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Petition to The Honorable Ken Calvert, Rep. Ken Calvert, U.S. House of Representatives, Donald J. Trump, Don Young, Doug LaMalfa, Jared Huffman, John Garamendi, Tom McClintock, Mike Thompson, Doris O. Matsui, Ami Bera, Paul Cook, Jerry McNerney, Josh Gottheimer, Mark DeSaulnier, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Lee, Jackie Speier, Eric Swalwell, Jim Costa, Anna G. Eshoo, Zoe Lofgren, Jimmy Panetta, Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, Salud O. Carbajal, Julia Brownley, Judy Chu, Adam B. Schiff, Tony Cárdenas, Brad Sherman, Pete Aguilar, Grace F. Napolitano, Ted Lieu, Jimmy Gomez, Norma J. Torres, Raul Ruiz, Karen Bass, Linda T. Sánchez, Lucille Roybal-Allard, Mark Takano, Ken Calvert, Maxine Waters, Nanette Diaz Barragán, Alan S. Lowenthal, Duncan Hunter, Juan Vargas, Scott H. Peters, Susan A. Davis, Matt Gaetz, Neal P. Dunn, Ted S. Yoho, John H. Rutherford, Al Lawson Jr., Stephanie N. Murphy, Bill Posey, Darren Soto, Val Butler Demings, Daniel Webster, Gus M. Bilirakis, Charlie Crist, Kathy Castor, Ross Spano, Vern Buchanan, Greg Steube, Brian J. Mast, Francis Rooney, Alcee L. Hastings, Lois Frankel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Frederica S. Wilson, Mario Diaz-Balart, David Scott, Tulsi Gabbard, Ben Ray Luján, Peter T. King, Thomas R. Suozzi

House of Representatives: Save Vital Industries by Cleaning Up Orbital Debris

For over half a century, our world’s living standards have drastically improved because of satellites; they provide us with many great benefits including our smartphones’ telecommunications systems, GPS in airplanes, live international news, and real-time stock updates. Through all these benefits, satellites contribute billions of dollars to our global economy. However, we are at risk of losing all these benefits if we do not act soon because of orbital debris: out-of-control pieces of debris orbiting the Earth that can easily destroy satellites. We will be unable to use our smart phones, be forced to rely on paper maps, and be forced to live without the weather prediction systems we have today. For these reasons, we need to clean up orbital debris. Sign, promote, and share this petition to demand the US government to start subsidizing satellite manufacturers who demonstrate plans to build orbital debris-removing satellites. Even tiny pieces of orbital debris are devastating to satellites because they travel at speeds of 17,500mi/h. In fact, in 2011, we have lost about $600 million due to damages from orbital debris collisions. Our losses will certainly increase if we do not act on this problem because every time a satellite is destroyed via orbital debris, the destroyed satellite’s remains become even more orbital debris, which can then cause the destruction of even more satellites. Thomas Junghyun Yoo and Juwon Albert Moon are starting this petition because orbital debris has the potential to make our Earth’s orbit unsuitable for satellite and rocket launches- thus having the potential to cause billions of dollars of damage to our global economy. If we fail to act on this problem, the loss of our GPS systems will lead to disruptions in many industries such as banking, power grids, and transportation. Likewise, both manned and unmanned space exploration will become a thing of the past, as our Earth’s orbit will become unsuitable for rocket launches. Currently, there is only one satellite (RemoveDEBRIS) that has been developed that is capable of removing orbital debris. For this reason, we need to incentivize satellite manufacturers to develop and deploy more satellites like RemoveDEBRIS to give our planet a chance against orbital debris. The best way to do this would be via a reasonable government subsidy or tax cut for satellite manufacturers who have real plans to develop and then create satellites that will clean up orbital debris. If we can get satellite manufacturers to build more of these junk-removing satellites, we may have a chance to clean up our Earth’s orbit and ensure that our modern way of life will not become a thing of the past. While the US government is addressing the issue by tracking pieces of orbital debris to minimize the amount of damage they cause, the tracking technology is not sophisticated enough to prevent satellites from being damaged. Today’s tracking systems can only track pieces of orbital debris that are 5cm or larger. However, pieces of orbital debris that are 1cm or larger have the potential to seriously damage a satellite. For this reason, the only real solution to this problem is to actively clean up our Earth’s orbit, which can only be done through the deployment of space-junk removing satellites. It is also important to note that the US has been one of the largest contributors to orbital debris within the last half-century. This is because orbital debris is created every time a rocket is launched, and the US has had a very long history of launching rockets into space. Furthermore, the US is the nation with the most to lose from orbital debris- out of the 1,957 operational satellites in orbit, 849 of them belong to the US. As such, because our nation has been a leader in space exploration and has the most to lose from orbital debris, it is time for our nation to retake the mantle of leadership and lead the rest of the world in cleaning up orbital debris. The House of Representative should introduce a bill that subsidizes or gives a tax cut to satellite manufacturers that have demonstrated genuine plans to deploy orbital debris-removing satellites within the next 5 years.

Thomas Junghyun Yoo
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Petition to Randall Stephenson

Ask AT&T to fix its LTE cellular coverage in Kissimmee, FL which has deteriorated

AT&T, we in Kissimmee, FL -- home to Disney World -- love you as much as a cellular phone customer can, but your LTE cellular service really stinks here in our hometown.  It has deteriorated these past 3 years.  In key places like "The Loop" a local outdoor shopping mall, the 192 corridor near Valencia College on the path to Disney World, and the various neighborhoods and timeshare communities along our toll roads FL417 and Osceola Parkway, we routinely experience dropped calls, slow internet service sub 500 kbps upload/download and "1 bar of service" which isn't really a "1 bar" (more like no bars).  Community members have submitted multiple "Mark your Spot" notices in your AT&T mobile app to report this, but there has been no significant improvement to our lot.  Some of us went to an AT&T retail store near The Loop and where told by your employees that customers complain all the time, but your company won't listen to us until 300+ customers have complained.  We are assembling that list of 300 customers in this petition. Kissimmee, FL is an important economic center in central Florida.  Tourists from around the globe travel here daily while visiting our world-class attractions like Disney World.  Those tourists stream plenty of data with their photos, videos, GPS, games, and other digital stuff.  Kissimmee, FL is also becoming a new home to thousands of Puerto Rican residents each month who are coming to Florida to have a better life with electricity.  And who can forget our neighboring communities too -- "Medical City" in Lake Nona is bringing world-class healthcare and medical tourism to our area, and the Orlando / I-Drive corridor basically "pays for" the town -- these areas also have awful AT&T service.  Those of us who reside here temporarily often have no other means of connecting to phone and Internet except through our AT&T phones.  Those living here permanently need good cellular service to build the mobile apps our guests and neighbors use to order food, book ride attractions, summon Ubers, and run the electronics in our lives.   Perhaps it's easy to forget about Kissimmee, FL when planning cellular infrastructure -- after all, most of the users of it probably come from somewhere else, right?  Yet, those users are your customers in other parts of the US and Mexico and they expect, as we locals do, to have good cellular service wherever they roam.  Yes, we know 5G LTE is on it's way, but we need you to show us you can make 4G LTE work too so that we can have the confidence to invest in your other products -- DirectTV -- and support your efforts politically to acquire entertainment properties like TimeWarner.  So please show Kissimmee, FL some love and do what you must to improve our cellular service.  We're rooting for you.

Joseph Termine
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Petition to National Telecommunications Commission, Globe Telecom

Stop Globe's load theft

As a paying customer of Globe, I was shocked to discover that my prepaid account was being charged for "value-added services" from "third parties" which I never wanted, never agreed to, and never even knew about. I posted on Facebook describing my story in detail, and thousands of people have commented describing the same experience. These "third parties" send Globe customers unsolicited text advertisements regarding games and promos, marketed as "value-added services". If the customer doesn't explicitly decline, the "third party" is authorized by Globe to charge the customer's account, typically at a rate of P5 per day. Sometimes, instead of an unsolicited text advertisement, the "third party" sends the customer an unsolicited pop-up advertisement. If the customer clicks on it, even if just to click on the exit button, it's considered agreement to the paid subscription service. Sometimes, even when the customer follows the given instructions to unsubscribe, they are still subscribed and charged for the "value-added service". When customers complain about these intrusive unsolicited advertisements and the unfair charges, Globe usually tells them that they just "accidentally subscribed", instead of admitting what actually happened: theft. Globe shifts the blame onto customers for "accidentally subscribing", and onto these "third parties", as if Globe is not the one that allowed these "third parties" to access customers in the first place. Globe receives a cut of the revenues from these lucrative "value-added services", which may explain why this is still a problem in spite of numerous complaints from many customers over the years. Globe claims that they actually require "third parties" to ask permission from customers first before charging them, but if this were true, then there wouldn't be so many customers complaining about getting unknowingly charged by these "value-added services". As paying customers, we demand that Globe immediately put an end to this thievery by requiring customers to explicitly consent in order to subscribe to "value-added services", rather than requiring customers to explicitly decline in order to unsubscribe. As paying customers, we demand that Globe provide us the honest and fair service we deserve, and only charge us for services which we have used and agreed to with informed consent. We demand that Globe immediately implement a strict opt-in system: PRIVACY: No "third parties" should be allowed to contact customers at all, unless the customer explicitly agreed to receiving advertisements from "third parties". We are paying Globe so we can text, call, and use the internet. We are not paying Globe to receive unsolicited advertisements. RESPECT FOR CONSENT: "Third parties" must properly ask for permission before having customers subscribe. Silence does not mean yes. HONESTY AND CLARITY: "Third parties" must clearly inform customers how much they will be paying, and also notify them each time they are charged. We cannot and should not be legally bound to an agreement if we were not informed of its terms. TRANSPARENCY: All customers, including prepaid, should have a quick and easy way to view and monitor all transaction records, and each record should be clearly and specifically labeled as to what it is for, exactly. For example, if it was a charge for a "value-added service", it should specify which service and which "third party" exactly. DUE DILIGENCE: There should be an algorithm which detects if a customer is paying recurring charges to a "third party" that they are not interacting with, and then that customer should be notified to verify if those charges are authorized. This is similar to how credit card companies check with customers if they notice unusual charges. DISCIPLINE: Because this is already a widespread problem, Globe must operate with a zero-tolerance policy towards "value-added services" fraud. Thieving "third parties", as well as any future companies owned or operated by the same management team, should be immediately and perpetually banned from the platform.  

Feanne Mauricio
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Petition to FCC, FTC

End T-Mobile Charges to Conference Callers & Chat Line Callers

Starting in October of 2016, T-Mobile started a $0.01 per minute charge on their customers who call in to conference calling and chat lines. Many people have been calling the numbers for multiple years and are very loyal to their line provider.  It has been the safe, easy way of business and recreational calling. This has affected call volumes on a large scale and is interfering with competitive matters.  In some situations, people who use the conference calling lines are left with a surprise that suddenly, they cannot call into their conference because T-Mobile has blocked their use, without warning. Business conference calls tend to be a matter of importance as people cannot always attend meetings in person. For example, many business men and women travel for work. One day they can be home with their family and another day they are called and told that they are needed in another state. These business conference calls enable small and large businesses to connect on a personal level without the hassle of emailing back and forth and being able to receive input from multiple callers at the same time.  In other situations, people who live out of the city call into the lines to get the reports from people who live in town, the gossip, the daily scoop, etc. With this T-Mobile charge, they now lose the ability to call in (unless they want to pay), get their information, talk to their long-distance friends, and possibly feel isolated from their friend groups. This also impacts the people who have other carriers and can no longer talk with the people they have met over the phone.  This change is important to telecommunications because we care about our callers and their ease of access when using our service. We also want to maintain our client’s loyalty for the service they have used for many years. We have designed and improved our technology throughout the years, and to lose a large call volume affects the future possibilities of telecommunications technology.

H Matthews
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