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Petition to Theresa May MP, Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn MP

Change the voting age to 16

Hi, my name is Rabiah and I'm a 14 year old student at Southfields Academy. I'm currently working on a Citizenship campaign with my peers Nadija, CJ, Lewis and Tia. We chose this topic because we felt that us young people are the future and we need to express our views in political matters that will affect us one day.  The topic of 16 and 17 year old people being given the right to vote is extremely important. Older generations are being given the responsibility and the right to vote about political matters like education, housing and jobs, yet they don't use their power to help us younger generations and to prepare us for the future in a positive way. Why should we sit quiet and let other people decide our fate for us? When you turn 16, you have a range of legal rights for example: Work full time if you have left school  Be paid the National Minimum Wage for 16-17 year olds Get a National Insurance number Legally consent to having sexual intercourse and having a child If young people have these legal rights to look after themselves then how can they be irresponsible when it comes to matters that affect a whole new generation? If us young people work and pay tax whilst looking after your family etc, then why should young people sit on the side and have no say in where that tax should be spent? The main reason to why there was no debate in Parliament is because the 'concerns about the age of maturity'. If the Government can deem young people at the age of 16 to legally have sexual intercourse and maybe even become a parent, then young people should be deemed old enough to decide issues that greatly affect their life. Lastly, I believe that apathy is the biggest issue facing the UK's political system. Engaging people in elections and referendums and giving them the responsibility to decide what they want is initially a good path in fixing the UK's problems.  I would definitely appreciate people sharing their same concern as me and my group. Please promote my petition and stay updated for any more news from me and my peers.

Rabiah Mohammad
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Petition to dwp , Theresa May MP

DWP & Government: Stop Benefit Cuts, Stop Pension Cuts and Age Rise, Stop Discrimination!

So for a couple of years I have wondered about what benefits I'm entitled to, as I'm sure other people have. I have mental health illness's which in turn has made my doctor say I am unfit for work but I'll go into that a bit more later. I currently receive Employment and Support Allowance & Housing Benefits (currently in process of PIP claim). My concern is the fact that if I want to marry my partner, I will have to rely on HIS hard work and my PIP. Now please tell me how my partner is suppose to care for me & work for £300 a week plus if I win my PIP then I can claim this of max £141 a week. Now I'm not sure about the rest of you but the fact of my depression and anxiety etc his car is a must to get me to doctor appointments, transport to see my family when I can and shopping etc. I will lose my ESA and Housing Benefits if I marry him so my question is this, why must our partners be the ones to have to support us with all of their money? How is this even right and been considered?!  Why should their hard work and earned money have to pay out for us the whole way, scrapping for pennies after the end of it. We won't be able to afford Rent  Fuel  Road Tax MOT Car Insurance Life Insurance (when it comes to it) Food  Gas  Electric Water  Phone Bills Internet  TV licence Prescriptions Bathroom Essentials e.g. towels, shampoo and conditioner, soap...  Female Essentials Clothing and the list goes on.  DWP have shamed us for long enough! We have suffered by them, people have even COMMITTED SUICIDE due to their system and how it runs. As someone who suffers with mental health, I can say this is not the way I wanted to live my life. I wish I could work, see my friends, be able to keep my hygiene up, change out of my clothes without having to be told and forced to! How long must we be pushed under their shoes, they don't care for us at all.  I don't want your money, just your time and a signature to help people like myself and others who cannot work due to their illnesses not to have to rely on their partners money if they get married. I don't really see the difference between a couple and a married why take away someones benefits for the sake of a marriage which is a last name change?! C'mon guys, lets fight back against the cuts, ALL THE MONEY CUTS! THE NHS, DWP BENEFITS, OUR PENSIONS!! FIGHT BACK AND LETS MAKE OUR LIVES EASIER!! Lets just say its not just DWP...Theresa May I am ASHAMED OF YOU! LIVE UP TO YOUR EXPECTATIONS OR LEAVE! ITS OK FOR ALL YOU IN THERE TO GIVE YOURSELF AN EXTRA BONUS BUT WHAT ABOUT US?!!!  Thank-you if you sign and if you share. I hope something is done for the sake of our lives. We must take back our rights to live...  

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