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Petition to JCPS Board of Education

Remove Donna Hargens as JCPS Superintendent

Dr. Donna Hargens has failed to execute her duties as Superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools in good faith and with good result: Whereas Dr. Hargens has devalued our teachers, among the most valuable resources of our community, by her actions and statements, criticizing them as overpaid while protecting the salaries of Stephanie Malone, et. al.; and encouraging a bloated administrative staff in her own office and at the highest levels of JCPS, and done this despite her own statement that JCPS is not facing a budgetary crisis that would indicate a need for teacher salary reductions. Whereas Dr. Hargens has demonstrated a lack of concern for school discipline in her actions to support the weakening of the Student Code of Conduct, and in personnel and facility decisions concerning alternative schools in our district.Whereas Dr. Hargens has taken action to cause JCPS to extend her personal autonomy into the hiring of administrators, including principals of schools, removing authority from Site-Based Decision Making committees and placing that authority in her own hands.Whereas Dr. Hargens has created an atmosphere of no accountability through cronyism via personnel assignments of failed administrators to positions not subject to SBDM review, to wit, Jerry Keepers, Joey Riddle, Ken Moeller, Donald Dillard, DeLena Alexander and Stacie Gamble. Whereas a trend of improvement in JCPS performance metrics under Dr. Hargens has reversed itself dramatically in terms of school performance goals, graduation rates and individual student test scores, most pointedly the regression of 23 JCPS schools from meeting statewide standards to operations below-standard.As Dr. Hargens consolidates authority over JCPS in her office, the performance of our school system continues to drop.  Our children are less safe than ever before and Dr. Hargens proposes to weaken discipline standards, presumably to reduce student suspension numbers and give the appearance of effective leadership.  Our teachers are under attack at a time when we face a teacher shortage and should be working to attract the best and brightest to JCPS.  And in the face of declining academic performance, weakening discipline, and a lack of accountability, Dr. Hargens is asking for more authority to perpetuate her practices of cronyism in hiring and the manipulation of circumstances that reflect her own job performance.We, the undersigned concerned citizens of Jefferson County, hold that Dr. Donna Hargens is failing our community as the leader of our education system.   We demand that the Jefferson County Board of Education review Dr. Hargens' employment status with regards to the termination of her contract.  Immediately.

Tim Druck
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Petition to Timothy J. McNiff

Remove Father Michael Reilly as Principal of St Joseph by the Sea High School

The Mission of St. Joseph by the Sea High School is as follows: "We are Catholic. The Gospel is the foundation and purpose of all that we do.  Therefore, we seek to form young men and women in the image of Jesus Christ.  This formation is the deliberate effort of administration, faculty, and parents.  We strive to help students grow spiritually, academically, athletically, and socially. This will prepare them to take up their personal and social responsibility in the City of Man during their pilgrimage toward the City of God." It is under these words that Saint Joseph by the Sea High School has operated for over five decades, educating the young men and women of New York in the Catholic faith, as well as fostering Christian morality. The signers of this petition assert that Fr. Michael Reilly has not affirmed, supported or furthered the chartered mission of the school and has in fact acted in opposition to these words.  Indeed, it has been common knowledge for at least a decade among students, parents, teachers and alumni of Sea that Fr. Reilly has used vulgar, discriminatory and unchristian language in scandalizing members of the faculty, staff and community on school property, during school hours and in front of students. This conduct is both unbecoming for an educator, as well as for a Catholic priest. Fr. Reilly models and legitimates bigotry both with the priestly office he holds and with his position of administrative authority. His presence in the school in any capacity casts a shadow on the development of the moral character and spiritual growth of the students in Sea's charge. Thus, we implore the Archdiocese of New York to remove Fr. Michael Reilly from his position as Principal of St. Joseph by the Sea.

Anthony Galli
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