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Petition to Texas Rangers, Culberson County Sheriff's office, City of Van Horn Texas

Justice for Faith Garcia

On July 19th, 2019, Faith Garcia and three other girls (ages 14,15, and 18) where all in a vehicle, driving around Van Horn Texas. According to information provided to the family, Faith was in the back seat with one of the girls. During this time, the driver told Faith she should get on the hood of the vehicle while she drove. Faith refused and that's when The driver called her names, which in turn Faith decided to do it. Unbeknownst to Faith, it seems the driver had other things in mind. According to several statements, as Faith was on top of the hood holding on, the driver decided to drive fast and recklessly. Faith pleaded for her to slow down as did the other two passengers. The driver, then told them to "shut the F*** up" and slammed on the breaks. Thus causing Faith to fly off the vehicle. As Faith tried to get up, one passenger tried to get out the vehicle to help Faith. This seemed to have angered the driver. In turn, she stepped on the gas, almost causing the second passenger to fall out the vehicle, and resulting in the driver hitting Faith with the car, and running her over. There is no guess on how long Faith was laying there as a pool of blood started to form. According to the sources, the driver then decided to put Faiths, alive and semi conscious body in the back seat. The driver then proceeded to take the other two passengers home, which was on Hwy 90 roughly about 10-15 minutes outside of Van Horn city limits. She then drove to her own house, showered and decided to take Faith to the ER, where she later succumbed to her injuries. Upon Faiths arrival to the emergency room, sheriff Oscar Carrillo showed up and confiscated the drivers cellphone. The driver allegedly told Oscar that Faith opened the door and jumped out of the vehicle, making it seem like a suicide. The rest of the family received a phone called July 20th, 2019 at 4am from the aunt of Faith, that Faith had succumbed to her injuries at the young age of 16. During the time of 2am until later into the next day, the aunt kept trying to call and get ahold of the drivers mother. Later to find out she was in Big Lake with her boyfriend. Leaving the minor driver, her brother and younger sister by themselves for the weekend. Many days later, the driver revised her false statement and provided another false statement to sheriff Oscar Carrillo and told him that the door was loose, and Faith fell out. At this point in time, no legal action has been taken against any of the girls involved. No tickets for DWI, DUI, driving without a license and/or permit, failure to render aide, falsifying a police report, vehicular manslaughter, ect. Not one of these girls even called 911 when the incident occurred. Faith's cellphone was never recovered, nor given to the Sheriff's office, or family. It is still missing to this day. Sheriff Oscar Carrillo has "written" this murder off as "a game", and stated the girls were "playing around".  No “game” removes legal responsibility from any party.  In addition, allegedly, a surveillance video from a local hotel was deleted upon the request of Oscar Carrillo. The video that was allegedly deleted, showed two people giving alcohol to the minor girls prior to this happening.  The family is seeking justice for Faith. A life taken entirely too soon. The family is asking the the Texas Rangers to open an investigation looking into the handling of this case. In addition, the family is wanting this case re-investigated, and all that played their role into loss of Faith, to be held accountable to the highest standards of the law. Including those who did not do their duty to properly handle/investigate this case. The family is seeking the truth and JUSTICE for a life gone too soon.     

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Petition to Represenative Matt Shaheen

Say No To HB 1705 - TEXAS Barber and Cosmetology Abolishment :Signature Goal 100K

On 02/12/2019 Texas State Representative Matt Shaheen, District 66,  filed HB 1705, which states to abolish the regulation practices of Barbering and Cosmetology.  If HB 1705 were to pass, all Texas Barber and Cosmetology licenses would no longer be valid or required as of September 1, 2019.  This would be an insult to the licensed professionals that have taken the time to receive Barbering and Cosmetology education that consist of Anatomy and Physiology of Hair, Skin and Nails, Chemistry, Ecology, Trichology, and more. This would also be a disservice to the consumer as abolishment would put both parties at a high risk of communicable diseases, chemical damages, and hair loss due to improper practical application and lack of knowledge in safety and sanitation. It is now time to organize by letting your voice be heard and maintaining awareness of this situation as this has not been the first attempt.  We need all licensed professionals, future student professionals, manufacturing companies, and consumers to understand the importance of opposing HB 1705 by siging this petition, making phone calls, sending emails, and being present to show your disdain for this bill. State Representative Matt Shaheen, Dist #66 District - Ph:469-642-8708                        512-463-0594  Fax:512-463-1021                                                          With kind regards,                    Sharla Wooten

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