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Petition to Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Timor-Leste, Prime Minister of RDTL

Stop illegal fishing in Timor sea!

Real damage is caused by 15 chinese fishing boats under Hong Long company for the second time caught by the National Police of Republic Democratic of Timor-Leste (PNTL) and Sea Sheperd this week. This illegal fishing targets mainly endangered species such as Sharks and Corals in the Timor sea. We demand the Government to terminate the existing contract with Hong Long company from China and to take the responsibility for the harm caused! These fishing boats violated the license agreement of Timorese Fishing Law, as they target sharks instead of fishes, and the inspections revealed more than 40 tonnes of shark, which the Government said could contravene Timor-Leste law and the fishing licence conditions. The fishing license for this company is said to be expired since last November. Furthermore, the company, Pingtan Marine Enterprise (which is a related entity Hong Long company) has previously been banned from fishing in Indonesian waters. We believe that MAFF's decison to impose financial sanction in response to the violation of Timor-Leste environmental safeguard on protected/endangered species is not a sufficient measure to guarantee that the violator will refrain from such action in the future. The infringement already occurred in the past, and the perpetrator continues to neglect our national regulations. Therefore, we demand for the termination of the perpetrator's fishing permit to assure that future violation is prevented. Your petition will be delivered to the Ministry of Agriculture in the meantime.   TETUN Ró peska Xinés hamutuk 15 husi kompañia Hong Long hetan kapturasaun ba dala-rua husi PNTL no ONG ida husi Australia, Sea Sheperd, semana ida ne'e, tanba kontinua prejudika estragus ba animal iha tasi Timor. Kompañia refere halao peska ilegal ba tuburaun no coral, nebé iha kategoria ameasadu atu mohu. Ró peska hirak ne'e viola termos de licença ba Lei ba Peska Timor nian, tanba halao peska ba tuburaun, animal protejidu iha tasi Timor, i aléin ida ne'e, ró hirak ne'e halao peska ba tuburaun hamutuk 40 tonelada, liu quota nebé Estado determina iha Lei Peska nian no Licensa ba Prska. Ami ejiji ba Governo, liu husi Ministério Agricultura, Floresta e Pescas, atu termina kontratu ho kompañia Hong Long husi Xina, no kompañia refere presija toma responsabilidade ba dano nebé sira kauza ona. Kompañia refere nia Licença ba peska expiradu tiha ona Novembru tinan 2016. Aléin ida ne'e, compañia Pingtan Marine Enterprise, nebé mai husi entidade ida ho Hong Long, antes ne'e hetan ona sansaun husi Indonezia, no hetan bandu atu tama ba teritóriu Marítima Indonezia nian. Ami fiar katak sansaun financial nebé MAFP foti hasoru kompañia hirak ne'e tanba viola ona Timor-Leste nia lei konabá animal ameasadu sira, ladun sufisiente atu garante katak suspeitu sei la repete tan nia aksaun sira iha futuru. Infrasaun sira akontese bebeik iha pasadu, maibé suspeitu sira kontinua ignora ita-nia lei. Tan ne'e, ami ejiji terminasaun ba suspeitu nia licença atu peska iha tasi Timor, atu asegura katak labele akontese tan aksaun hanesan iha futuru. Ita-boot nia petisaun sei diriji ba Ministerio Agricultura e Pescas. Your petition will be delivered to the Ministry of Agriculture  and Fisheries in the mean time. 

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Petition to Joko Widodo, Joko Widodo

Fire war criminal Wiranto. He's not fit to be Indonesia coordinating minister

This is outrageous. On July 27, 2016, Indonesia's President Joko Widodo appointed indicted war criminal Gen. Wiranto Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law, and Security Affairs. A presidential spokesperson told the Jakarta Post that Wiranto "well-tested and was experienced in resolving various assignments, especially during the transition period from the New Order to the Reform era in the late 1990s." In 2003, he was indicted by a UN-backed court for his role in the security-force violence during Timor-Leste's independence referendum  Wiranto is responsible through acts of omission and commission for the gravest violations of human right in East Timor and Indonesia. A retired General Wiranto had deep ties to the Indonesian dictator Suharto’s New Order regime. He served as Suharto’s Aide de Camp from 1989-1993. In February 1998, while Indonesia was in the throes of the financial and political crisis, Suharto named him commander of the Armed Forces of Indonesia and a month later he was given the portfolio of Minister of Defense and Security. Although viewed as a reformer for his outward support for reducing the military’s role in politics, he nonetheless bears responsibility as commander in the deaths of protesters at the hands of the military in Jakarta during the May 1998 tumult. Wiranto was implicated for rights violations in a 2003 Komnas HAM report on the anti-Chinese riots in 1998. In February 2003, the UN-backed Serious Crimes Unit (SCU) indicted Wiranto for his role in the security force violence surrounding Timor-Leste's 1999 UN-organized referendum on independence. The SCU charged him “with Crimes Against Humanity for Murder, Deportation and Persecution in that these crimes were all undertaken as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against the civilian population of East Timor and specifically targeted those who were believed to be supporters of independence for East Timor.” As head of the military, there is no doubt that he was aware – if not involved in the planning – of the scorched earth campaign unleashed on the East Timorese following their vote for independence in 1999. For reasons of realpolitik the government of Timor-Leste has never followed up on the indictment. In December 2013, Wiranto told Al Jazeera “that he followed state policies [in Timor-Leste] and that President Habibie was responsible for those. Habibie rubbishes his claims and says there are no facts to suggest he instructed Wiranto and his soldiers to kill.” more at ETAN's website see also Joint statement by Tapol, ETAN and Watch Indonesia! on Wiranto /Pengangkatan Jenderal (Purn) Wiranto sebagai Menteri mengukuhkan adanya impunitas berurat-akar di Indonesia ANTI: We Stand Against Impunity, Deny Formerly Accused General Wiranto From Holding a Position of Power!/ Estatementu Konjunta: Ami Kontra Impunidade Hasoru Wiranto Wiranto and the Biak Massacre ETAN needs your support - please donate today!

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