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Petition to Walmart, Doug McMillon

Walmart Please Let Your employees have Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve Off From Work

Walmart  I urge you to let your associates to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with their family friends and loved one's because Christmas & Thanksgiving are  some of America’s most cherished family holidays Treat Employees Like they Make a difference and they will With all of the new technology, Website's Such as Walmart and Jet and more.  things such as AI, and more, don't you think Walmart Could "afford" to give it's Employee's A day or two to spend with our Family, Friends, And Loved One's But, in pursuit of the almighty dollar, some retailers open their stores on Thanksgiving and Christmas, forcing many of their employees to work. We know that companies can support their bottom line without sacrificing their employees’ well being. Many chain stores do well and are NOT open on Thanksgiving and Christmas. For Example Sam's Club owned and operated by Walmart was closed on Black Friday, 2017, and 2018. Please urge Walmart, to put people over profits and refuse to open their doors on Thanksgiving the 28th  of November 2019 and Christmas Eve. and instead let employees have some time away from the frantic shopping season to spend with their children, Family, Friends, partners and loved ones. I personally believe that employees who who are less stressed at work due to the holidays in turn have better customer service and then that should make happier customers and repeat customers. Sam Walton Said "The Customer Comes First' As someone who cares about family and community, I urge you to give your employees the day off on Thanksgiving and Christmas  The Walton Family is the the richest family in the world, According  to a Bloomberg report The Walton Family Gets $4 Million Richer Every Hour Walmart made in fiscal year 2019 $514 Billion in revenue, + $27.8 Billion  operating cash flow. + eCommerce sales increased 40 percent,nearly doubling the sales of  Walmart E-e-commerce business over the past twoyears. Walmart made in fiscal year  2018 revenue of 500.3 Billion plus  $11.5 billion Walmart U.S. eCommerce Sales + $28.3 billion Operating Cash Flow Walmart made in fiscal year 2017 revenue of $485.9 billion, Walmart made in fiscal year 2016  revenue of $482.1 billion Sam Walton would have said "There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else"   Thank you, Adam Farris  Closed for the Holidays

Adam Farris
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Petition to Mark Haynes

Mark Haynes: We Love You. Please Resume the Beloved Super Mario Bros. Z Series

This petition is essentially meant to express the current and prevalent demand to have Mark Haynes—Author of the critically-acclaimed, cult classic Super Mario Bros. Z series—continue his fan-made crossover series for the many fans out there holding out hope for their favorite creator to grace them once again. For those who are new to the series, the next two paragraphs give a brief history of it. Back in 2006, flash animations were all the rage, with all kinds of creations ranging from interactive games to music video parodies. Newgrounds was home to most of those creations. One genre from the flash projects on Newgrounds, however, was action-adventure stories and sprite-fight animations. Unfortunately, there were very few of the latter, not to mention they were mediocre at best. Not long after, Mark Haynes (also known as Alvin Earthworm) debuted the now-beloved series Super Mario Bros. Z, an action-packed, fan-made crossover not only featuring characters from the series' Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog, but also story elements inspired by Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation's Dragon Ball Z. The series was featured on both Newgrounds and YouTube. The crossover hit continuously touched the hearts of many with each episode's release until after 2009, when his eighth action-packed episode marked the beginning of Mark Haynes' hiatus. Haynes' had cancelled the series, stating that if he would come back to the series, it would begin from the ground up as a reboot instead of resuming where the story was in 2009. Six years later, Haynes made a legendary, long-awaited return to announce the reboot of the amazing series. The first episode debuted in 2016 and breathed new life into the series, with major graphical improvements and impressive action choreography that surprisingly "one-upped" Haynes' talent with the first series' already-stunning design and effort. Unfortunately, Haynes had felt a decrease of interest in continuing the series, despite his wish to not desire to cancel the series a second time. His loss of interest came primarily from a cease-and-desist from Nintendo, concerning gaining Patreon profit from the use of their characters. While there were other reasons for the loss of interest, it wouldn't be polite to dwell on them, and the initial issue appeared to have been the cease-and-desist. Three years have gone by without sight of a second episode of Super Mario Bros. Z. His latest formal response to if he will continue his series was, in short, "I don't know." To Mark Haynes: I'd like to accomplish at least one of two things with this petition. First, I desire to show how many are still out there—both new and old to the series—who are still looking forward to your spectacular work. We'd like to add more inspiration, encouragement, reason, and fuel to your desire to continue the wonderful series. We wish to change "I don't know" to "Absolutely." We want to accept the second episode simply as if the first episode was released just last week. We cannot wait for how the SMBZ gang will save the universe. We want to put on positive pressure with motivation, not negative pressure that imposes failure. After all, the series has been a major success. Second. Even if this attempt to encourage you does not bear fruit, we would like to show recognition of thanks for the great adventure we've been on because of you. Your work has stuck with many of us since childhood. We would like to make known our appreciation for your work, which has been the inspiration to a plethora of other creators using sprite-fight action/adventure animations; The Mario 64 to the 3D genre; The Braid to the Indie genre; the Final Fantasy to the RPG genre. With much love from all of us, thank you, Mark. 

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