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Petition to Heather Murphy, Maryland Department of Transportation

Save Lives, Reduce Accidents - Add Left-Turn Only Signal

The traffic light intersection of Smallwood Drive and St Patrick Drive has become an insurance nightmare and a death-trap for many less experienced High School drivers from the local Westlake High School. Too often, families have been devasted by vehicle accidents, some resulting in horrific fatalities, due to the inefficiency of the current traffic light and intersection design. The main reason for traffic signals are: (1) to allow road users to safely navigate through an intersection; (2) to give priority to a particular direction / mode of travel at different times of the day; and (3) through coordination, allow large volumes of traffic to pass through the network with minimal delay. The current traffic light pattern at the intersection of Smallwood Drive and St Patrick Drive, Charles County, Waldorf Maryland (as you progress down Smallwood Drive from the Mall) adversely impedes the opposing view of left-turning drivers. The left-turn lane completely impedes the right-of-way view so a left-turning driver cannot see if the right-of-way is clear to proceed. As a result, drivers either place themselves in a dangerous position half-way in the path of oncoming traffic in order to see around the opposing left-turn lane or dart across the right-of-way/intersection, and hope for the best. This inefficient design makes the number one, primary reason of traffic lights, "to allow road users to safely navigate through an intersection", derelict. The solution is simple: modify the programming of the existing green arrow to a "Left Turn on Green Only".  The left-turn on green signal only would allow only those turning left to proceed through the intersection, NOT at the same time as the straight thoroughfare drivers - they should remain on red.  When the left-turn on green arrow turns red, the straight thoroughfare would then proceed. The left turn lane and the straight lane should NOT be green at the same time! This will prevent drivers from crossing in front of oncoming traffic. Sign and approve this petition! Save lives! Save the children!

Dawnn Givens
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Petition to Jerry Brown, California State House, California State Senate, Malcolm Dougherty

Keep Right Except to Pass (California)

Driving slowly in the left lane is dangerous, inefficient, and sometimes even deadly. Improper lane use and congestion are the main cause of traffic, and much of this traffic can be cleared up by simply using lanes as they were intended: the fastest traffic belongs in the leftmost lane, and the slowest traffic in the rightmost lane. A study done by the California Polytechnic State University clearly illustrates the dangers of inefficient lane use and explains that lane changes account for as much as 10% of all accidents. A plethora of research (including this study) show that the most frequent predictor of an accident isn't speeding, but variance from the average speed of traffic. Additionally, this study explains that many traffic jams are a direct result of a small number of slow cars obstructing traffic. Better laws around lane use will make your drives much safer, faster, and traffic free. California Vehicle Code 21654 explains in detail the specific laws that involve  driving, overtaking, and passing as they pertain to the use of the left lane. It clearly states that drivers are to keep right when driving at a speed less than the normal speed of traffic moving in the same direction. Unfortunately this law is rarely enforced and not nearly strong enough to dissuade drivers from improperly and hazardously using left lanes on a highway. This petition is calling upon anyone in the position to introduce a new traffic bill to do so; by creating stronger laws on lane use, everyone will have a safer and shorter drive when using California highways.   For more information on driving slow in the left lane use, read this article.

Eamon Niknafs
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Petition to Honorable Arnold L. Natali, Jr., J.S.C., Hon. Linda R. Feinberg, J.S.C. (ret.), F. Clifford Gibbons, Esquire, Christine A. Nazzaro-Cofone, AICP/PP, Donald J. Sears, Esquire

South Brunswick Citizens for Sustainable Growth

As a result of the ongoing Statewide litigation over each municipality’s obligation to provide for its fair share of affordable housing, a Hearing Officer appointed by the Judge in New Brunswick, will decide whether to permit 6 developers to build up to 7,290 new housing units. We, the undersigned represent the many voices of South Brunswick, request that the growth and development of our township occur in a controlled and equitable manner in which housing can be absorbed without unduly stressing the infrastructure of services, schools and roads. The unsustainable growth that is being proposed for South Brunswick Township will directly affect the air we breathe, exacerbate suburban sprawl, increase traffic congestion, overcrowd the schools and affect the quality of life. We, the citizens of South Brunswick understand the importance of affordable housing and have always fully supported this effort in our community. However, South Brunswick’s infrastructure could not sustain this level of development. New Jersey has the highest property tax rate in the country. The developments that are being planned will drastically increase the already exorbitant tax rate that our citizens currently pay  We, the undersigned, want to provide input into the manner in which South Brunswick Township develops, however due to the inconvenient location and time of the scheduled hearing, we are unable to attend.

Concerned Citizens of South Brunswick
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