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Let Starbucks Customers Tip on Credit Card Transactions

Straight to the point: we are asking Starbucks to enable tipping on credit card transactions. I'd first like to recognize that Starbucks does succeed in many areas regarding employee benefits, opportunities, and encouraging a deep sense of community between customers and partners, and for that I commend them. And it is often these aspects that make switching jobs a difficult choice for a barista.  Pay, however, is still incredibly important, and, when factoring in tips, becomes a strong competitive advantage of other jobs in customer service, and my experience has shown me that Starbucks has not committed to providing all employees with a living wage.  And I firmly believe one small step that can be enacted immediately to work towards that goal is to finally allow tipping on credit card transactions.  The myth of disproportionate income tax Some baristas have been reluctant to push to credit card tipping because of taxes. The simple truth is that tips are considered part of your normal, taxable income. Nothing more, nothing special, nothing less. The fear of being taxed disproportionately on tips is unwarranted. Check out for more information on how this works. Additionally, it is very unlikely that extra income from credit card tips would push any Barista into the next tax federal tax bracket, as that would be over $38, 701!  Beating the tax system should not be a reason for working in the service industry.  Electronic tipping is the norm Customers are surprised quite regularly that tipping has not yet been enabled.  It's 2019. Square and Verifone are ubiquitous, and their interfaces allow for consistent, recognizable prompts for tipping. No receipts, no calculations, no math. Transaction time should not be an excuse.  Being a barista is physically and emotionally challenging, and the amount of training and knowledge (read: skill) would surprise most people.  It takes real dedication to be successful at Starbucks, and we believe baristas have a right to this small opportunity for us to earn a better living.   

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