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Petition to Parliamentary, Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman, Animal and Plant Health Agency, border force

Release Et Games' shipping container of fair trade goods

Et Games is a small fair trade wooden games company. A shipping container with £20,000 worth of our goods has been confiscated because we allegedly did not fill out a one page form early enough. This is having a catastrophic effect on our business, damaging employment prospects both here in the UK and amongst the Indian artisans who depend on us. The crazy thing about our situation is that there is nothing wrong with our goods - since our container was seized we've had another container with the same type of goods authorised for import with no problem. The alleged problem is just with the timing in filling out the UK Import permit form. We could not have completed this form any earlier than we did, because of a delay by the Indian authorities in issuing an export permit.  It's a tragedy that our business might go under due to senseless bureaucracy. We've already lost thousands of pounds and are having to think about making redundancies. Since a change in the rules in 2017 many fair trade business have been caught out: three out of three importers that I spoke to have lost shipments in similar circumstances. The Solution Having exhausted the complaints procedure with the permit authority (the APHA), we're pinning our hopes on a complaint to the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman to overturn the the decision of the APHA; and at the same time appealing to Border Force to take a fair minded approach. Our MP (Damian Hinds) is assisting us, and we're hoping a letter from him to the junior minister responsible for the APHA (Therese Coffey) might help change the policies or culture of the APHA to prevent this sort of thing happening again.  Further reading You can read more about our case on our website:

Dave Harvey
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Petition to Yaz Mubarakai MLA, Hon. Paul Papalia CSC, MLA

Reinstate direct flights between Perth and India

We ask the Western Australian State Government and Minister for Tourism Paul Papalia to continue to aggressively pursue direct flights from Perth to India. The Western Australian Government has held discussions with India's Ministry of Civil Aviation about the potential for new nonstop flights between India and Perth. Air India already runs nonstop flights between India and Australia, from the Australian capital cities of Sydney and Melbourne. Nonstop flights between India and Perth existed until 1997– let’s reinstate them! WHY ARE NONSTOP FLIGHTS A GOOD IDEA? Indian visitor numbers to Western Australia increased by 38% between 2015 and 2017 and in addition to this, almost 50,000 people born in India live in Western Australia (Census 2016), the third biggest overseas-born demographic in WA. There has been 65 per cent growth in the Indian-born population living in WA in the past six years. Visiting friends and relatives help to fill the aircraft on the way back to India. Furthermore, the biggest source of international students for Perth is India. Western Australia could be capitalising on this massive opportunity to attract more international students, thus bolstering our local economy and tertiary institutions 144,000 passengers already travel between India and Perth annually, and over the past three years traffic has risen almost 17 per cent a year. A nonstop service would also aid growth in business and trade, particularly around WA fresh produce. What’s more, Boeing data shows that traffic trebles when a nonstop service is opened on a route. PLEASE JOIN MY CALL by signing and sharing this petition to WA Minister for Tourism Paul Papalia and the Western Australian Parliament, and send a message: Please pursue direct flights between Perth and India to provide convenient fast travel for thousands of people annually and invigorate tourism, trade and international education in Western Australia.

Rohan Amlani
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Petition to EU Commission

Don't turn a blind eye to torture in Sri Lanka. Say no to restoring GSP+.

In just under a month’s time, the EU Commission will take a decision on whether to begin the process of restoring ‘GSP+’ preferential trade status to Sri Lanka, the scheme of concessions granted to non‐EU states that uphold human rights and the rule of the law. According to sources close to the Commission, there are strong signs that it is preparing to give the go‐ahead for the move, possibly as early as 8th January 2017. In light of serious ongoing human rights violations in Sri Lanka ‐ particularly torture ‐ this must be stopped. Many will recall that Sri Lanka was stripped of its ‘GSP+’ status in August 2010 in response to repeated and systematic human rights abuses under then President Mahinda Rajapaksa. That development followed the Government of Sri Lanka’s failure to respond to a letter sent from the EU Commission in June of that year, in which it laid out 15 conditions that would need to be met in order for GSP+ to be retained. Though wide‐ranging in scope, a significant portion of these comprised specific steps designed to eradicate torture, in fulfilment of Sri Lanka’s obligations under both the Convention Against Torture and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – international treaties that EU rules require countries receiving GSP+ status to implement. Yet six years later, and despite the change in government, torture has remained disturbingly persistent. Following a comprehensive review, the pre‐eminent UN body for addressing torture, just last week described torture as “common practice” in Sri Lanka, the result of long‐standing impunity for perpetrators combined with a failure to undertake basic institutional reforms to deter its use. Acknowledging the credibility of various reports by human rights organisations concerning ongoing abductions and torture under the new government, as well as the continued existence of secret detention sites used to facilitate them, the Committee made a series of 50 recommendations along with a request for the Government of Sri Lanka to provide a further implementation report by 7 December 2017. The Sri Lanka Campaign is demanding that the EU Commission postpone any decision to restore GSP+ to Sri Lanka until the UN Committee Against Torture has evaluated this report. To determine the issue any sooner would not merely fly in the face of the EU’s own advice on the matter; it would also seriously undermine the important work of the Committee and represent a grave affront to the survivors of torture. Please stand with them by urging the EU Commission to say #No2GSP+ in January 2017.

Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice
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