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Petition to Harry Parker, Victor Boschini, Anne Helmreich

Save Trinity Shakespeare Festival at TCU in Fort Worth, Texas

TCU is cutting off the Trinity Shakespeare Festival's funding! Here is the official statement from the TCU Office of Strategic Communications: "Trinity Shakespeare Festival was created in 2009 and originally funded through a generous grant from the Vision in Action initiative at TCU. The university has been proud to provide performance and rehearsal spaces, scenic and costume studios and major underwriting for the festival these last 10 years. As TCU moves to a new stage of growth, we look forward to exploring new opportunities for future professional theatre festivals hosted on our campus." We the undersigned do NOT want the funding from Trinity Shakespeare Festival cut and redirected toward "new opportunities for professional theatre festivals hosted on our campus." There are already many professional theatres in Fort Worth! TSF fulfills an urgent need in Fort Worth for quality, classical theatre productions. If TSF is discontinued, that will leave North Texas with the professional Texas Shakespeare Festival in Kilgore and the professional Shakespeare Dallas. The only company left in Fort Worth will be the non-equity Stolen Shakespeare Guild, which doesn't exclusively perform Shakespeare. And so, we the citizens of Fort Worth as well as lovers of Shakespeare everywhere touched by Trinity Shakes do urge and request the administration of TCU to reconsider this decision and KEEP SHAKESPEARE ALIVE IN FORT WORTH by prioritizing funding and by reaching out to interested donors. PLEASE do not kill this great thing! ________________________________ LET'S SAVE SHAKESPEARE! Leave a short "reason for signing" when you sign. I will compile these later and send them to the TCU administration. Individual comments make the petition much more effective. Would you consider pitching in $5 at the GoFundMe page of the Trinity Shakespeare Festival? Go Fund Me -- Save Trinity Shakespeare SHARE this petition AND the GoFundMe!

Mark Feezell
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Petition to Tom Wolf

Better Funding for Performing Arts Programs in PA Schools #Don'tDreamItBeIt

My name is Olivia Rose, and I am a student of Danville Area High School in Pennsylvania. Ever since I was 8, I have loved the realm that is theatre. I have been graciously a part of 9 musicals with local theatres since then, including 4 with the Danville Area High School Preforming Arts Ensemble. What I have noticed about the shows that my fellow classmates have worked months on to perfect for the community is that frankly, we are a little under appreciated. For Danville especially, we as of now do not have the resources available to present a show big enough to get everyone in the community excited for. As you may know, you need more than just space, talent, and cast size to pull off any musical. You need money too. Renting scripts, getting rights for a show (and the more well known the show, the prettier the penny will be to do it), and purchasing resources for set all make up the financial end of it. I could get into more expenses, but you get the point- musicals are not cheap or easy!  To say our school's drama club is well funded would be a lie. While other schools have done "Grease", "Hairspray", or even "The Addams Family Musical", we have been stuck with little money, thus only being able to do more obscure shows. As you can assume, the community doesn't exactly get really excited for these musicals. People want to see the classics, or at least a show they've vaguely heard of. Fellow Danville students only come to see our shows for the incentives of extra credit promised by teachers. Sets, costumes, and everything else also come into play. This creates a never ending cycle, unexciting musicals are done with no funds, and no one comes to watch, giving us little profit. I can only imagine this issue is worse in other Pennsylvania schools, (especially urban schools that aren't well funded to begin with) who may have had to get rid of their theatre programs.  Aspiring actors and actresses of this generation need a foundation to perfect their talents. Auditioning for the school play should be encouraged highly, the drama program should be funded as equally as the athletic department, and each school should have some sort of music or theatre class. Theatre can definitely change lives. Additional funds to the performing arts in schools can help influence and inspire youth. This will also encourage the community to gain an experience in the arts and culture when they come to see the shows produced by said schools helped with this extra money.  This epidemic is growing in Pennsylvania, and for kids like me who want to pursue performing arts as a career, this is a catastrophe. Very few take us seriously for our career pursuit as it is, and neither will our school peers or communities if this issue goes unnoticed. Pennsylvania hasn't delivered a famous talented actor since Will Smith, and with the lack of encouragement in our schools it isn't hard to see why. Whether this problem is solved by leveling out school funds to be more equal or proportionate, or state funding, the arts need to be embraced and funded, not laughed at and left destitute. 

Olivia Crumb
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Petition to Julia Jasken, Academic Planning Committee

The Future of the Theatre Department

UPDATE FROM PROVOST: "I am not given the authority to offer any tenure track appointments until the early fall, so no department, regardless of the pressure that is exerted, can be hearing definitively that they will receive one of those positions. I will, however, assure you once again that you have made a good case for what you believe the department needs. The Theatre program is very valuable, both to our students and to the College. Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide to you.​" Ira Domser, the main technical professor for the McDaniel Theatre Department is retiring. We need a replacement because we do not have a professor to teach technical theatre classes, including ones required to complete the Theatre Arts major. The Academic Planning Committee's current plan to replace Ira is to have two part-time positions fulfill the needs next year. However, the Academic Planning Committee wants to replace Ira's position with two part-time positions PERMANENTLY. This is not a sustainable solution and we are working to share our concerns with the Provost about this. Concerns include (but are not limited to): Part time instructors would be only required to work 13 hours a week outside of the classroom; not enough time to produce a department performance. Tech week takes 12 hours per day, so they would not be able to attend tech week for more than one day. There is a high turnover rate among part time professors, so hiring two part time instructors in permanent positions does not guarantee consistency, and there may end up being new instructors coming in every year, needing to be retrained about the specifics of our department. McDaniel College prides itself in teacher student relationships. Without consistency it is difficult for students to form meaningful relationships. This is essentially depriving students from one of the fundamental principles of this institution. Tech focused students would have not have academic advisers with familiarity in their focus, and no one to serve as a mentor. Elizabeth van den Burg will be the only full time professor in the theatre department. What will happen when she retires?  Elizabeth and Gene' Fouche would be the only two advisers for a department with over 30 majors, and would have a lot of strain from this  

Jennifer Willard
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Petition to Washington Music Theater, First & Goal

WaMu Theater: Cascade Up The Orchestra Sections To Accommodate Disabled Seatings

WaMu Theater (also known as the Event Center) is a location within the Century Link Field that has the capacity between 3,300 to 7,000 people for a flexible performing arts venue that presents concerts and Broadway shows. But if it's supposed to be a musical theater, then why are there orchestra sections sitting on the floor level that does not cascade up? The big deal about the venue is that the views of the flat-floor are full of obstructions because there is no slope reserved seatings other than the moveable bleachers. A real theater must have Orchestra sections to cascade up in between the pit and the loges/mezzanines, not on the main flat floor with or without the portable chairs. What's even worse is that the venue lacks in reserving disabled seatings, which leaves the people with the wheelchairs in the disadvantage, and because of this, it discriminates the concert goers with physical disabilities who wanted to have the best night of their lives without needing to stand up. Our efforts for this petition is to encourage the organization of First & Goal to renovate the interior WaMu Theater by at least cascading up the orchestra sections to accommodate disabled seatings for an equally satisfying viewable experience, regardless of the live music genres, reserved or general admission, and all of the ages. Friendly Update: Use The Hashtags #FixWaMuTheater and #GiveWaMuTheaterAMakeover

Seattle Entertainer
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