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Protect the Children of Lee County Texas

The Uvalde School Shooting was every parent's worst nightmare. As details are unfolding, the one thing all sources can agree on is the Uvalde Law Enforcement was not prepared for this assault. It is a large opinion of the public that the majority of small towns + communities would be equally unprepared.  We have to examine if Lee County is one of them. As a mother,  I HAVE to be confident that Lee County is prepared for the unthinkable. And I know without a shadow of doubt that I am not alone in asking these questions and having these concerns. I am speaking for every mother, father, grandparent & concerned citizen when I say: We have to be reassured that there are clear plans in place in the event of a school shooting & that it will not take 90 minutes to resolve an active shooter situation. We have to be reassured that our law enforcement has the necessary support, training, & equipment to ensure their safety & effectiveness, as well as the safety of our children. We have to be reassured that our teachers have received proper training & support from the school districts & law enforcement to be better equipped for an active shooter situation. We have to be reassured that our community leaders & schools are doing everything in their power to support the children of Lee County who are unable to advocate for themselves.  On June 13th, 2022, I am bringing these concerns to our Commissioner’s Court & our City Council to begin this conversation. The new budget for 2022-2023 does not go into effect until Fall of 2022. Now is the time for us to show the decision makers in our community that we desire for them to evaluate the monetary needs of the county. Your signature shows your support & desire to know that our city & county leaders are doing everything in their power to support our Law Enforcement & Schools.  Your signature shows your desire that our leaders, law enforcement, & school districts evaluate all of the policies & procedures we have in place and see if they are enough. If it is found that there is a need for more training, equipment, budget adjustments, funding, or anything else - we will be able to address that as a community. One lone voice cannot make an impact - we have to pull together as parents & concerned citizens. Together we can make real change & fight to keep our children safe. 

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Remove Pedro "Pete" Arredondo From Police Chief Following Uvalde Shooting

Remove Pedro "Pete" Arredondo From Police Chief Following Uvalde Shooting. "The police chief [Pete Arredondo] who reportedly made the call not to immediately send officers into Robb Elementary School to confront [the] gunman...'Peter Arredondo, the chief of police for the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, stopped at least 19 officers from breaking into the school as the gunman opened fire for at least an hour. Arredondo believed that the shooter had barricaded himself and that the children were not under an active threat, Steven McCraw, the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said Friday."-source "He should now end his career by resigning as chief of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Department for failing to take action while children placed nearly a dozen 911 calls for help while locked in adjoining classrooms, both their teachers and 19 classmates dead or dying. Each one of those calls required more nerve and courage than the chief supposedly in charge demonstrated. Each involved dire risk undertaken with the faith that the police would immediately respond. “Please send the police now,” a child begged after placing a half dozen previous calls over 44 minutes, the first of them 33 minutes after the killer entered the classroom and more than 30 minutes after the cops pursuing him should have been ordered to enter. By stepping down today as quickly as he should have responded on Tuesday morning, Arredondo could signal to the grieving families that he is holding himself responsible for a police failure that numerous other law enforcement commanders have termed 'disgusting.' [Arredondo] had... not summoned the nerve to act when a group of Border Patrol Agents decided that they had waited long enough for the order to enter. They got a key to the classroom door and did what Arredondo should have commanded in the first minutes. More than an hour elapsed after the killer should have been neutralized."-source Arredondo made the call to change the status of the shooter to a barricaded gunman vs active shooter upon learning the shooter entered the school, preventing officers from entering the school for almost an hour. 3 weeks prior to this incident Pete Arredondo was elected to Uvalde's City Council as the district 3 councilmen.  Pedro "Pete" Arredondo decisions and actions show he is unfit for the position of Police Chief of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District and should be relieved of his position. This raises the question, should Mr.Arredondo serve in any type of management position for the public with his lack of judgement? If Mr.Arredondo is willing to risk the lives of children, what else is he willing to risk? If you'd like to contact the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District to voice your opinion, here is the contact page on their website: Photo Illustration by ContentCreativeCompany

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Petition to Greg Abbott, Joseph R. Biden

Decriminalize marijuana and establish Medicinal Marijuana laws in Texas

Hello, my name is Jacob White. I am a US Army veteran, proud Texan and a supporter and advocate of Medical Marijuana and Veterans benefits and support. I am starting this petition to hopefully ignite a change in how Texans, and the US, view marijuana and the benefits we can get from it; both fiscally through the regulation and taxation of marijuana growth and sales and medically through compassionate and responsible use to treat many mental and physical illnesses and pain.   Most of my talking points and articles will be cited from a wonderful resource known as I will also be speaking from personal and anecdotal experience, and I welcome you to comment your personal experiences with medical and recreational marijuana in the comments! As a veteran of the US Army currently diagnosed with PTSD and Severe Chronic Pain, I feel like a bipartisan change can be made and health needs for veterans and civilians alike can be helped with your support! Current policies are failing us and I’d like to see my representatives and senators leading with legislation to repeal prohibition. We’d be better off legalizing marijuana, or at least decriminalizing it. We arrest too many people, derailing their lives and wasting valuable law enforcement resources.  According to the Unified Crime Report, in 2012 there were over 70,000 arrests for marijuana possession in Texas, more than in any other state. Meanwhile, the state clearance rate for reported rape cases was only 44%, and nearly 70% of robbery cases went unsolved.A criminal penalty accompanying a conviction for possession of a small amount of marijuana can lead to a lifetime of harsh consequences. A conviction can result in denial of student financial aid and government housing benefits, employment, and professional licenses.Although more than 105 million adults have used marijuana, the unequal enforcement means these harsh collateral consequences disproportionately affect minorities.African-Americans are 2.3 times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana possession, despite similar rates of usage.In Texas, 97% of all marijuana-related arrests are for possession — not manufacture or distribution.Imposing criminal penalties and jail time on those who possess small amounts of marijuana forces law enforcement to spend valuable time on arresting, processing, and prosecuting nonviolent offenders. This time would be better spent going after violent criminals. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Texans are diagnosed with serious and debilitating conditions — such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), and seizure disorders.Tens of thousands of Texas’ 1.6 million veterans are living with PTSD or intractable pain as a result of their time spent serving their country.The suffering of these patients is devastating or them and their families.For some seriously ill patients, currently available medications are not effective, and many of the treatments currently prescribed cause devastating side effects. A recent study found that overdoses on opiates decreased by 25% in states with medical marijuana laws — while medical marijuana has never caused a fatal overdose.Patients need the freedom to use the treatment that is right for them, and physicians must be free to recommend the best treatment for their patients without government interference.There is extensive research indicting the effectiveness of medical marijuana in treating a range of conditions such as wasting, muscle spasticity, and chronic pain.Legalizing medical marijuana will create growth and job opportunities in Texas in addition to providing relief to thousands of patients.Reducing government interference in the medical field and creating a market for medical marijuana is a state’s prerogative.Texas voters support allowing access to medical marijuana. A 2013 poll conducted by Public Policy Polling found that 58% of Texans support allowing access to medical marijuana.A 2013 national poll by Fox News found that 85% of Americans support medical marijuana.Twenty-three states and Washington, D.C. currently allow patients legal access to medical marijuana. Several other states are currently considering legislation to allow access to medical marijuana.For some patients for whom currently available medications are not effective, medical marijuana may provide relief from suffering and improve quality of life.It’s time for Texans to ensure medical freedom for seriously ill patients to access the best treatment for their care, including medical marijuana.The Texas Nurses Association “believes alternative therapies and complementary modalities may be appropriate interventions to meet patient needs. Such therapies and modalities include the use of marijuana in appropriate medical situations such as helping patients manage chronic pain. Patients should have access to marijuana for such use and practitioners should have the right to counsel patients about the use of marijuana in appropriate medical situations.” Marijuana prohibition has failed. Today, over 106 million Americans admit to having tried marijuana, and over 17.4 million say they have used it in the past month.Marijuana prohibition has been just as ineffective, inefficient, and problematic as alcohol prohibition was in the 1920s and 1930s. Most Americans agree it is time to replace this failed policy with a more sensible approach.A majority of Texans agree it is time to replace marijuana prohibition with a system of reasonable regulation, legalizing marijuana for adults 21 and over.Marijuana is objectively less harmful than alcohol. It is less toxic, less addictive, and less harmful to the body, and it does not contribute to violent and reckless behavior. Adults should not be punished for choosing to use the safer substance.By treating marijuana like alcohol, we can take sales out of the hands of drug cartels in the underground criminal market and put them behind the counters of state-licensed businesses that are creating jobs and paying taxes.Law enforcement officials’ time and resources could be better spent addressing violent and otherwise serious crimes instead of arresting and prosecuting adults for using marijuana. For example, in Houston alone, over 15,000 burglaries with viable leads went uninvestigated in 2013. During that same time period, over 74,000 arrests for possession of marijuana occurred in Texas. Clearly, our tax dollars and our law enforcement priorities need to be redirected.   Texas is also poised to be an agricultural powerhouse for medical marijuana growth, as the vast farmland and climate make controlled growth and cultivation wonderful for the states agricultural economy!     I will also be further updating these talking points and recommendations as I find more valuable resources for proving to congress how many Texans want and need medical and recreational marijuana!   Thank you all for your support! Jacob white

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