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The dismissal of Armenian Genocide denier, Mehmet Erdem Yaya, as Associate Professor

For 101 years pressure from the Turkish government has suppressed the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.  The Armenian Genocide occurred from April 24th 1915 - 1923.  During this time 1,500,000 Armenians were slaughtered at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.  We were not the only people to suffer this fate. Greeks (750,000), and Assyrians (300,000).  Kurds were also slaughtered by the Young Turks.  These numbers do not include the women and children that were taken and forcefully converted to Islam with subsequent imprisonment into harems, tattooing their hands and faces to further the torment.  These numbers also do not include those of the Hamidian Massacres in which 200,000 - 300,000 Armenians were murdered, again by the Turkish government.    In the United States of America, 44 out of 50 states recognize the Armenian Genocide, including the State of Michigan.  Even though the state formally recognizes the Armenian Genocide, our public universities are employing professors that openly deny the Armenian Genocide.  In particular, the Associate Professor of Economics at Eastern Michigan University - Mehmet Erdem Yaya.  He, along with TACAM (The Turkish American Cultural Association of Michigan), are fighting to block H.B. 4493 - a bill requiring the Armenian Genocide to be taught in Michigan public schools.  This bill would further educate the population on the horrors my people faced at the hands of the Turkish government, in the hope that one day our slaughter will find justice and our tears won't be ignored.  And, that maybe one day, our nation will do what's right and formally recognize the Armenian Genocide.   I call on Eastern Michigan University to dismiss Associate Professor of Economics Mehmet Erdem Yaya from his position.  Our youth should not be taught by a person who refutes historical fact and denies the genocide of millions of people.  If you agree, please sign this petition.

Shant Kirmizian
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