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Petition to Inspector Aebeb, Maria Shilongo, Hon. Paulina Nashilundo

A Peaceful Swakopmund for All.

We, the residents of the International Holiday Resort Town of Swakopmund ask that you assist us in safeguarding our communities to ensure a prosperous and crime free future for all Swakopmunders and visitors to our town. We ask that our high crime areas and tourist landmarks are patrolled by visible, uniformed police and security guards to ensure the safety of our tourists and residents. We ask that those employed to protect us work together to ensure our safety. This includes all National Police Services, Security Companies, Guarding Services, Neighbourhood Watches, Peace Officers, Reservists and Task Force Members. We ask that a centralised control centre be established in Swakopmund with ONE contact number to be used in case of an emergency or to report a crime or suspicious behaviour. When all those who are sanctioned to protect us work together, in co-operation and unity, we shall have a much safer town for our Elderly, for our Residents, for our Children, for our Tourists and Future Generations. Tourism is one of our main forms of income and we cannot afford to lose but one. Of each other, our fellow Swakopmunders, we ask that we stand together, in unity, as One Town, One Swakopmund, One People, neighbour next to neighbour, in solidarity, to end crime once and for all. We all have eyes and ears. We all see and hear things. It is time we stop casting a blind eye on injustice. Our walls get higher, our dogs get more vicious and soon we will no longer even speak to each other. We are all human beings, being human, together. Let us now, fellow Swakopmunders, show each other how much we care. Together we the people of Swakopmund can create a prosperous and safe town for everyone. It is OUR choice to do so. As much as we ask our Law Enforcement agencies to look after us, we also ask each other to take care of each other. Let us all Unite in Freedom, in Peace, in Love.

Clinton Lang
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Petition to Alexandre de Juniac

Ban single-use plastics in worldwide air travel by 2020.

Dear Mr. de Juniac, Director General and CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Please take a moment to read our petition. We are GEN, the Global Ecotourism Network, the world’s most experienced and comprehensive organization for those who care for the global and local impacts of travel and tourism. Not only the consumption patterns in the destinations are important, but also the way how people get there. The signatures below are from customers of your member airlines. We appreciate IATA´s measures addressing the global challenge of climate change. And we are convinced that you can easily do more, by introducing this requirement into the IATA Environmental Policies: Ban single-use plastics by 2020. There are five trillion pieces of microplastic in the ocean, with one rubbish truck load added each minute. 300 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year and only 12 per cent is recycled. The world's first plastic-free flight was introduced end 2018 by Hi Fly, a IATA member company that wet leases aircraft in Portugal and Malta. We wish all 290 IATA member airlines to follow. For example, to get 14 pieces of plastic on a breakfast plate is simply shocking. Everything counts in large amounts:  With more than 100,000 flights a day, when all meals and other service packs are counted, we are talking about hundreds of millions of single-use plastics on planes per day (e.g. cups, cutlery, packaging). These plastics can be reduced and replaced with eco-friendly alternatives. We would also advise the airlines to start an awareness campaign with all their customers to inform them about the harm single-use plastic is doing to the world and its inhabitants.  In our experience, with an awareness campaign, customers tend to buy in and appreciate the airlines´ efforts to contribute to a more sustainable world. Carrying 82% of the world’s air traffic, the world’s leading passenger and cargo airlines have the power to make this change happen and they have the clients who care.

Global Ecotourism Network
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Petition to Tourism Ireland, Failte Ireland, Mid Ireland Tourism, Brendan Griffin TD, Shane Ross TD, Tourism Ireland US

Tourism Ireland - Stop promoting greyhound racing

Less than two weeks after RTE's Prime Time exposed dog doping and animal cruelty in the Irish greyhound industry, Tourism Ireland welcomed the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB) to its stand at a major tourism event in the UK. Despite shocking revelations about the cruelty involved in greyhound racing and the damage undoubtedly being done to Ireland's international image, the greyhound board was allowed to be part of the Tourism Ireland stand at the Tourism and Travel Show 2017, held at the NEC Birmingham on March 22nd and 23rd. A photograph taken at the event shows the Irish Greyhound Board stand which prominently featured the Tourism Ireland logo. Messaging from the tourism show, the greyhound board said: "Ready to go for 2 days of selling a Night at the Dogs in Ireland to Tourism Trade at the British Tourism & Travel Show 2017". In a press release issued ahead of the show, Tourism Ireland confirmed that "Tourism Ireland is exhibiting alongside its stand partners including...Irish Greyhound Board..." The IGB's presence at the show was to encourage tour operators to direct tourists to Irish greyhound tracks. The travel show listing for the Irish Greyhound Board described a visit to a dog track as "the perfect mix of night-time entertainment, Irish culture and good food". There is, of course, no mention of the ugly reality of the greyhound industry - the suffering of dogs, the mutilations, abandonment, injuries or deaths. Speaking on the Prime Time programme, greyhound protection campaigner, Marion Fitzgibbon left no doubt about the appalling cruelty. She told viewers: "We believe there are probably 10,000 greyhounds put to sleep every year. They can be killed in all sorts of fashions. We've had so many instances of finding them shot, ears cut off, drowned" - Clearly Tourism Ireland, Fáilte Ireland and other tourism bodies should have nothing to do with this disgusting industry. They should recognise that the greyhound industry is bad for Ireland's image and note the growing opposition to greyhound racing in Ireland, Europe, America, Australia and all around the world. Ireland has so many wonderful tourist attractions - there is no need for Tourism Ireland or Fáilte Ireland to resort to using greyhound racing as a selling point.

Irish Council Against Blood Sports ICABS
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Petition to Prime Minister's Office Planning Unit (Barbados)

Keep The Sea Window At Accra/Rockley Open

Whereas, the residents of Blue Waters, Cot Road in Rockley and the wider Rockley district and adjoining Worthing and Hastings areas along the South Coast, have no issue with the concept of redevelopment and have no desire to stop this project as a whole, we however have some legitimate issues that concern its impact on our nearby homes, the surrounding infrastructure and the use of the existing beach access, car park, window-to-the-sea and the general environment.  Therefore we want these concerns considered with regard to TCP Application Ref: 0267/02/2019 B;   So please sign and share the below petition if you share these concerns and believe that ... 1.       The traditional Window-To-The-Sea opposite Blue Horizon at Accra should be left open as a legacy.  It is one of the last remaining vistas to the sea on that coast and the south coast of Barbados. 2.       Locals and visitors alike have been using that parcel of land for parking and access unobstructed and continuously for decades, and now have a legal prescriptive right to do so. 3.       The proposed 10 storey height of the hotel is out of character with the surrounding area, and will create shading and ventilation issues for the surrounding residential area.  There is also the major concern on setting such a precedent for the South Coast, especially established residential areas nearby. 4.       Given the above points and potential threat to existing road and sewerage infrastructure a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) must be done for the Blue Horizon/Blue Tourism Inc project, as presently proposed. Dated:  July 15, 2019

Concerned Citizens of Barbados
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