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Petition to Town of Copper Canyon

Preserve Copper Canyon! Don't Allow Builders to Reshape our Town!

Copper Canyon Residents: After you sign please leave your physical address in the "Add your voice" section of "Join the Conversation" or the "I'm signing because..." area OR you can email it to me to include at Most of us either moved out to or have stayed in Copper Canyon to enjoy the laid back country feel and open spaces.  However, there are builders that are actively trying to reshape Copper Canyon into something that it’s not. The P&Z committee unanimously voted on December 11th NOT to rezone 646 Chinn Chapel Road from the current 2 Acre minimum to 1 Acre minimum as requested by a home builder. However, now a home builder wants the Copper Canyon Town Council to grant a exception and allow 1 Acre homes to be built in our 2 Acre minimum district and go against the vote of our P&Z committee.  The 1 Acre in front of the house at 648 Chinn Chapel Road (Burgess 2 Lot 24 S & SE Corner) is being considered to be converted from agricultural land into a build site to accommodate the builders request.  The new site will be directly outside the current resident's front door.  Besides the haphazard design of the lot and lack of consideration for the current home owner, the change will create a precedent going forward and welcome in a more urbanized and crowded Copper Canyon. We are petitioning the Town Council to maintain the rural and country feel of our town and not turn it into another crowded subdivision by way of precedent.  We want the Town Council to keep to the requirements of the current zoning districts and not to create exceptions to accommodate builders. Please join me in objecting to the Council granting 646 Chinn Chapel Rd to be turned into the first, of many to follow, crowded home sites in our larger acreage districts. Also, please join the Monday, January 8th 2018 Town Council meeting at 7:00PM to support in person!

Eric Rooney
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Petition to Sellersburg Town Council, Sellersburg Municipal Works, Indiana Department of Transportation

Make Lakesides Estates and Butler Road Safe-- Make Necessary Repairs

Lakeside Estates has a well-known, reported and documented safety issue that is not being resolved. Highway 31 near the entrance of the Lakeside Estates subdivision heavily floods. The flooding is severe and vehicles cannot safely pass to enter or exit the subdivision. The only other possible passage is Butler Road, which connects to Highway 31. However Butler Road is a small, gravel road. It has so many gigantic potholes, it is extremely unsafe. It is now a frequent occurrence that residents cannot safely leave their homes. Residents risk damage to their vehicles and selves. Plans, including traveling to work, are frequently derailed by the flooding. This is not only an inconvenience for the many residents who call Lakeside Estates and the surrounding areas home, it is potentially disastrous. In the event of an emergency, residents cannot quickly leave and emergency vehicles would likely have difficulty entering the area. This is an extremely unsafe situation. We deserve and demand a safe solution. We elected our representatives to listen to our concerns and attempt to resolve them. We pay our taxes and expect safe roads in return. This is a reasonable request. To resolve this issue, please do at least one of these things: Repair the potholes and pave Butler Road Repair the section of Highway 31 to prevent flooding Build a new access road  Either one of these reasonable solutions would resolve this dangerous issue. Please ensure this is resolved. Thank you for your prompt attention to this gravely serious matter.

Farrah Alexander
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Petition to John cosgrove, Kurt Peluso, Lisa Swain, Marc Zharnest, Amy Lefkowicz

Stop use of Tyco Animal Control in Fair Lawn, NJ.

Tyco Animal Control is a company who claims to handle animals humanely and take care of their well being. As a for-profit organization they do everything in their power to make sure everything they do benefits only them. Tyco animal control services 25 communities in Bergen County with only 6 full time officers on their staff. Unfortunately, euthanizing animals is legal in NJ and they do support the euthanization of animals. Many community members and shelters have expressed their concern with the procedures done by Tyco. From a document posted on the Tyco website, this is NJ law.  N.J.S.A 4:19-15.16-Requires the impoundment of any dog or other animal(including cats) off the property of the owner. Stray animals must be held for 7 days prior to adoption or euthanasia I have been approached by community members that their dog, cat, and even pet rabbit were euthanized by Tyco. Some were even euthanized before the 4 day mark, this is illegal. The incident I experienced (but not my first experience with Tyco) which initially sparked my interest to investigate this company further was my dog was lost by a community member, with sightings by the community throughout the night. It was a Friday night and I spoke to a Tyco employee over the phone. They directed me to call a different number and leave a voicemail with my lost dogs description. Why did Tyco not come out to the scene when receiving multiple calls that night. What is considered an emergency? Our pet dogs are not an emergency to them? Or is it because they do not have the manpower to handle every single town and every single lost dog. In addition, when reading the presentation by Carol Tyler, owner of Tyco, which was presented to the Fair Lawn Council on February 17, 2015,  she states that the city will incur a $60 overtime fee for any labor done by Tyco during nights/weekends/Holidays. This could be the reason why they did not come to help rescue my dog but also the Bear found in Fair Lawn on June 8. They waited until 8AM on June 9th , office hours, to begin the rescue of the bear. Borough Manager Jim Van Kruiningen responded to an email I personally wrote to the Town Council denying everything I was accusing Tyco of., I have still not heard from any Council Members on my concern of this issue. At the February 17, 2015 presentation (taken from the minutes) to the Fair Lawn Council, Carol Tyler, owner of Tyco stated,"They can run Fair Lawn's facility and will make sure it is fully inspected and certified." According to a recent conversation I had with a Recycling Borough employee, the only use of the former Fair Lawn shelter is every two weeks when he sees a landscaper cut the grass. The list goes on and on.  As a community we need to stand up and get this service out of our great town. We need to make a change. Fair Lawn is a great town and to see them support a company like this to save money is embarrassing.

Stop Tyco Animal Control!
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