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Stop the gender bias in Texas schools

In the state of Texas there are numerous cases of school boards enforcing an out dated grooming standards and dress codes. They still require a boy or girl, or as described on the birth certificate, to maintain a so called "community approved" ideal appearance of what a boy or girl should be. In school districts all across the state a boy must maintain a hairstyle that is above the collar, earlobes, and eyebrows, while a girl is free to style. Which is blatant discrimination based on a gender, yet under federal law, a dress code can not treat students differently based on their gender, force students to conform to sex stereotypes, or censor particular viewpoints. We are preached to every day about this being the land of the free, home of the brave, that every person regardless of their sex, color, creed, and or sexual preference have rights. Most importantly the right to not be discriminated on the basis of those categories. We are told that in this  country, that a man is no greater than a woman, that no race is greater than another, that  we are free to follow the religion that we so choose, and most importantly are bodies are our own to do with what we may.  Which brings me to my issue at hand. How can we still allow this school districts, who while educating our children, are forcing them to conform with gender biased standards. What impact does the length of a boys hair have on his education, that a girls does not? Why is it alright for a female to wear earrings to school, but a male is not allowed? Why is that only a girl can wear a dress or skirt? My point is the school system is an institution for learning, we do not need them telling our children that because they were born female in a males body or vice versa, or they are a free spirit that they can not dress or style themselves that is allotted to the opposite sex. In my case particularly, I have a 9 year old that has been growing his hair since he was 4. He loves his hair long and the individuality that he gets from it. He was born with a primary immune deficiency, and has been forced to deal with injections, surgeries, hospital stays and many other hardships that due to his condition, has no choice in.  He sees his style, and long hair as one of the things that he has a choice int.  Yet in the Gatesville ISD student handbook (along with numerous handbooks in the state of Texas) it states a boys hair should not be below eyebrows, ear lobes or shirt collar. While it says nothing of the sorts in regard to requirements of a girls. I have contacted the school board numerous times about this, yet they do not do anything. I argue that what does the length of a boys hair have anything to do with the impedance of his or his classmates learning?  While they refuse to answer, and spout the rules are rules adage, I ask why not change the rule? It obviously discriminates against him based on his born sex. I believe this is an affront on his and boys like him student and civil liberties. As my case has proceeded, I have found numerous cases of young men being shamelessly discriminated based on what the community believes what a boy should look like. Then if they decide to voice their disagreement and non compliance they are punished for it. Should this school system does not remove the gender classifications on one page of an 82 page document, my son will be forced to face in school suspension, out of school suspension, and possible expulsion for non compliance.  He will also have to endure the possibility of changing schools, becoming home schooled, and becoming isolated from the friends he has known since he started school. I have since filed a formal grievance with the school board. Though because of policy you have to start at Level I, that is with your school principal. After you find out their hands are tied you file another grievance for Level II. Level II is to the superintendent of the school district, who as he puts it can only enforce the rules that the community via the school board chooses. So by this point your child is pressured to conform due to ISS punishment, or forced to cut his hair, as you are waiting for Level III. The School board, who may or not address your complaints at a hearing. Which god forbid you work out of town or offshore and miss your hearing. They have the right to judge your case with or with out you there. I might, after numerous request for their contact information that, even as public officials of my district, I have no right to contact them. That I must sign up for 5 minute speaking session at the next school board meeting. I am currently awaiting a response from my school board, before I move to a grievance at the state level, and then to the federal level.  I appreciate your reading of this, whether you sign or do not.

Justin Schaal
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Petition to Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, Texas State Senate, Steven P. Mach, A. Cynthia "Cindy" Leon, Steve McCraw, Skylor Hearn, Freeman F. Martin, Randall B. Prince, Amanda Arriaga

Change drivers license renewal process now!

The process to renew a drivers license (when you are forced to come into a DPS facility rather than renew online) is unacceptable. The wait times force thousands of individuals daily to take off hours from work to get through this state required renewal process. In most cases, individuals will wait hours to be seen. DPS locations are typically only open from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, while most working adults are supposed to be at their own workplace. Elderly individuals that can walk only with assistance are forced to sit for hours in an uncomfortable environment. Parents with young children are forced to find a caretaker or bring their children into the DPS office with them. These are miserable conditions. Wait times easily reach or exceed 5 to 6 hours at any given DPS office in the Dallas metroplex alone. Getting a new passport is easier than renewing a drivers license. Changes must be made. This is unacceptable, and Texans are fed up. Texans are expected to just deal with the problems while government officials sit back and do nothing to alleviate the strain on both their employees and the Texas residents that have to get through this process. Texans are tired of complaining and not being heard. We feel that we have no voice to make changes, and now we want someone to listen! Partnering with local post offices, libraries, or another facility to help process these renewal requests can greatly improve these conditions. Scheduling appointments online is a simple solution that can reduce wait times and lost wages. These solutions have already been implemented for obtaining passports. Why is Texas DPS not following suit? Let's get this changed NOW! If you have not been impacted yet, you will be. Please sign this petition to support my cause. 

Jennifer Boston
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