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Petition to Mr Andrew Tyrie MP, Chichester District Council, Pro-Force Recruitment & West Sussex County Council

Say NO! To housing hundreds of workers in disused South Downs - picturesque East Wittering

Putting hundreds of any kind of large groups of people, (it just happens to be eastern European agricultural workers this time mostly male) into a rural village (Bracklesham Bay) is a ludicrous decision. This is NOT a racist petition and will not support any racist comments on here. Mark Marriott from Pro-Force who is responsible for these workers claims this is “large scale scaremongering through untruths and borderline racism”. This is just a cheap shot to play the race card as these workers are not from the UK. There would have been the same issues had they been a large scale group of young males from the UK. The facts are they are already creating an intimidating atmosphere in the village by forming large groups sitting around on verges smoking and being thrown out of local pubs. There is simply nothing for this amount of young males to do in this village. What this petition is about is having a VOICE. If this had been a planning application we would have been notified and been able to have our say, it is simply that this village can't cope especially in the summer months when it is gridlocked sometime seeing 8 mile tailbacks to West Wittering Beach. Also our community doesn't have the infrastructure as well as services (Doctors/Dentists) to deal with this not to mention the impact on people living nearby. What has annoyed local residents the most though is the way it has been handled by Seawood Properties, Pro--force recruitment and Cre8 property services and they should be held accountable for this issue. A similar idea was stopped in 2015 when the Earnley Concourse was muted to house a similar amount and that petition reached over 2000 signatures. This idea needs to be defended by all local residents.

Bracklesham Residents
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Petition to Peter Box CBE

Wakefield Council - Keep The Managers on Wintersett Lakes

In the grand scheme of things, our cause is not an important one. (Natural disasters, wars, life threatening illnesses etc:)  But a lovely guest asked me to set up a petition here too - so that people have all sorts of ways to let Wakefield Council know that having the opportunity to come stay here is very important to them. They  (you) care about the right to spend time in the countryside in a safe, welcoming way.  The current planning system has lots of hurdles to jump through, designed to protect green belt. We all want that.  The planning system is not there however to make it 'impossible' for people like us to provide access to green belt in ways that you want.  Green belt  belongs to us all, and sharing the privilege of living here,  in a way that respects others and allows us to try and make the  experience  of staying here as good and safe as we  possibly can  is what the planning system can facilitate if local Councils want to support it. We need  to stay here in  our mobile home to enable others to stay here in that safe,welcoming way. The Council have the power to make the decision to support or  oppose us in providing this essential quality service for you. You - our guests and potential guests  have presented them with very robust justification of why we need to be here on site, on hand  for you  and  for Wakefield's reputation as a supporter  of quality tourism. Wakefield Council call themselves a listening Council - You are asking them to listen to you!

Jackie Avison
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