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Petition to Stewart Macdonald of East Dunbartonshire Council

Newdyke Road Traffic Calming Measures

Every resident living within the Newdyke Road / Hillhead area and surroundings will obviously have come across speeding drivers every night driving well over the speed limit up and down this road. We all know what we call them when you hear and see them speeding.  It was only a matter of time before something happened and of course the night of 10th August 2017 - it happened. Poor 10 year old Matthew knocked down by a speeding driver on Newdyke Road.We hope he is ok and wish him a speedy recovery. This is the second child that has been knocked down on this road in the last 2 weeks. Now something needs to be done along this stretch of Newdyke Road.Its lucky Matthew is alive but someday it could happen again and it could be your child lying on that road next time. That Newdyke Road needs Traffic calming measures put in place and maybe some way of taking the parked cars off the road. There is a school along this road with a football pitch where a lot of kids normally play,so by having the Traffic calming measures in place can justify that your kids will arrive home in one piece. Speed bumps-Speed cameras- extra signs- Chicanes, anything to slow down drivers along this road. If you know this area and seen the evidence yourself,please sign the petition.If you have children or grandchildren who play around this area then get signing.The more signatures the more EDC will be pressurised into carrying these measures out. If I get enough signatures, I will personally go to EDC myself and fight to have these measures put in. Even though this is the main bus route from Harestanes to Glasgow,it may stop any measures getting put into place but if the buses also slow down for speed bumps it can prevent any accidents as well. We need this happen now before someone gets killed. 

Colm Heneghan
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Petition to Nottinghamshire County Council

Reduce speed limit on Coxmoor Road

As MP for Ashfield, I am backing local residents in their campaign to get the speed limit on the road they live on reduced from its current 60mph status. I met with members of the Sutton Junction Residents’ Association who raised their concerns about the speed that traffic travels at along Coxmoor Road. The road has a 60mph speed limit and residents want it to be reduced because they think it is too fast and too dangerous for vehicles to travel this fast on a residential street. They say there have been a number of accidents and near misses and that walking along the pavement is taking a risk when HGVs can go thundering past at such a speed. I have written to highways chiefs at Nottinghamshire County Council, urging them to look into the matter and reduce the limit as appropriate. The residents are clear that there is a serious safety issue with the 60mph speed limit on Coxmoor Road. We are asking for the council to look at reducing this limit because people live on this street and we want action to be taken before someone is injured or worse. In response Nottinghamshire County Council said; "Changes to speed limits are not deliverable in the short-term (due to the funding and capacity available to deliver them, as well as the lengthy delivery period). Traffic regulation orders are required to legally implement speed limits and make them enforceable and the Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996 sets out the procedure to be followed when making these which includes consultation and publicity. In addition, consultation on the traffic regulation order for the proposed speed limit may result in objections which will need to be considered as part of the process.  However, the request to reduce the speed limit on the B6139 Coxmoor Road Sutton in Ashfield has been assessed and the location will be considered for inclusion in a future year’s programme subject to budget. Limitations and approval from the Communities and Place Committee at NCC, unfortunately we cannot say when it may be included in the programme." With Tory cuts hitting councils, I want Nottinghamshire County Council to ensure that the speed limit is assessed and included in the programme. Lives are are risk and people are merely becoming a number due to budget restraints.

Gloria De Piero MP
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