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Petition to Patricia De Lille

Grant the Thornton Islamic Society a long term lease on ERF 1102 or allow for them to purchase the Erf

Thornton has a population of about 4000 people of which almost 600 are Muslims. Yet, the area has 5 Churches and the local Scouts Hall is used for Church services as well. Current, The Thronton Islamic Society (TIS) has a month to month lease with the City on the ERF 1102. The City states that the ERF is Zoned for Sports and Recreation and because of this, they are not willing to re-zone the ERF.  TIS is thus proposing that we be granted eitehr a long term lease or given the option to purchase the property to build, at our own cost, a Multi Cultural Centre benefitting all residents of Thronton. This centre will offer: A Communal Hall that can be used by all residents of Thornton Offer and Islamic Learning Centre where Muslim Residents can perform their religious duties which include our 5 daily prayers, Friday congregational prayers, facility to perform marriage ceremonies, place to perform burial services from Madrassah - Islamic learnings for both children and adults A community computer lab -  offering children from the area a safe and secure environment to complete homework and projects Tutoring Services for schoolchildren in the area A Community Sports Centre - Possibly constructing Squash Courts for all residents. TIS would like to invest in the community upliftment, but cannot justify the expenses without having the security of atleast a long term lease in place.

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