met to attempt some solutions. This petition revival is to ask, what else can be done? Folks traveling to Strawberry Farms still turn into Huber Ridge to turn around, sometimes a U-Turn on Buenos Aires, just to avoid the no left turn. Still accidents, still speeding, thankfully no other deaths.  

Pamela Clegg
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