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Petition to Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival, Apologize to Ukrainians & Deprive "Phone Duty" Of The Award

In April 2018 Tribeca Film Festival became a supporter of Russian terrorism by giving Phone Duty, a Russian movie, the Best Narrative Short award. Phone Duty tells a story from the perspective of Russian terrorists located in Donbas, a Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia. The starring actor, Zakhar Prilepin, is a terrorist himself. He is an infamous Russian writer well known for his imperialistic and xenophobic views. Prilepin is a terrorist who moved to Donbas and fights against Ukrainian Army. He claims openly that the ultimate goal of Russians in Donbas is to advance and occupy the entire Ukraine.   Our Demands We the undersigned demand from Tribeca Film Festival to: - Denounce Phone Duty as the winner of the Best Narrative Short award. It's a piece of pro-Russian propaganda, and a real Russian terrorist stars in it. - Remove the phrase "Donbass rebel fighter" from the movie synopsis on the Festival's website. "Russian terrorist" would be a more appropriate wording. - Publicly apologize for hurting the feelings of all Ukrainians, who've lost their loved ones as a result of Russia's military intervention into Ukraine. *****Follow this campaign on the petition's website!Read this petition in Ukrainian / Текст петиції українською                          

Ukrainian Standpoint
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Petition to US Government, US State Department

We ask that the US government send a Special Envoy to Nigeria (and Lake Chad region).

The rising violence in Nigeria deeps the divides that separate different religious communities because Nigerian identities are deeply tied with ethno-religious identities. Some groups have claimed that the violence can be explained away as a result of cattle rustling; we believe, however, that conflicts of any kind should be resolved via proper legal channels. We ask that the United States send a Special Envoy to Nigeria: Specifically for the purpose of coordinating an adequate response to the crises in Nigeria. To help counter the increasing violence in Nigeria, which jeopardize the stability of Nigeria, Europe, and the United States. Nigeria is of a strategic interest to the United States, as it stands at the intersection of North Africa and Sub Saharan African. Nigeria is Africa's most populous nation and is one of the top 25 most populous  globally. As the largest economy in Africa, it holds considerable weight in African politics and business, but it has the highest social hostilities around religion.[1]   The situation in Nigeria threatens to undermine its stability and could result in decreased trade between Nigerian and global companies, as well as start a mass influx of refugees escaping the violence. It is of vital US economic, political, and national security interest to confront the issues that endanger Nigeria today. President Trump confronted Nigerian President Buhari regarding religious persecution and the ongoing situation with Boko Haram and Fulani militants. He also met with two escaped Chibok girls (kidnapped by Boko Haram), but the situation in Nigeria continues to deteriorate. Some Fulani militants, emboldened by the actions of Boko Haram, have begun using violent tactics against civilians. Although President Buhari has labelled some of these attacks as "terrorism", overall, the Nigerian government's response to the situation is weak. The growing trend of violence we see in these attacks will destabilize the nation if we do not act soon.

International Committee On Nigeria
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Petition to Corey Johnson, Richard Gottfried, Brad Hoylman, Jerrold Nadler, Carolyn B. Maloney

A better location for NYPD BOMB SQUAD HEADQUARTERS - Say NO to gridlocked Chelsea!

The NYPD Bomb Squad is planning to relocate to 241 West 26th Street, between 7th & 8th Avenues.  We believe this is an extremely poor location, and will make all of New York less safe: 1. THIS IS A HIGH GRIDLOCK AREA! - West 26th was just reduced from two lanes to one to create a bike lane after a cyclist was killed on the street last year.  The street is now gridlocked constantly, preventing the passage of emergency vehicles.  This would prevent the bomb squad from quickly reaching bomb threat sites, especially in lower Manhattan and the outer boroughs.  This makes all of New York less safe. 2. THE BOMB SQUAD HEADQUARTERS WILL BE AN ATTRACTIVE TARGET TO TERRORISTS! - This is not something that should be in such a dense residential and school area.  There are other areas that are not completely surrounded by apartments, schools and businesses, and which are also more accessible to more parts of the city. 3.  THIS LOCATION WOULD BE DETRIMENTAL TO THOSE WHO LIVE, WORK, AND GO TO SCHOOL HERE! - This is a dense residential area, which also contains schools, daycare centers, FIT, and many businesses, all of which will be threatened or disrupted by having the Bomb Squad in this location.  The NYPD could not possibly secure the surrounding area without disruption to the function of the neighborhood.   .

Chelsea Neighborhood
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