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Petition to Corey Johnson, Richard Gottfried, Brad Hoylman, Jerry Nadler, Carolyn Maloney

A better location for NYPD BOMB SQUAD HEADQUARTERS - Say NO to gridlocked Chelsea!

The NYPD Bomb Squad is planning to relocate to 241 West 26th Street, between 7th & 8th Avenues.  We believe this is an extremely poor location, and will make all of New York less safe: 1. THIS IS A HIGH GRIDLOCK AREA! - West 26th was just reduced from two lanes to one to create a bike lane after a cyclist was killed on the street last year.  The street is now gridlocked constantly, preventing the passage of emergency vehicles.  This would prevent the bomb squad from quickly reaching bomb threat sites, especially in lower Manhattan and the outer boroughs.  This makes all of New York less safe. 2. THE BOMB SQUAD HEADQUARTERS WILL BE AN ATTRACTIVE TARGET TO TERRORISTS! - This is not something that should be in such a dense residential and school area.  There are other areas that are not completely surrounded by apartments, schools and businesses, and which are also more accessible to more parts of the city. 3.  THIS LOCATION WOULD BE DETRIMENTAL TO THOSE WHO LIVE, WORK, AND GO TO SCHOOL HERE! - This is a dense residential area, which also contains schools, daycare centers, FIT, and many businesses, all of which will be threatened or disrupted by having the Bomb Squad in this location.  The NYPD could not possibly secure the surrounding area without disruption to the function of the neighborhood.   .

Chelsea Neighborhood
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Petition to Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival, Apologize to Ukrainians & Deprive "Phone Duty" Of The Award

In April 2018 Tribeca Film Festival became a supporter of Russian terrorism by giving Phone Duty, a Russian movie, the Best Narrative Short award. Phone Duty tells a story from the perspective of Russian terrorists located in Donbas, a Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia. The starring actor, Zakhar Prilepin, is a terrorist himself. He is an infamous Russian writer well known for his imperialistic and xenophobic views. Prilepin is a terrorist who moved to Donbas and fights against Ukrainian Army. He claims openly that the ultimate goal of Russians in Donbas is to advance and occupy the entire Ukraine.   Our Demands We the undersigned demand from Tribeca Film Festival to: - Denounce Phone Duty as the winner of the Best Narrative Short award. It's a piece of pro-Russian propaganda, and a real Russian terrorist stars in it. - Remove the phrase "Donbass rebel fighter" from the movie synopsis on the Festival's website. "Russian terrorist" would be a more appropriate wording. - Publicly apologize for hurting the feelings of all Ukrainians, who've lost their loved ones as a result of Russia's military intervention into Ukraine. *****Follow this campaign on the petition's website!Read this petition in Ukrainian / Текст петиції українською                           Can you chip in $3 to get this petition on the agenda?Within an hour, this petition could have thousands more supporters if everyone chipped in the price of a coffee. Yes, I'll chip in $3 or moreNo, I'll share instead

Ukrainian Standpoint
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Petition to Donald Trump

Criminals on the loose

Hello Honorable President Trump, We of the American people are very grateful for your hard on crime and aggressive defense of the law. There are many issues you are so graciously handling and I am confident you can handle this issue as well. About 10 years ago an undocumented alien appeared in our country under the name “Soberto” and has been tied to organized criminal activity as well as many crimes that are currently being served by the wrong person. He has changed his name to diesel to try and cover up his past and our last administration did nothing to stop this cold hearted bandit. He has not paid his taxes in his 10 years of his existence and lives off welfare from American citizens. He is believed to have been involved with terrorist attacks in New York, the church shooting in Texas, and a church shooting in North Carolina. These attack weren’t solo jobs and was committed by a American faction of isis. Another faction member is known simply as “Bruce” and has partaken in a large amount of attacks with the Death Over Great States (D.O.G.S.) section of Isis. Bruce is believed to have been a part of the 2001 attack of the pentagon and has also evaded taxes for close to a decade. They met while studying liberal arts at UCLA I am asking the one man this country has needed to repair Liberal America to help put these illegal, terroristic, tax evading, leeches into Guantanamo bay where these traitors belong

John Dudash
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Petition to United States Supreme Court

Ban Christian Americans from Traveling to Countries Outside the United States

Of the 15 deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history, only 3 of 17 perpetrators were born outside the U.S. Of the 10 worst bombings in modern U.S. history, only 7 of 18 perpetrators were born outside the U.S.Virtually all mass shootings in America, during which random people are slaughtered, are carried out by people born in America, a country almost exclusively still governed by concepts rooted in Christianity -- "In God We Trust," "Under God."Considering these two facts, I have no choice but to believe that Americans who identify as Christians pose a potential threat everywhere they go. They've proven it time and again IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.With the rest of the world already having to deal with so much (with so much less) -- war, poverty, etc. -- it's a crime against humanity for other countries to also have to worry about the risks involved with allowing American Christians beyond their borders.Secondly, dating back to the Bible, there is evidence that Christians can be easily manipulated and radicalized. So who's to say some won't travel abroad, fall under the spell of a group who hates America and return to this country ready and willing to destroy it from the inside out, like so many are ALREADY DOING?For these reasons, I would like the United States Supreme Court to consider banning American Christians from leaving the continental U.S. Many clearly cannot be trusted and it's impossible to tell the good from the bad until it's too late.Prove to the rest of the world you care about its well-being and, in fact, right to live the same way you care about ours.

Larry Fulford
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