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Petition to Justice AK Sikri, Sameer Shukla, Amit Khare, Prakash Javadekar, Ms. Jyothi Suresh Kumar, Mr. Nikhil Guliani, Ms. Kshipra Jatana, Mr. Mayank Aggarwal, Mr. MN Nasser Kabir, Sonia Singh, Dipika R. Kaura

News Broadcasting Standards Authority: Introduce Guidelines To Sensitize Suicide Reporting

Circulating images of the dead body. Addressing loss of life as "hit-wicket"  Intruding the house of the bereaved & forcing the loved ones to answer questions.  Speculating, Speculating, & more Speculating.  These just top the list of how the Indian media stooped to a new low while covering the suicide of prominent actor & television personality, Sushant Singh. Less than 48 hrs after the news broke, a young boy hailing from Bareilly, chose to tread the same path as his role-model and ended his life. Could his life have been spared if the news coverage had been less sensationalized?   With all that's happening in the world right now, a lot of us find ourselves in a disturbed and easily-triggered state-of-mind. Watching excessively sensationalized reports of suicide can influence impressionable minds into taking extreme steps themselves. This is especially the case when the suicide reports pertain to a celebrity or role-model.     It's not just the people who are watching that are affected. The anguish of the loved ones amplifies when the media intrudes and throws biting & insensitive questions at them - sometimes catalyzing suicidal thoughts & tendencies in their own minds. In an effort to prevent this suicide contagion - numerous countries in the developed world like USA, UK, Canada, Austria and Australia have either adopted WHO's recommendations or have outlined their own guidelines for media to report suicide responsibly.  The Indian media, unfortunately, remains far far behind. SIGN MY PETITION There is an urgent need to catch up. There need to be boundaries for coverage of suicide and a clear line must be defined. For this very reason, I appeal to News Broadcasting Standards Authority of India to issue guidelines on 'Sensitized Suicide Reporting', include them in their code of ethics & address violations with stringency. We need suicides to be covered with sensitivity, eloquence & respect. Not sensationalism, intrusiveness & barbarism. Please sign my petition and together, we can ensure that Indian media takes that necessary stride forward to becoming all the more responsible, respectable & dignified in its approach to sensitive matters like suicide.    It's time that news channels learn to #SparetheSansani

Srushti and Jeet
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Petition to Bill Abbott, Whizbang Films

Help Us Get Good Witch Back!

Good Witch has been among us for 13 years... 8 movies and 7 seasons that have all kept us on our toes for years. For some people, this show has kept them sane in hard times and for some, it's given them joy just watching it. Personally, it's my go-to series as a cheer me up! The magic, the love, the sense of community! All have been portrayed by this one show and has shown us what life can be if we let it. All the characters have gone through many changes and we have seen their gradual transition from being troubled to the sense of love and belonging among their town and fellow townspeople. We have seen so many relationships blossoming over the years and so many lessons learnt from this show. It has portrayed so many different emotions such as love, community, loss etc. The storyline is so interesting, it makes us all beg for more. Hearing this news was truly heartbreaking. The reason for them cancelling the show is the lack of views and ratings. I think the reason for this will be that they have a lot of fans outside the US and Canada who are unable to access Hallmark's services and are relying on platforms such as Netflix to watch the show. Since S6 and S7 aren't available on Netflix we should do something to make sure that it reaches Netflix to reach an even broader audience. I feel Hallmark should not have given up on the show and still given it a chance to thrive because I'm sure no one would like to see such a good show come to an abrupt end when we KNOW there is much more to the story and there are hundreds of thousands of people eager to know the rest of it. For more details check out the link! If you agree with us please sign this petition and let's get GAC to pick up our show!

Good Witch
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