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Petition to Chief Mark Koller, Mayor Barbara Halliday

To the Hayward (CA) Police Department - A Call to Action to address rampant package theft

To Mayor Barbara Halliday and Chief Mark Koller - Many of us living in Cannery Place (a newly redeveloped section of Hayward, CA by the Hayward Water Tower) have lived here since they started building new homes and even later selling those homes for even newer builds in the same Cannery Place area, deciding to remain and grow with Hayward. Although we have seen massive change in this area with new construction here and around the city (all positive signs), what we have not seen change is the level of package theft nor the action of addressing theft. In many ways neighbors have taken action by buying Ring Doorbell, Nest or other brands of cameras in addition to altering the packages for delivery elsewhere but for many people getting packages delivered to office or to UPS is still not enough nor an option. With the boom of online shopping, your typical UPS, Fedex can't handle all these deliveries and therefore another independent delivery services...there are many so the recommendation to have it delivered elsewhere is not a fix, but an excuse to kick the can down the road and to not address the problem...whats next burglary bars on windows, steel gates on doors, pitbulls behind chain link fences? When do we stop altering our lives for criminals and take more forceful, offensive measures to tackle this issue and prosecute these criminals much harder. Its inaction and the lack of participative, cooperative communities that leads to neighborhoods with bars on windows and doors, pit bulls behind gates and more....and when does this stop! Its a slippery slope to keep making excuses to... install cameras have packages shipped elsewhere get a dog put signs up by security services ...which is what people have done already...we are not too far away from turning what was supposed to be a beacon of redevelopment in Hayward, back to the barred up houses that once existed (and in some cases still do), in a formerly (and still) high crime area of Hayward. Neighbors who are simply posting video on Ring also need to do more to create further awareness and many are doing so. They need to... ReportIt to KRON4 news here File a Hayward Police Department and sending videos here  Many neighbors have already been doing the above... contacting the Police, filing reports and posting videos for the last several years having never heard anything back regarding if they have caught or prosecuted anyone. As a result of this lack of follow-up and inability to address the crime, people give up, accepting crime as it is today as the new norm and therefore they quit in "what's the use in reporting, it has not changed anything", which does not help anyone, especially since you look at data to determine where crimes occur. While we know in many cases the Police department is likely understaffed and overworked, you are also placing us as a community in a situation to do what is necessary to protect our property and our families therefore this petition is a call to action by our community leaders to address this now and much more aggressively. Just last week a neighbor who was almost carjacked last year in November had his vehicle broken into and radio stolen and as in his case some people getting hit repeatedly. Its constant here and we can provide numerous video examples to illustrate the level of criminality. I have provided a few videos just in the newer Tripointe section of Cannery Place that occurred this last week No more excuses! Do something!

Kris Marquis
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Petition to Lee Gray (Mayor)

Street Lights for Safety - Pickerington

Over the past few years, crime has been steadily increasing in the Pickerington, Ohio area. Most recently, several vehicles were broken into, including one vehicle that was stolen from a residents driveway. Unfortunately, the residents of the Stonebridge Estates sub division have been victims of these crimes more than once. Over the past 1-2 years, there have been many break-ins, vandalism, thefts, and attempted home invasions.To date, attending City Council meetings have resulted in no change and a complete denial of the request for street lights. We believe this has allowed crime to not only continue, but to increase in frequency and intensity.Pickerington currently has a 3-mil permanent levy on the ballot and emphasizes the following points in justifying the request: "Protect the community’s current investments", "Provide a safe, secure, 21st-century ... environment", and "Ensure Pickerington remains a “community of choice” for current and future residents."We are asking for the same. We would like to have the City of Pickerington protect the community's current investments, provide a safe, secure, 21st-century environment, and ensure Pickerington remains a "community of choice" for current and future residents.We are petitioning the City of Pickerington to provide street lights for the Stonebridge Estates subdivision to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents and to deter theft and vandalism.

Travis Van Ness
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Petition to Bill Walker, William Morse, Jahna Lindemuth, Alaska Governor, Michael Dunleavy, Don Young, Lisa Murkowski, Alaska Governor Bill Walker, Bill Wielechowski

We NEED the other half of our PFD's

We the undersigned Alaska residents politely demand you return the monies you stole from us when you chose to take away half of our PFD's illegally. Many Alaskans rely on our Permanent Fund Dividends annually to provide necessities, purchase long johns, socks, winter gear, and pay bills, (like medical necessities which have been covered by Medicaid/Medicare annually prior to recent egregious changes forcing patients to do without while placing us in a position of hardship making payments to medical professionals). We elderly, disabled, struggling parents, bush residents, residents living paycheck to paycheck, understand "tight budgets" because we are struggling to survive on incomes "lower than the poverty level". Just how far do you think ten, one hundred dollar bills stretch each month Bill? You grew up here in Delta may not remember us, however, we remember you. You should know better than to try to take unfair advantage of your classmates and constituents. In addition, we have been denied our annual cost of living increases again, despite the prices in Alaska INCREASING. We need you to pay a penalty for breaking the law and stealing our money in the form of 30% interest per person, per month on the unpaid balances of our PFD's. We need deposits posted no later than 1DEC2016 calculated thusly: $1200.00x30%x2 (Oct&Nov) balance due 1Dec2016 $1200.00x30%=$360.00 $1200.00+$360.00=$1560.00 $1560.00x30%=$468.00 $1560.00+$468.00=$2028.00 due 1DEC16 per PFD. Please read the comments for yourselves decision makers. Please do not make us wait until after 17Jan2017 for congress to be back in session.      

DrDi Chadwell
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