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Sack Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary

Boris Johnson, Her Majesty's Foreign Secretary and Britain's premier representative abroad, is a national embarrassment. A proven liar (cf. his entire journalistic career, claims over the benefits of Brexit) who routinely insults foreign nations through sheer ignorance (reciting colonial poetry in Burma) or juvenile oneupmanship (telling Italy they need to be nice to us or we'll stop buying their prosecco), he has now condemned a British citizen to five extra years in an Iranian jail through one moment of uninformed thoughtlessness. He was once quite funny on Have I Got News For You. How he has been allowed to translate this one night of success into an appointment to one of the great offices of state is the comic fable of our age, a story of self-promotion, disingenuous posturing and mass gullibility. Too long has the Conservative party been in thrall to Johnson's undoubted charisma and ability to quote Cicero. But please, Mrs May, look around you at the trail of chaos this clown-haired egomaniac is leaving behind him. Despite Johnson's obvious efforts to emulate our great wartime prime minister, he is to Churchill as Brendan O'Carroll is to an Irish single mother. He really isn't as clever as he thinks he is - honestly, can you look at his performance in front of the foreign affairs select comittee on 1st November 2017 and tell me he knows what he's doing?  His blabber-mouthed stupidity is destroying your government's credibility and Britain's reputation just as Brexit makes it vital that our finest ambassadors cement our international friendships. Now, he is also endangering the lives of British citizens. You can help Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe by making Boris Johnson face up to his responsibilities during a long mournful stint on the back benches.

Chris Saunders
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Ease the 2 year Residency test for Housing and other Benefits on British Citizens Abroad

Currently British Citizens face a Habitual Residence test when making an initial claim for benefits and housing assistance in the UK. One must prove they have been habitually resident in the UK for a minimum of 2 years before they can make a claim for benefits including housing. This makes it impossible for British Citizens from overseas territories to move to the UK unless they can stay with family or friends. Some may not have family or friends in the UK. We are therefore asking the UK Government to to ease this restriction for British Overseas Territories Citizens in Anguilla the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos all of whom have been severely impacted by Hurricane Irma and are facing the Threat of Hurricane Jose. Their main economy is Tourism which has been completely destroyed and will take years to rebuild. The people of those territories are British Citizens and have a right to Live and work in the UK (Right of Abode) many of these people do not have friends of family in the UK whom they may stay with when they arrive and will require financial and housing assistance from the UK government. Also a British Citizens cannot obtain a National Insurance Number (NINO) which is essential for work, claiming benefits and paying National Insurance contributions (Social Security) from outside the UK, however foreigners applying for a visa to work in the UK can obtain their NINO before they arrive. This is absolute bias against British Citizens and persistent ridicule. A British Citizen would have to come to the UK then gain an appointment for a NINO which takes up to 2 weeks or longer. How will they survive?  

E. Herbert
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Theresa May: Publish the report about Saudi Arabian funding of ISIS

Theresa May has been sitting on a report into the funding of Islamist extremist terrorist groups for 6 months at the time of writing.The home office today has indicated that it may never be published because it allegedly shows Saudi Arabia to be funding terrorism including ISIS. I am a resident of London Bridge and I no longer feel safe since the recent terror attacks because it seems to me that my own government are complicit in the funding of the very people who are attacking us in our own cities. Theresa May recently approved £3.5bn worth of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Arms which are being used to commit crimes against humanity in Yemen. Arms which are being used to kill civilians, men, women, children, babies. People just like you and me. The report in question was originally commissioned by David Cameron in January last year and was supposed to have been finished by Easter. I call on David Cameron to demand that it is published and not just swept under the carpet.Apparently the report was commissioned under the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition. David Cameron commissioned it as a deal he struck with the Lib Dems in order to secure their support for air strikes in Syria in 2015. I call on Tim Farron and Vince Cable and all members of the Lib Dems to demand that the Conservatives uphold their end of this deal and publish the report. If they do not publish this report then your party supported Conservative air strikes in Syria for nothing. End the governments complicity in the funding of terrorist groups like ISIS. Publish this report and make it public for all to see who is funding ISIS and other terrorist groups. Even if it is an ally of ours, let it be known around the world who funds terrorists.

Cris Jarvis
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