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Petition to President Varlotta & her Administration

#NotMyHiram Alumni Petition

Dear Fellow Hiram College Alumni, I wish to inform you that President Lori Varlotta’s has an administrative agenda to remove nearly 20% of professors regardless of tenure status from Hiram College. Current Hiram students have formed the #NotMyHiram movement to seek to maintain the integrity of academic tenure, keep our professors teaching at Hiram, and to maintain our liberal arts tradition. Please see for more information. For four years Hiram College was my home. A large part of what made it home was my wonderful, caring professors. I was on a first name basis with them. I would go to their houses for dinner. They’ve given me their cell phone numbers and I’ve called them for advice since I graduated. With the removal of ~20% of the full-time faculty, this is #NotMyHiram. President Varlotta stated in her “Strategic Executive Plan” that she would form the “New Liberal Arts” by increasing “faculty and staff accountability and success.” To do this, the school would “recruit and retain a competent and caring faculty and staff who place students first” and that it would “align faculty and staff expertise with institutional priorities to foster a culture of success and accountability.” By attempting to fire these faculty members, President Varlotta has failed to “recruit and retain” faculty as her “Strategic Executive Plan” stated. It is clear that President Varlotta and her administration is not retaining faculty, nor are they being transparent about their intentions. We, the undersigned, call for the retention of Hiram College’s faculty and to honor these professors’ tenure. If these professors are removed from the college we declare this is #NotMyHiram and will withhold from donating any money to the college in the future.

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Petition to Department of Communication, President Robert Barchi

Fighting for Jennifer Warren: #RU4BlackTenure

Jennifer R. Warren Ph.D, CTSS, is an outstanding professor in the Department of Communication at Rutgers University. Her research focuses on interdisciplinary health communication strategies and health literacy within the African American community. Academically, she has amassed 25 publications, 18 of which are peer reviewed journal publications. Not only has she excelled at higher academia, but she has also mentored both graduate and undergraduate students at Rutgers University. For a woman of such high caliber, her tenure review should have only been a formality. Instead, Rutgers University, an institution that claims to be at the forefront of diversity, denied her tenure based on student evaluations that are by default, biased and unreliable. Within her department and her school, The School of Information and Communication, there are no tenured Black professors. This school has about 50 tenured and tenure track professors, and only ONE tenured professor of color, who is not Black. University wide, only 4.2% of all tenure and tenured track faculty are black. With Revolutionary 250 upon us, one would expect that the talk of diversity and progress would be more than lip service.  We are in an age where Black lives are constantly being marginalized, diminished, and told that they do not matter. Professor Warren's research is critical to changing the state of African Americans across the country. By denying her tenure, Rutgers University says that they do not care about Black lives. As such, Black Lives Matter Rutgers demands that Rutgers University immediately grant Jennifer Warren her overdue and long deserved tenure, and make the first steps towards getting rid of institutionalized racism. Should the University deny us our request, Black Lives Matter Rutgers will be forced to take further action.

Black Lives Matter Rutgers
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