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Petition to John Cyrier, John Kuempel, Judith Zaffirini, Joe Straus, Greg Abbott

Make BBQ the State Food of Texas

Texas is the Barbecue Capitol of the World but barbecue is not our official state food. That honor belongs to chili. It’s time for a change. The Lone Star State teems with barbecue joints, from the world-famous to neighborhood hangouts. They are urban and they are rural. They are old -- with walls blackened from generations of smoke. And they are new -- outfitted with an army of hulking pits than can feed hundreds. They can be found over the fence, down the alley and in backyards if you follow the white smoke. According to acclaimed Texas food writer Robb Walsh barbecue has a long history here. The Caddo Indians started cooking meat over open fires 10,000 years ago. Later black slaves cooked to mark the end of harvest or celebrate events like Junteenth. Germans and Czechs came later, bringing their European techniques to Central Texas in the 1830’s. In the last ten years, a boundless passion for hand-crafted, smoked meats has blessed Texas with a robust barbecue economy. The live oak, mesquite and hickory that feeds the flames comes from Texas. The beef that yields fatty brisket comes from Texas. The tourists, forming lines that curl around the block, travel across Texas in search of great barbecue as if following their favorite football team. The kingmaker of the 50 best barbecue spots, Texas Monthly, writes that “…we are living in the golden age of Texas barbecue.” And we agree. That is why we call on our state lawmakers to make barbecue our state food, the culinary symbol of where we’ve been and who we are. This petition is part of a reporting project from Verify, a production of WFAA-TV in Dallas and TEGNA Media. We take real people along on reporting trips so they can ask their own questions and reach their own conclusions.  This time, we're taking a 1,500-mile RV road trip across Texas with a viewer who’s helping us answer this question: Barbecue or chili, what should be the State Food of Texas?  Learn more about this project here.

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Petition to Texas State House, Texas State Senate, Greg Abbott

Keep Chili as the State Dish of Texas

Currently, there is an effort underway, by Texans who love barbecue, to make barbecue the State Food of Texas.  With this petition, we, the lovers of Texas chili, now make our voices heard. Chili has been our State Dish since 1977.  We urge you to preserve its status and respect the words of House Concurrent Resolution #18 which reads:  WHEREAS, One cannot be a true son or daughter of this state without having his taste buds tingle at the thought of the treat that is real, honest-to-goodness, pure, unadulterated Texas chili; and WHEREAS, Texans continue today the tradition begun in San Antonio over 140 years ago of making the best and only authentic concoction of this piquant delicacy; and WHEREAS, President Lyndon B. Johnson commented that “Chili concocted outside of Texas is a weak, apologetic imitation of the real thing,” and Will Rogers described Texas chili as “the bowl of blessedness’; and WHEREAS, Texas has been the site of the annual International Chili Cook-off since 1967 and is the home of the 1976 World Champion Chili Cooker, Albert Agnor, or Marshall; and WHEREAS, It is customary for the legislature to designate certain state emblems in recognition of this state’s great heritage and rich resources; and WHEREAS, The beauty of Texas trees and flowers is represented by the pecan and bluebonnet and the mockingbird is emblematic of our abundant and varied wild life, but the internationally esteemed cuisine of this great state has received no official recognition and has no official symbol; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Texas, the Senate concurring, That the 65th Legislature, in recognition of the fact that the only real “bowl of red” is that prepared by Texans, hereby proclaims chili as the “State Dish of Texas.” This petition is part of a reporting project from Verify, a production of WFAA-TV in Dallas and TEGNA Media. We take real people along on reporting trips so they can ask their own questions and reach their own conclusions. This time, we're taking a 1,500-mile RV road trip across Texas with a viewer who’s helping us answer this question: Barbecue or chili, what should be the State Food of Texas? Learn more about this project here.

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Petition to Texas State House, Senfronia Thompson

"TIME CREDIT" earned for offenders in Prison..Time for a change in Parole Reform

This letter is regarding a bill that was introduced in the 85th Legislature, on February 20, 2017, formerly known as HB2120. On March 23, 2017, it was left pending in the committee, at 25% progression. The committee being the “House Corrections Committee”. The legislature is now in recess which means that the bill will need to be reintroduced in order to be heard again. It’s pretty much dead in the Corrections Committee. This bill is regarding offenders who are made to suffer to serve the mandatory requirements of half off their sentences regardless if they accrue *GOODTIME. This bill would also include NO major cases. There are husbands, wives, and children with no expectations for early release who were incarcerated for mild mistakes, paying hard core consequences. It leaves offenders with nothing to work towards or look forward to. But, some have learned their life lessons and should be rewarded for their good behavior. Imagine the person you love most gets into a brawl then is mistakenly placed for an aggravated case for up to 30 years. That means your dear darling son WILL HAVE to serve a MANDATORY sentence of at least half (15 years) of his sentence before he is even considered for parole. That’s a mighty long time for just a brawl at the mall. Some offenders should have the same consideration as most offenders when it comes to being considered for parole release. This will give those offenders who have worked steady jobs, enrolled in educational classes, graduated from the GRAD Program, found God and have been actively involved in the Faith-based programs and trying to help other offenders turn their life around too, and the opportunity to come up for parole after serving 1/4th of their sentence.. These acts of rehabilitation should not be discarded as if they don’t matter! Those that have changed behavior, lives matter because they actually want a better life for themselves when they parole. They want to be better role models for their children and grandchildren, and better spouses upon their release to come home. They work very hard to be better people coming out of prison than who they were going into prison and they deserve the opportunity to have their accrued goodtime considered as a means for early release just like any other offender. It encourages good conduct, a changed lifestyle and hopes for the future. Getting this bill passed does not guarantee the release for an offender. That needs to be made clear to those who think all offenders will be released all at once. That is NOT how this bill was written! Offenders will still have to be reviewed by the parole board. They will decide who they believe to have changed behavior because not everyone deserves an early release. This bill does not include capital murder or sexual assault offenses. NOTE: This bill was not written to release inmates. It's written to simply allowing them to accrue GOODTIME.Reading this, you may have and/or had, a loved one incarcerated. If so, Then you understand the importance for them to be considered for their GOODTIME. If you haven’t, then you don’t know what it feels like to miss them at this great expense and you're lucky to have the opportunity to greet, hug, and kiss your loved one every day, as we do not, which is the reasoning for this petition. Whether you are in agreeance with this letter or not, please sign the petition attached to this letter with your comments concerning why or why not.If you agree and support this petition, please help me get the message out by sharing this to your social media sites like FB, twitter, & instagram because sharing will get the many supporters we need to get this bill passed! Thanks for your support!*HB2120- A bill relating to good conduct time earned by certain inmates and the consideration of release on parole for those inmates.*GOODTIME-Time deducted from an inmate's sentence for good behavior while in prison.

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