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Petition to Jim McCann, Tom Butler, Bill Strauss, Chris McCann

Major florists should include a pet friendly / toxic free flower option during check out.

Many people are not aware that lilies are toxic for cats and small dogs. Major florists should give "pet friendly" alternatives for their floral arrangements, and at minimum there should be a warning that if a bouquet includes lilies then perhaps it isn't the best choice for a family with cats or small dogs. Our Story: Today marks one year since we had to say goodbye to our beloved Bogie. Bogie was the sweetest, most affectionate, and loving cat you could ever imagine. He used to wait for us to get in bed every evening (sometimes impatiently) so he could meow at us, rub his face against ours, and cuddle up in the crooks of our arms. Even though he was such an intelligent cat, he had the tendency to eat things he wasn't supposed to: mainly packing tape from packages, tulle fabric, and (unfortunately) flowers. We received a lot of love with the birth of our daughter and Mother's Day all in the same week. Even though we put all of the flower arrangements on the tops of our bookshelves and out of our cats' reach, we neglected to remove any lilies (which are toxic to cats) from the bouquets. Eventually, when the flowers began to wilt, a lily petal must have fallen off and onto the floor, and our poor Bogie ingested the petal before we could see or remove it. After a busy weekend, we noticed he was extremely lethargic and slow moving. His coat was dull, and he was not interested in eating. We spent some time cuddling, and after some extra attention, Bogie finally meowed at us, began purring, and wagging his tail. My husband, Michael, then took him to the animal hospital while I stayed home with our daughters. I hadn't even considered that he might not return home. Bogie was diagnosed with acute renal failure due to lily toxicity. Michael held him in his arms until the end. He was only six years old. He was my first baby, and I didn't get to say goodbye. The guilt and sadness has been overwhelming. We miss him everyday. If cats are a part of your family, please learn from our mistake. Do not let lilies into your home. Remove them from any flower arrangements you receive immediately. All parts of the flower are toxic, not just the petals. Spreading awareness is the only good that can come out of this tragedy. Bogie, we love you. We are so sorry. You will live in our hearts forever. “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” ― Richard Bach

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Petition to Maggie Barry, Dr Jan Wright, Lou Sanson, John Key, Neil Silver, Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman

STOP 1080 Poison Drop, near Tira Ora Estate, New Zealand. People and animals live here

Tira Ora is a Wildlife Sanctuary. Volunteers from New Zealand and 20 different countries in the world visit Tira Ora each year, to get a 1st Class opportunity to live close to Nature, drink from our river, and hunt, fish and eat from the land. Bird watching and photography is superb. We protect the following birds from 1080 Poison: Endemic birdsBellbird/KorimakoFantail/PīwakawakaGrey warbler/RiroriroNZ Falcon/KāreareaNZ Pigeon/KererūParadise Shelduck/PūtangitangiTui/TūīVariable Oystercatcher/Tōrea PangoWeka Native BirdsAustralasian Gannet/TākapuBlack-Backed Gull/KaroroBlue Penguin/KororāMorepork/RuruNankeen Night HeronPied shag/KāruhiruhiPukeko/PūkekoRoyal Spoonbill/Kōtuku NgutupapaSilvereye /TauhouSpur-winged PloverWelcome Swallow/WarouWhite-Faced Heron/Matuku Moana Introduced BirdsBlackbird/Manu PangoCalifornia QuailChaffinch/PahiriniGoldfinchGreenfinchYellowhammer We also have horses, llama, ostriches, donkeys, poultry, dogs and cats who all drink from the river. Please STOP the 1080 Drop scheduled for our area, because we are a Global Exchange Community, and Wildlife Sanctuary, full of Native Birds at present. 1080 poison misadventure will ruin our established lifestyle. 1080 poison KILLS Birds. 1080 Poison KILLS Dogs, and other mammals. There is no antidote for 1080 Poison.

Annebeth Riles
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Petition to Home Depot

Home Depot: Stop selling dangerous chemicals

A weekend home improvement project shouldn’t result in a dangerous exposure to chemicals. You can walk into any Home Depot and buy paint strippers containing two highly toxic chemicals—methylene chloride (also known as DCM) and N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP).  Short-term exposure to DCM can be deadly. According to OSHA, paint strippers containing DCM have been linked to more than 50 deaths nationwide since the 1980’s — usually during tasks like refinishing bathtubs in poorly ventilated spaces. Long-term exposure to DCM has been linked to liver toxicity, liver cancer, and lung cancer. A chemical this dangerous shouldn’t be available in home improvement stores.  Some companies market NMP as a safer alternative to DCM. But the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has warned that NMP exposure puts women of childbearing age and pregnant women at risk of harm to their fetuses. NMP has been linked to miscarriage, fetal death, decreased birth weight, and other fetal developmental effects. The EPA recently proposed major restrictions on these chemicals in paint strippers under a new chemical safety law. But that process could take years and there’s just no good reason for retailers like Home Depot to continue selling products containing these chemicals — especially when safer alternatives are readily available. Retailers like The Home Depot have a track-record of proactive leadership in restricting the sale of other toxic chemicals, such as phthalates in flooring materials. The Home Depot has an excellent opportunity to build on that track record by also phasing out the sale of paint strippers containing DCM and NMP. Please sign and share this petition to encourage retailers like The Home Depot to protect our families from these dangerous chemicals. Help us tell The Home Depot to stop selling DCM and NMP-filled paint thinners today.

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families
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